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Maria Huber 1644-1694

Maria Huber was born on 9 May 1644, in Boden, Zürich, Switzerland 
just South of Hirzel. She married Hans Landis on 8 December 1668, in Hirzel, Horgen, Zürich, Switzerland. This was Hans' second marriage .They were the parents of 5 sons and 3 daughters. She died on 29 December 1694, in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, at the age of 50, and was buried in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland. 

Children of Hans Landis and Maria Huber b 1644-1694:
1. Hans Heinrich Landis b 1672 dec
2. Felix Landis b 1673 8 June (twin)- 1739 m 1697 Rosena Witmer 1671-1730 He died on 22 December 1739, in Lampeter, West Lampeter Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States, at the age of 67, and was buried in Conestoga Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, British Colonial America.
3. Caspar Landis 1675-1754 m  Elisabetha Stünzin 5 April 4. 1704 b 1675-1746
4. Verena Landis b 1677 dec
5. Jorg Landis 1680- dec
6. Susanna Landis b 1682 dec
7. Barbara Landis b 1684 dec
8. Hans Jacob Landis b 1688 - ? m 1719 Esther Maag 1695-?When Hans Jacob Landis was christened on 16 April 1688, in Hirzel, Horgen, Zürich, Switzerland, his father, Hans Landis, was 57 and his mother, Maria Huber, was 43. He married Esther Maag in 1719, in Hirzel, Zürich, Switzerland. They were the parents of at least 1 daughter

Documents related to Maria Huber:

1644 Maria Huber baptism 7 Jan film 008014323 page 29 
Event: Maria Huber baptism 7 January
ParentsHans Jacob Huber and Magdalena Hürlimannin

1654 Bevölkerungsverz, Boden, Hirzel film 008195943 page 36 
Haushaltungen [households] Im Boden
Bib. [I assume this indicates there is a bible in this household]
Elteren [parents]: Jacob Huber / Magdalena Hürlimannin
Kinder [children]: Maria 1644 q C.Maj. / Heinrich 1647 q C.Min. / Vereneli 1650
Dienst(personal) und Verding-Kinder [servants and Verdingkinder]: Ruodeli Landis ex ....(?), 20 Ann., Com. / Cathrina Süssin (Stüssin?) ab Eügsten, 27, Com.
Maria was born 1644 - don't know what "q" means, knows the major catechism.
Heinrich was born 1647(!) - don't know what "q" means, knows the minor catechism.
Who are the non family members living with the Huber family:
Wolf: The header said servants and Verdingkinder. I would say they were too old for Verdingkinder - so likely servants. Might be an indication the Hubers ran a small farm.
Ruodeli (o over u) Landis was 20 years old and has had communion - can't interpret his origin.
Cathrina Süss (or Stüssi) was 27 years old and has had communion, She came from Eügsten - I assume Aeugst am Albis.
Note: Maria Huber originated "aus dem Boden" … there is a Hamlet Boden just South of Hirzel........
Verdingkinder, Verdingsbuben, "contract children",[1] or "indentured child laborers"[2] were children in Switzerland who were removed from their families by the authorities (due to poverty, moral reasons (e.g. the mother being unmarried, very poor, of Yenish origin, etc.), neglect, etc.), and placed in foster families, often poor farmers who needed cheap labour. In the early 2000s, many of these children, by then adults, publicly stated that they had been severely mistreated by their foster families, suffering neglect, beatings and other physical and psychological abuse. The Verdingkinderscheme was common in Switzerland until the 1960s Wikipedia


1668 marriage Hans Lndis and Maria Huber 8 December
 Hirzel records page 142
Marriage: 8 December 1668 Hans Landis, Wagner, from Hirzel and Maria Huberin, from Boden

1694 Maria Huberin burial 29 December, film 008014345 pg 386 Wetzikon 
(1694) den 29. 10br (= December)
Maria Huberin, Hanß Landiß Hausfrau von Kemten
Note that Huberin is the female form of Huber.
Kent: I have seen many documents with Landiß. Is that the same as Landis? Doesn't the final letter mean "ss" or eszett?
Wolf: There were "trends" in spellings - you also often see Hanß instead of Hans … doesn't really make any difference.