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Pastor Johann Jacob Ritter 1726 - 1798

Pastor Johann Jacob Ritter G3HJ-Q5V was born 28 August 1726 in Durlach, Baden, Germany. His parents may well be Johann Adam Ritter 96JN-9ZD 1697-1758 and Catharina Barbara Wagner Zenger GSHJ-13M1700-1770. 

The marriage record for J. J. Ritter says his father is Mr. Johann Jacob Ritter citizen and baker at Durlach. This is a discrepency from above. Pastor Ritter in the Graben records signs his entries as J. J. Ritter.

In 1751 J. J. Ritter was a deacon in Durlach and from 1753 - 1756 he was a pastor in Teutschneureut, Baden, Germany.  He served as pastor in Graben from 1758-1798 or 40 plus years.  He died in 31 August 1798 in Graben. 
J. J. Ritter served in Teutschneureut from 1753 - 1757.  J. J. Ritter struck up a relationship with Johann Jacob Roller's daughter, Susanna, and married her 25 Feb 1755 in Durlach. Susanna Magdalena Catharina Roller's marriage record says she is the daughter of Mr. Johann Friedrich Roller.  This is a discrepency.

Teutschneureut (Teutsch-Neureuth)
Teutschneureut (Teutsch-Neureuth) represents the original core of the present-day Karlsruhe district of Neureut. The name originated when Welschneureut was founded immediately to the southwest in 1699 to distinguish it from the "Welschneureutern". It is in the

western part of Karlsruhe. (

Teutsch means the nowadays common designation "German".

Teutschneureut is also called Neureut-Nord or Teutsch-Neureuth. It is 14 minutes or 16 km southwest of Graben or 10 miles southwest. 
What about J. J. Ritter's siblings?
Maria Dorothea Ritter   22 Dec 1733-7 May1746
Johanna Sibylla Ritter  25 Apr 1736 married Johann                     Friderich Baier, citizen and master cabinetmaker in Durlach
Christian Jacob Ritter  24 May 1739-30 May 1739
Johann Christoph Ritter  1745 married Maria Salome 
         Fruehholzin 8 March 1774 they had 12 children, all in
         Durlach, Maria was born 25 Dec 1754  and died 4 Dec 1831
Magdalena Friederica Ritter  12 Dec 1847 dec

What happened to Johann and Susanna's three children?
Carl Wilhalm Ritter
  christened 20 June 1759 in Graben,             born June 16
Johann Frederick Ritter
  and baptized the 29th in             Teutschneureut, Baden.
Fredericka Wilhelmina Ritter
  born 28 Feb 1763 and married Johann Jacob Eisenlohr in Graben in 1780

Documents related to Johann Jacob Ritter:

Johann Jacob Ritter birth 28 Aug 1726 Durlach film 102078289 page 309
Transcription by Ulrich Neitzel:
d. 28 Aug. Joh. Jacob, Joh. Adam Ritter, Becker, Catharina Barbara. Gevattern: Jacob H_yler, Metzger cum uxore Elisabetha, Christian Jacob Ottmann, H__glaser?, Christian Rene__, Küfer, uxore Rosina Dorothea
on 28 August: Johan Jacob, [son of] Johan Adam Ritter [and] Catharina Barbara.
Baptismal sponsors: Jacob H_yler, butcher, with wife Elisabetha; Christian Jacob Ottmann, ___?; Christian Rene__?, cooper, with wife Rosina Dorothea.
Comment: Here the father's name is Johann Adam Ritter whereas in the marriage record of his son he has also the name Johann Jacob Ritter, possibly a mistake
Susanna Magdalena Catharina 1732 Knielingen, Karlsruhe, Baden 13 Oct film 102078253 page 239
Translation: Ulrich Neitzel:
Unfortunately I can't fully read the remark under the name. The underlined word seems to be Eingeschikt = sent in. Maybe another community member can help.
Translation of the entry:
Born on the 13 October [1732] between 12 and 1 p.m. and baptized 15 [October]
Susanna Magdalena Catharina
Parents: Johann Friederich Roller, pastor; Eva Christina
Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Johann Philipp Lindemann, pastor in Spöck, with wife Sara Susanna (marriage 11 Aug 1722 in Spöck, b 23 April 1697, same parents as below, Sara's last name is Machunettus) Mr. Johann Philipp Lindemann, pastor in Bettberg, with wife Carolina Magdalena (marriage 21 Mar 1730 in Karlsruhe, birth 27 Mar 1703, parents: Father with same name 9VL9-7R8 , mother Annä Evä in Spöck. 9VL9-FVX Carolina Magdalena Machunettus, Annä ) Johann Georg Krüger, innkeeper at the sign of the crown and baker in Spöck, and his wife Catharina Barbara
My Comments:It is striking that two of the sponsors have the same name and the same occupation (pastor). I suspect that these are father and son. You state that the mother Eva Christina, Johann Friederich Roller's wife, also is born Lindemann. So probably we have here another case where husband, father and brother are pastors.
Note that for the pastors the title is H[err] and their spouses are called in Latin uxor, whereas for the third sponsor there is no Herr and his spouse is the usual Ehefrau = wife.
The occupation of Johann Georg Krüger is in German Weißbeker, literally white baker, meaning that he produced bread and cake from white flour (wheat).
Bettberg is about 100 km further south.
one addition: I think some of the letters after Eingeschikt could be a date: ʘ.II.p. Epi_? = sunday II. post Epi__? = 2nd sunday after Epiphany? A circle with a dot in the middle is a symbol for sunday, see

