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Are all Graben Scholl's related to Joss Scholl?

After over a thousand translations of Scholl documents it appears to me that the Scholl line begins with Joss Scholl who was born about 1610. From him the Scholl name carried on through two of his sons:
Hans Matthias Scholl b 1636 or his brother Hans Andreas Endris Scholl born 1639. When a new name is found in the 1700s, 1800s or1900s it can always be traced back to one of these two men. I believe the Scholl's who currently live and are interred in the Friedhof in Graben will find their progenitors are either Matthias or Andreas Endris Scholl and their DNA is linked to Joss Scholl.
Graben Friedhof, Graben Germany 2019
Joss Scholl, Bürgermeister, Gerichtsverwandter 1610-1662
    Leonard Scholl, 1619-1683 twisted weaver, poss. brother
Leonard Scholl did have a child named  Anna Christina Scholl who died 13 August 1661, and was buried the following day. However there is no proof she had any children so this line appears to end with Anna Christina.
Barbara Dietrich 1614-1684
   Peter Scholl, Schneider, or carpenter 1632-1669+
Peter Scholl appears to have had 7 children however there is no proof that any of these children either married or had children. I believe this line ended without further issue.
1. Hans Peter Scholl bap on the 12 of September 1652, parents Hanß Petter Scholl and Margretha, baptismal sponsors:  
Hanß Reinhard Mezger,  Zimmermanns verified by sponsor
2. Anna Margaretha b 3 Nov 1654 - 14 April 1661 Witnesses were Hanß Reinhardt Heule and his wife Anna Maria and  Hanß Reinhardt Metzger
Hanß  Peter Koller and wife Margaretha Heylig (document below) verified  by sponsor
3. Anna Margaretha b 1655 - , Parent Peter Scholl, no birth record found, unverified
4.Anna Dorothea Scholl 10 August 1657-24 April 1661, Parent Peter Scholl, mother Anna Margaretha, baptismal sponsor:  Hanß Reinhard Mezger, verified by sponsor
5. Anna Barbara Scholl September 1659-10 Oct 1859, Parent Peter Scholl, sponsors: Hanß Reinhard Mettzger, Zimmermann verified by sponsor
6. Hans Mattias Scholl 1660- 16 Apr 1667, death at 7 yrs old, Parent Peter Scholl
7. Anna Maria Scholl 24 Oct 1660, Parent Peter Scholl, Margaretha, baptismal sponsor:  Hanß Reinhard Metzger, verified by sponsor  
   Wilhelm Scholl 1633-1669
Wilhelm Scholl was a baptismal sponsor in 1665 and he lived to his 36th year of his age.There is no proof he married or had children in the Graben records.
   Hans Matthias Scholl Spöck lawyer, son-in-law lawyer, 1636-1682 
There is proof Hans Matthis Scholl is the son of Hans Endris Scholl as seen below. Hans Matthias Scholl
Translation by Ulrich Neitzel: ( FS film 004137289  page 226)
On 16 February [1681] in the early morning Anna Margretha, wife of Hans Endris Scholl, citizen here, gave birth to a little son, who was thereupon baptized on the 18 February and named Hans Mattheus. Baptismal sponsors were: (1) Hans Andreas Zimmermann, citizen here, and his wife Anna Margretha. (2) Mattheus Rößler, citizen and innkeeper at the sign of the white little horse and his wife Elisabeth. Note: This is an absolute proof that the parents of Hans Mattheus b 1681were Anna Margretha and Hans Endris Scholl.  The following children were born to Andreas Endris and Anna Margretha. Only two lived to adulthood out of ten children. 
The following are verified children of Hans Matthias Scholl:
Both Matthias and Eva's names are clearly written in their children's birth records:
Hans Matthias Scholl 5 March 1664-10 Feb 1669  verified, mother Eva
Johann Martin Scholl 8 Mar 1668- 18 Aug 1723 lived to be 55 birth verified mother Eva, married Anna Margaretha Weidmann 10 Nov 1696 and had three children. Only one living Johann Jacob Scholl b 1701        
Johann Andreas Scholl 2 Sept 1670-12 May 1752 verified mother Eva, married Anna Margaretha Weidmann 9 Nov 1697 and had 8 children
Margaretha Barbara Scholl 9 Sept 1673 verified parents names in birth doc, married Hans Mattheus Pfilen 12 April 1692,10 children
Anna Catharina Scholl 1 Feb 1678-26 July 1723 verified father Hans Matt Scholl on birth cert, married Hans Matthias Weidmann Sr. 9 Nov 1697 and had 10 children. 
Son of Matthias Scholl, Johann Martin Scholl had a son named Johann Balthasar Scholl . He married Anna Elisabetha Lind. They have a large Scholl posterity.
Translation Robert Seal: (Document Barbara Scholl sponsor 1665 film 004137289 page 213)
Date: 27 January [1665].
Child: Hanß Jacob.
Parents: Hanß Conrat Heil, Jacobe.
Baptismal sponsors: Adam R____ß together with wife; Barbara Schollin, widow; Hanß Andreß Scholl.
Note: Barbara Scholl, wife of Joss Scholl is still living however Joss died in 1662 so he is not listed. This is proof that Joss Scholl is the father of Hans Andreas Scholl. 
Hans Andreas Endris Scholl has a very large posterity as seen on this website. Many Scholls can be traced back to Andreas' Endris Scholl's son Matthias Scholl b 1718. Or they can be traced back to Hans Georg Scholl 1678-1728. Together they make up the bulk of Scholls found in Graben after 1700.
   Hans Leonard Scholl 1642-1732
Anna Christina Scholl b 1673 did have two children, with her husband Reinhard Heil Renninger, namely Johann Wendel Renninger b 1701 and Maria Margaretha Renninger b 1703. However the Scholl name died with her death in 1732. Anna Barbara Scholl married Georg Kern and they had three children all with the surname of  Kern. The Scholl name did not continue with Barbara. So with five girls the Scholl line ends here.
1. Anna Christina Scholl 1 Aug 1661 buried 14 Aug 1661 lived 2wks Parents are Leonard and Maria Magdalena. Baptismal sponsors: Martin Grünmeyer? and wife. Anna Christina Weidmännin and Hanß Bernhard Pfister?, both young people.
2. Anna Barbara Scholl  3 Aug 1662 - has birth record, married  Johann Georg Kern 24 Jan 1681, many resources attached on FS birth and birth record included below, parents are Leonard and Magdalena Sponsors: Martin Grünmeyer? and his wife Magdalena, Hanß Bernhard(t) Pfister, Anna
3. Anna Catharina Scholl 20 Jan 1665 christening, death record Parents are Leonard and Maria Magdalena Baptismal sponsors: Christoph Munck together with the wife. Wendel Becker together with the wife.
4. Anna Margret Scholl 3 May 1668 christening 3 May 1668 parents are Leonard and Magdalena Sponsors: Christoph Munck together with wife; Wendel Becker together with wife
5. Anna Christina Scholl 13 Mar 1673 - 19 Jun 1732 has death record only.  Parents are Leonard and Magdalena
Baptimsal sponsors: Reinhard Hänle together with wife; Hanß Kammerer together with wife.