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The Scholl's of Graben, Baden, Germany

Graben, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany

Graben Questions [answers in red]
Body delivered to the anatomy institute in Heidelberg! 
Did Graben have a Castle?
Longest time single after the death of a spouse? see 1819
Most unusual Scholl profession?
Most Scholl children, one couple.
Outlived three husbands!
Scholl women having a profession? see 1808  or this woman.
Surgeon in Graben?
What is a Webermeister?
Which Scholl saw President Lincoln?
What does the Rolls-Royce of Scholl documents look like?
What is the saddest event in the Scholl history?
What couple had a "double marriage" on the same day?
Who has the most elaborate Scholl birth record?
Who fathered 16 children?
What is a Messerschmied?
Which couple died the same night within 5 hours of each other?
Why put pig tails on Graben documents?
Who stood in for a POW serving in Russia at a Graben baptism?
Which Scholl immigrated to Russia and why?
Which Scholl married a "cabbage cutter?"
Worst handwriting of all Graben pastors. 


First Generation
Joss Scholl, Bürgermeister, Gerichtsverwandter 1610-1662
    Leonard Scholl, 1619-1683 twisted weaver, poss. brother
Barbara Dietrich 1614-1684
   Peter Scholl, Schneider, or carpenter 1632-1669+ 
   Wilhelm Scholl 1633-1669
   Hans Matthias Scholl Spöck lawyer, son-in-law lawyer, 1636-1682 
   Hans Leonard Scholl 1642-1732

Second Generation
   Anna Barbara Scholl 1666 2 mo 9 days
   Anna Jacobea Scholl 1667-1723
   Hans Martin Scholl 1669 Dec 2wks 3 days
   Johann Adam Scholl 1670 1mo 7days
   Johann Christoph Scholl 1675-unk, witness
   Hans Georg Scholl 1678-1728
   Hans Matthaeus Scholl, Schneider, 15 children, 1681-1741
   Anna Catharina Scholl 1683 Dec 2 wks see witnesses
   Hans Peter Scholl 1687 Dec infant, see witnesses

Third Generation
Hans Georg Scholl Builder/Farmer/Baursmann, imp per,1678-1728   
        Hans Peter Weidmann  Procurator 1648-1792
        Anna Elisabetha Kammerer 1653-1704
   Johann Peter Scholl 1710 Dec
   Christoph Scholl double marriage 1716 -1761
   Johann Georg Scholl 1720-1764
   Andreas Scholl 1723 Dec

Fourth Generation
Johann Georg Scholl  "bought his way out of monetary bond" 1720-1764
        Hans Wendel Kammerer farmer/blacksmith, farrier 1682-1735  
        Valentine Schmidt 2 hus, juryman, linen weaver 1690-1747       
        Magdalena Weidmann 1691-1761
   Georg Simon Scholl 1746-1747
   Johann Wendel Scholl 1748-1817
   Johann Peter Scholl 1750-1750
   Christoph Scholl 1751-1814
   Maria Margaretha Scholl 1753-1753
   Scholl infant 1754-1754
   Elisabetha Scholl 1755-1788
   Scholl infant 1758-1758
   Margaretha Scholl 1759-1825
   Anna Maria Scholl 1762-1764
   Maria Catharina Scholl hus. shoemaker/fusilier 1765-1825

Fifth Generation
Johann Wendel Scholl Webermeister, pig tails 1748-1817
Augusta Raicher 1752-1786 1st Wife
        Frederich Wilhelm Raicher bathhouse operator+ 1711-1775     
        Margaretha Barbara Weidmann 1711-1788
   Maria Catharina Scholl 1772-1855
   Elisabetha Scholl 1775-1776
   Jacobina Scholl 1776-1822
   George Frederick Scholl 1777-1839
   Christoph Scholl 1779 Dec
   Wendel Scholl 1781-1841
   Jacob Scholl 1782 Dec
   Scholl infant 1784 Dec
   Philipp Scholl 1785-1858
Maria Katharina Nüchtern 1757-1825 2nd Wife
        Thomas Nüchter  1712 - 1769
              Niclaß Nüchtern 1687 - 1720
         Maria Katharina Obermeyer hus juryman, weaver 1719-1794
   Wilhelm Scholl 1788 Dec
   Wilhelm Scholl 1789-1858 (grandson/Falls City)
   Elisabetha Scholl 1792-1846
   Margaretha Scholl hus Soldier, police officer Graben 1794-1856  
         Christina Krauss 1826--1886 died together
   Christina Scholl 1798-1843 (son/Falls City)
   Salome Scholl 1801-1829