Maria Wilhelmine Roller death 21 Sep 1744 born in Spöck 1743 age 1 film 102121308 page 567 
Robert Seal translation:
Year: [1744].
Day and month: 21 September.
Died and buried: Maria Wilhelmina, age 1 year, 6 months, and 4 hours.
Parent(s): Johann Friederich Roller, pastor, and Eva Christina, née Lindemännin.
Surname: Rollerin.
My comment: The record doesn't make clear whether the child died or was buried on 21 September 1744

Jacob Ritter/Susanna Magdalena marriage Durlach, 25 Feb 1755 film 102078286 page 691
Ulrich Neitzel:Transcription
d. 25. Febr. wurde durch T. Herrn Special und Kirchenrath Bürcklin von Carlsruhe dahier copuliert. Herr Johann Jacob Ritter, Pfarrer zu Neureuth, H. Joh. Jacob Ritters deß Bürgers und Becker zu Durlach ehel. led. Sohn mit Susanna Magdalena Catharina Rollerin, Herrn Joh. Friederich Rollers, Pfarrers zu Stein ehel. ledig Jgfr Tochter.
On 25 February [1755] were married here by T. Mr. Special and church councilor Bürcklin from Carlsruhe: Mr. Johann Jacob Ritter, pastor at Neureuth (read: Teutschneureut), son of Mr. Johann Jacob Ritter citizen and baker at Durlach, with Susanna Magdalena Catharina Roller, legitimate single Miss daughter of Mr. Johann Friedrich Roller, pastor at Stein. (Stein had 1 protestant church)
Comments: Councilor Bürcklin also introduced J. J. Ritter to the Graben congregation on March 6, 1758. There is an interesting website listing all pastors of Teutschneureut here. Note that also the son of Johann Friedrich Roller, Gottlieb Friedrich Roller, is listed as pastor in this parish 1761-1765. Thank you Ulrich!
Kent: We now have some amazing, new information from this document:
1. J. J. Ritter's father, Mr. Johann Jacob Ritter was a citizen and baker in Durlach. This does not fit with the birth record above. There is a Johann Jacob Ritter who married Maria Elisabetha in Durlach in 1694.
2. Susanna Magdalena's father was a pastor in Stein. Susanna's father was a pastor, she married a pastor and her brother was a pastor. Her marriage was in Durlach.
3. Gottlieb Friedrich Roller (Susanna's brother) (1761 - 1767) * 1735 in Knielingen † 1794 in Sulzburg (Sohn des Knielinger Pfarrer Johann Friedrich Roller, Studium (studied) in Tübingen, Magister 1756, danach Pfarrer in Königsbach, 1761 - 1767 in Teutschneureut, 1767 in Obereggenen, 1782 bis zu seinem Tod (died) 1794 in Sulzburg)
Susanna's brother: Gottlieb Friedrich Roller (1761 - 1767) * 1735 in Knielingen † 1794 in Sulzburg (Sohn des Knielinger Pfarrer Johann Friedrich Roller, Studium (studied) in Tübingen, Magister 1756, danach Pfarrer in Königsbach, 1761 - 1767 in Teutschneureut, 1767 in Obereggenen, 1782 bis zu seinem Tod 1794 in Sulzburg) Knielinger is located west of Karlshrue.