Sixth Generation
Christina Scholl 1798-1843 2nd wife
Unknown person
         Philipp Scholl Shoemaker/Farmer,1825-1897
Johann Martin Köhler Farmer 1786-1841
         Maria Elisabetha Heinle 1787-1827 1st wife
   Wilhelm Köhler 1831-1831
   Christine Köhler 1833-1900
   Wilhelm Köhler Farmer, 1838 -

Seventh Generation
Philipp Scholl, Shoemaker/Farmer 1825-1897
Elisabeth Kölsch 1827-1902
   Frederick Scholl, Carpenter/Home builder/Farmer 1849-1929
   Elizabeth Scholl 1850 Dec infancy
   Phillip Scholl 1852 Dec infancy
   Christina Scholl hus Civil War Vet/RR Conductor 1854-1936
   Elizabeth Scholl hus Fruit Grower/Capitalist 1858-1943
   Lydia Scholl hus Messerschmied/Farmer 1860-1939
   George Philipp Scholl, Farmer, 1863-1921
   Josephine Scholl hus Butcher/Farmer1865-1952

Eighth Generation
Frederick Scholl Carpenter/Farmer 1849-1929
Fannie Weinert 1853-1922
   Emma Scholl hus Pastor 1877-1944
   Elizabeth Scholl hus Farmer 1879-1914
   Anna Scholl hus Cattleman 1880-1905
   Laura Scholl  hus Chicken Farmer/Soap Cutter 1883-1928
   Philip Scholl 1885 Dec infancy
   George Scholl  Carpenter, Studio Carpenter 1886-1967
   Augustus Scholl WWI Vet, Car Salesman,1888-1973
   Clara Scholl 1891-1907
   Edgar Scholl 1895-1895
   Edna Scholl 1895-1919
   Fred Clarence Scholl Time Clerk RR Office,1897-1989

Ninth Generation
George Scholl Carpenter/Studio Carpenter 1886-1967
Emma Bachman Teacher, Genealogist, Fruit Grower, 1887-1969
   Audrey May Scholl Executive Secretary, 1916-1990
        Glen Arthur Koksh Cinema Projectionist 1912-1971
   Elaine Mary Scholl 1925-1960
        James Hulet Gardiner Electrical Engineer, NBC TV, 1921-2007
             Kent Hulet Gardiner Teacher, UES, UCLA
             Sandra Gardiner

The Scholl's in Graben Germany:
Graben Friedhof (cemetery)
Ritter, J. J. Graben pastor (5th and 6th generations) 
Zimmern, Heinrich Johann Conrad pastor 1861-1897 (7th and 8th generations)  

The Scholl's in Nebraska:

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Current Scholl's


Robert Seal: It appears based on the records I've translated for you that the Scholl family traveled in a very middle-class/bourgeois crowd with most of their associates being citizens and masters of their crafts.
Scholl is the nickname of a farmer and literally means a piece of earth.

1 German and Dutch: nickname for a lumpish person or a farmer, from Middle High German, Middle Dutch scholle ‘clod of earth’.
2 Dutch and North German: from Middle Dutch scholle, schulle ‘flounder’, ‘plaice’, hence a metonymic occupational name for a fisherman or a fish seller, or a nickname for someone thought to resemble a flouder.
3 German (Schöll): variant of Schell 
Graben means a portion of the earth's crust, bounded on at least two sides by faults, that has dropped downward in relation to adjacent portions.
Liebe Gruesse = Love greetings