Knielinger on the left, Durlach on the right

The title of the Teutschneureut pastor website is: Working group for family research Baden-Durlach Lower Country
Johann Jakob Ritter (1753 - 1757) * 1726 in Durlach † 1798 in Graben (1751 Diakon (Deacon) in Durlach, 1753 - 1757 Pfarrer in Teutschneureut, 1857 bis zu seinem Tod (until his death) 1798 in Graben)The church below came after J. J. Ritter served there:
In June 17, 1888, the newly built Neureut North Church was consecrated. Since then, the large neo-Gothic tower has dominated the townscape of Neureut. In the vernacular, the church is also affectionately called "Neureut Cathedral". 
Karlsruhe Denkmaltag: Evangelische Kirche Neureut-Nord

Karlsruhe Denkmaltag: Evangelische Kirche Neureut-Nord


1758 Pastor Ritter's first Graben entry film 004137289 page 610
Transcription by Ulrich Neitzel:
[Überschrift] Gestorben und begraben sind worden
Sub Ministerio Johannis Jacobi Ritteri Baada-Durlacensis sequentes Personæ Sepultæ Sunt
[headline] Died and buried have been
Under the ministry of Johann Jacob Ritter from Baden-Durlach the following persons have been buried
Note that in the second column there was already an (prefilled?) entry for a death notice: "on __ March, in the evening at 6 o'clock died and on __ was buried"

Ritter's first entry for marriages March 1758 film 004137289 page 569

Pastor J. J. Ritter's first birth entry in Graben March 1758 film 004137289 page 494 
Ulrich Neitzel:Transcription:
Sub Ministerio Johannis Jacobi Ritteri, Baada-Durlacensis Sequentes Personæ baptiz: sunt
Anno 1757 d. 4.ten Novembr habe ich von meinem gnädigsten Fürsten und Herrn die Vocation von Teutsch-Neureuth an welchem Ort ich ebtwas über 4 Jahre gestanden, hirher nach Graben erhalten. Dominic. Lætare 1758. d. 5ten Marti hielt ich meine Abschieds Predigt, und kam den folgenden Tag nehml. d. 6ten Martij hirher. Darauf bin ich Dominic. Quasimod. nehml. d. 2ten April von Hr. Hochw. Herrn Kirchenrath Bürcklin allhisiger Gemeinde vorgestellt worden.
Under the ministry of Johann Jacob Ritter from Baden-Durlach the following persons have been baptized
In the year 1757, November 4th I received from my most gracious Prince and Lord the vocation from Teutsch-Neureuth, where I stood for just over 4 years, here to Graben. Laetare Sunday, 5 March 1758, I held my farewell sermon, and arrived here the following day March 6th. Thereupon I was presented to the congregation here by the Reverend Mr. Church Councilor Bürcklin on Quasimodogeniti Sunday, April 2nd.
Notes: Councilor Bürcklin also performed J. J. Ritter's wedding.
Teutschneureut (Teutsch-Neureuth) represents the original core of the present-day Karlsruhe district of Neureut. The name originated when Welschneureut was founded immediately to the southwest in 1699 to distinguish it from the "Welschneureutern". It is in the western part of Karlsruhe.
Teutsch means the nowadays common designation "German".
Laetare Sunday (/liːˈtɛːri/ or /lʌɪˈtɑːri/)[1] is the fourth Sunday in the season of Lent, in the Western Christian liturgical calendar. Traditionally, this Sunday has been a day of celebration, within the austere period of Lent. This Sunday gets its name from the first few words (incipit) of the traditional Latin entrance (Introit) for the Mass of the day. "Laetare Jerusalem" ("Rejoice, O Jerusalem") is Latin from Isaiah 66:10. (Wikipedia)
Quasimodogeniti is the historic name for the second Sunday of Easter. The name comes from the Latin text of the day’s historic introit, which begins with the phrase quasi modo geniti infantes (English: as newborn babes). The introit in turn is based on 1 Peter 2:2-3, which reads: “Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation—if indeed. (
Carl Wilhelm Ritter birth 16 June 1759 Graben film 102078348 page 410 copy
Ulrich Neitzel:Transcription:
d. 16ten Junÿ nachmittags nach 12 Uhr nat. et 20ten ren. est
Carl Wilhelm Ritter.
Parentes: Johan Jacob Ritter, dermahliger Pfarrer dahir und meine liebe Ehefrau Susanna Magdalena Catharina geb. Rollerin
Patrini: S.T. Ihro Hochwohlehrwürden Herr Christian Weghaubt, treueiferiger Pfarrer zu Oberwöslingen. Dessen Frau Eheliebste, Frau Friderica geb. Rollerin. S.T. Ihro Hochedelgebohren Herr Philipp Friderich Roller, Hochfürstl. Marggräfl. Baaden Durlachl. Registrator. Jgfr. Christina Rollerin. Frau Johanna Sibilla Baierin, H. Joh. Friderich Baieri Bürgers und SchreinerMeister zu Durlach Ehefrau, geb. Ritterin.
born on 16 June [1759] in the afternoon and baptized on the 20th
Carl Wilhelm Ritter
Parents: Johan Jacob Ritter, presently pastor here, and my dear wife Susanna Magdalena Catharina née Roller
Baptismal sponsors: S.T. His Most Reverend Mr. Christian Weghaubt, faithful pastor in Oberwöslingen. His dearest wife Mrs. Friderica née Roller. S.T. His High Noble-Born Mr. Philipp Friderich Roller, princely margravely Baden-Durlachian registrator. Miss Christina Roller. Mrs Johanna Sibilla Baier née Ritter, wife of Mr. Johann Friderich Baier, citizen and master cabinetmaker in Durlach.
Note: S.T. is the abbreviation of Sine Titulo (Latin), literally "without title". Originally it means that not all titles of the person are listed. Over time it became a honorary title itself; somebody for whom not all titles are listed must be a very important person.
Notes: What do we learn from this document?
1. J. J. Ritter had good friends in the clergy.
2. Christian Weghaubt was a pastor in Oberwöslingen. He married Johanna Friderica née Roller. M196-YPQThey married 8 Oct 1753
in Berghausen, Durlach (this is Susanna's sister)
3. Philipp Friderich Roller, is a princely margravely Baden-Durlachian registrator. A registrar or registrant is a person who registers data. (Susanna's brother, b 7 July 1724, Rußheim)
4. Christina Roller 36 year old sister, b abt 1723 death 22 Mar 1778 in Stein, Baden, she died at 55 years old)
5. Johann Friderich Baier, citizen and master cabinetmaker in Durlach married Sibilla Ritter. (This is J. J. Ritter's sibling sister)
Fredericka Wilhelmina Ritter birth 8 Feb 1763 Graben film 102078348 page 341
Translation by Marion Wolfert
Born on the 25 Feb 1763 in the morning and christened on the 28 Feb 1763 was Friederica Wilhelmina RITTER(in), daughter of Johann Jacob RITTER, the local minister (Pfärrer) and his wife, Susanna Magdalena Catharina KOLLER(in)
Witnesses are: the honorable Mister Philip Friderich KOLLER, honorable Baden Durlach Regestrator
Misses Friderica KLEYHAUBB(in) wife of the honorable Mister Christian KLEYHAUBTS the loyal minister of Spöck,
Misses Elisabeth nee KOLLER(in),
the maiden Juliana Barbara KOLLER(in),
Mister Georg Friderich HAURE? citizen and master carpenter at Durlach,
Misses Maria Elisabetha SUTTER nee KOLLER(in) wife of Georg Friderich SUTTER, citizen and white baker at Durlach
Misses Margaretha RAICHER(in) nee WAIDMANN(in), wife of Mister Joh. Friederich RAICHER a local citizen and jury member
Fredericka married Carl Friederich Eisenlase on 11 April 1780 in Graben
Johann Frederick Ritter birth 27 Sep 1756 Teutschneureut, Baden, film 008090906 page 136  

Urich Neitzel:Transcription:
d. 27ten Sept: früh um 1/2 2 Uhr nat. et 29.ten ren. est
Johann Friderich Ritter. Parentes: Johann Jacob Ritter, dermahliger Pfarrer dahier, und mein liebes Eheweib, Susanna Magdalena Catharina eine geb. Rollerin.
Patrini: H. Philipp Friderich Roller, Scribent bej H. Landschreiber Obermüller zu Carlsruhe. Frau Johanna Friderica Weghaubtin, Ihre hochwohlehrwürden H. Christian Weghaubt, frei__iferigen? Seelsorgers zu Oberwösingen, Frau Eheliebtin, geb. Rollerin, H. Georg Friderich Ritter, ledig. Jgfr. Johanna Christiana Rollerin.
27 September [1756], born early at 1:30 [a.m.] and baptized 29th
Johan Friderich Ritter. Parents: Johan Jacob Ritter, presently pastor here, and my dear wife Susanna Magdalena Catharina née Roller.
Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Philipp Friderich Roller, scribe with county clerk Obermüller in Carlsruhe. Mrs Johanna Friderica Weghaubt née Roller, wife of His Reverend Mr. Christian Weghaubt, ___? spiritual caregiver in Oberwösingen. Mr. Georg Friderich Ritter, single. Miss Johanna Christiana Roller.
Oberwösingen is probably (part of) the village named Wössingen in Meyers Gazetteer.

Kirchenführungen wieder möglich! | Kirchengemeinde Karlsruhe Neureut-Nord

 J.J. Ritter served as Pastor in Teutschneureut, Baden, Germany. from 1753 - 1756. From here he went to Graben to be pastor.
On June 17, 1888, the newly built Neureut North Church was consecrated. Since then, the large neo-Gothic tower has dominated the townscape of Neureut. In the vernacular, the church is also affectionately called "Neureut Cathedral"

Friederica Wilhelmina Ritter marriage 1780 in Graben film 004137289 page 818  
Ulrich Neitzel:
d. 11.ten April
H. Carl Friderich Eisenlohr, Pfarrer zu Hochstetten, H. Johann Jacob Eisenlohrs, Pfarrers zu Lauf_en? mit weÿl: Sara Elisabetha, gebohrene Sartoriusin ehelich erzeügter lediger H. Sohn.
und Jgfr. Friderica Wilhelmina, née Ritterin, Johann Jacob Ritters, des allhiesigen Pfarrers mit Susanna Magdalena Catharina gebohrenen Rollerin ehelich erzeugte ledige Tochter
11 April [1780]
Mr. Carl Friedrich Eisenlohr, pastor in Hochstetten, legitimately conceived unmarried son of Mr. Johan Jacob Eisenlohr, pastor in Laufen? with the deceased Sara Elisabetha née Sartorius
and Miss Friderica Wilhelmina née Ritter, legitimately conceived unmarried daughter of Johan Jacob Ritter, pastor here, with Susanna Magdalena Catharina née RollerKent:
J. J. Ritter entered his own daughter's marriage record.
Here we have yet another case of many pastors.
Fredericka's father is a pastor in Graben.
Fredericka's husband Johan Jacob Eisenlohr is a pastor in Laufen
Fredericka's father-in-law Carl Friedrich Eisenlohr is a pastor in Hochstetten.
Johann Jacob Ritter death 31 Aug 1798 Graben page 102078298 page 898
Translation by Robert Seal:
[Heading at top of page]: In the year of Christ 1798 died here in Graben.
[Left margin]: [Died] on the 31st of August [1798], in the evening between 7 and 8 o'clock. Buried on the 2nd of September [1798].
After the death of the blessed Mr. Pastor Ritter here, the following was registered by order of the "Specialats" by Pastor Heß of Hochstetten.
Mr. Johan Jacob Ritter, pastor here, age 72 years, 4 days.
Here is a transcription of the main part of the record:
Nach dem Absterben des seelig Herrn Pfarrers Ritters alhier, wurde auf befehl des Specialats, nachfolgendes von Pfarrer Heß von Hochstetten eingetragen.
Herr Johan Jacob Ritter, Pfarrer dahier, alt 72. Jahr, 4 Tag.
My comment: Hochstetten is approximately 3 miles southwest of Graben:
Robert Seal Note and Question: Hi Kent,
The word "Specialat" is new to me and I haven't been able to find a translation of it in any of the usual places. Google Translate and Deepl are unable to translate.
But the following link shows that the word existed at some point in time and in the areas of Durlach and Karlsruhe close to Graben and Hochstetten:
The title "Combinierung des Specialats Durlach mit dem Specialat in Karlsruhe" translates as: Combination of the Specialat Durlach with the Specialat in Karlsruhe. This archival record, which might have given insight into what a "Specialat" is, unfortunately is not available online. (in the USA)
Ulrich Neitzel Answer:
The Specialat was an ecclesiastical administrative unit of the Protestant Church in Baden at the end of the
18th and in the 19th century. The division broadly followed the division of the administrative districts of the state. At the head of a Specialat was usually a superintendent. translated from German Wikipedia: Note that Pastor Bürcklin had the title "Special und Kirchenrath"; he was apparently the head of the Specialat.
Kent Note: Thank you both for working on the word "Specialat." I'm sure having the head of the church "register" or write the written record of your funeral was a great honor. I am also impressed with the work done by pastor Ritter over a long period of time. You can see the last entry that J.J. Ritter made before his death. His handwriting is completely different than the day of his death and afterwards. The next pastor who wrote J. J. Ritter's entry was named Gottlieb Bernhard Fecht. He served in Graben from 1798-1808