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Hans Landis 1630-1795

When Hans Landis was christened on 21 November 1630, in Hirzel, Horgen, Zürich, Switzerland, his father, Felix Landis, was 41 and his mother, Adelheid Egli, was 38. Hans had a sister named Maria who was a year younger than he was. He married Anna Rütimann on 6 November 1655, in Hirzel, Horgen, Zürich, Switzerland. They were the parents of  3 sons and 2 daughters. Anna died in 1667. Hans married Maria Huber Dec 8 1668. 1695 Hans Landis burial 25 Aug in the same place Maria died, namely, Kempten. Kempten is a locality of the municipality of Wetzikon in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland.

Hans Married(1) Anna Ruttimann June 11, 1655
Hans Married(2) Maria Huber Aug 12, 1668

Children of Hans and Anna Rütimann 1635-1667
1. Hans Jacob Landis 1657
2. Hans Landis 1659-1721
3. Barbara Landis 1661-dec
4. Hans Heinrich Landis 1662-? m 17 Oct 1682 Barbe Müller 1660- ?
5. Catharina Landis 1665-dec

Children of Hans and Maria Huber 1648-1694:
1. Hans Heinrich Landis b 1672 dec
2. Felix Landis b 1672 (twin)- KCR9-QH4 1739 m 1697 to Witmer 1671-1730 death: 22 Dec 1739 Lampeter, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States,Rosena 
3. Caspar Landis 1675-1754 m Elisabetha Stünzin 5 April 1704 b 1675-1746
4. Verena Landis b 1677 dec
5. Susanna Landis b 1682 dec
6. Barbara Landis b 1684 dec
7. Hans Jacob Landis b 1688 - ? m 1719 Esther Maag 1695-?

Documents related to Hans Landis:

“A Combined Landis/Landes Genealogy Report of the Descendants of Hans Landis and Katherina Schinz” Page 176.
Hans Landis b 1630's father is
Felix Landis b 1589 and Hans' grandfather is
Hans Landis b 1543 (the martyr)

Notes on Hans Landis' father Felix Landis:
1589 Felix Landis baptism June1 Horgen records p 205 
Junius (1589)
Vff den 1. Brachmonat (= June) ward getauft Felix, Hansen Landÿs vnd Margareth Hochstraserin [son??]. Zügen warend Felix Balier(?) 
vnd Barbeli Rÿtter.
DeepL translation:June (1589)
Felix, Hansen Landÿs and Margareth Hochstraserin [son??] were baptized on the 1st of June. Felix Balier(?) and Barbeli Rÿtter were the witnesses
Note that often a V was written where we would write U today (I guess I will often have transcribed as U in previous cases).
I am lost with the witnesses name - can't find anything similar today. Barbeli will be Barbara Hochstrasser.

Felix Landis and Adelheid Egli's children:
1. Hans Landis b 1630 married Nov 6 1655 to Anna Rütimann and Maria Huber Dec 8 1668
2. Anna Landis b 15 Jan 1633 married Sep 26 1665 to Hans Heinrich Landis b 1632 (twin)
3. Hans Heinrich Landis b 1635 married May 11, 1658 to Barbara Schmid b 1633
4. Felix Landis b 1637-1678

"Felix Landis (son of Hans, beheaded at Zürich, 1614) was a pious member of the church of Horgerberg. For this he was committed to Othenbach, and treated with shameful rigor, often receiving no food. His digestive organs became so impaired through protracted fasting, that his stomach refused to retain food, and he accordingly prepared himself for death. In this state he was carried by the persecutors to church during the sermon, where he was brutally "thrown under a bench," and when he immediately expired. "His wife, Adelheyd Egli, was also kept in durance in Othenbach (Ottenbach) nearly four years. During this period they treated her not only unmercifully, but disgracefully; they threw her into several offensive places, stripped her twice in irons, and for a time took her clothes from her every night, etc."* She escaped afterward from prison with a good conscience. Meantime the authorities ruthlessly dispersed her family, drove the children among strangers, and then confiscated her house and furniture and sold them for 5000 florins." [1]

He died of starvation because of Anabaptist beliefs. In 1633 Anabaptist aged 50 in Hirzel Mullibuhel. Anabaptist Minister at Horgenberg. imprisoned at Oethenbach with wife Adelheit. Jane Evans Best has birth date as 1583 in PMH, April 1990, p. 20, probably because of census age in 1633. Reference

1633 Bevölkerungsverzeichnis Felix Landis/Adelheid Eglin
and 2 children film 1185140 page 369
The tabular format makes it a bit difficult to transcribe in that format - so I will sort this by content and translate each bit separately.
Namen: der Örteren 7 der Elteren / der Kinderen / Wie alt sÿ seigind (Jar) / Wie lang sÿ widertoüfferisch gsÿn (Jar).
Names: of residence / parents / children / their age / for how long they have been Anabaptists.
Place of residence: An dem alten Müllibühel [cannot locate it with any confidence - might be Müliberg]
Felix Landis (aged) 50 (Anabaptist) von iugend vff (since his youth)
Adalheit Eglin aus(?) dem Fischenthal, sÿn Hußfrouw (his wife, aged) 40 (Anabaptist since) 7 (years)
Sÿ habend 2 Kinder (they got 2 children)
1. Hans … 2
2. Maria … 1 (No record of a Maria born to Felix in Hirzel record)
Note: There is some interesting information on Felix (and his father Hans) on (found it when looking for Müllibühel).
Note: Unfortunately there is no information on the son Hans - but the fact that the family were Anabaptists doesn't make them my "favourites" in your context. Possibly the book on The Landis Family of Lancaster Countyprovides further info.
Anabaptists believe that baptism is valid only when candidates freely confess their faith in Christ and request to be baptized. Commonly referred to as believer's baptism, it is opposed to baptism of infants, who are not able to make a conscious decision to be baptized.The AmishHutterites, and Mennonites are direct descendants of the early Anabaptist movement.
1630 Hans Landis baptism Nov 21, Hirzel, page 18
Baptism: Hans Landis born Nov 21 1630 to Felix Landis and Adelheid Egli in Hirzel, Switzerland.

1654 Bevölkerungsverz, Boden, Hirzel film 008195943 page 36 
Maria Huberin
Parents: Magdalena Hürlimannin, Hans Jacob Huber, Maria and Heinrich (twins)  born 7 Jan 1644 and in 1650 another child in Boden. 
Maria Huber originated "aus dem Boden" … there is a Hamlet Boden just South of Hirzel.

1655 marriage of Hans Landis and Anna Rütimanin
6 November, Hirzel records page 139
Marriage: 6 November 1655 Hans Landis and Anna Rütimanin in Hirzel (south of Wetzikon)

1668 marriage of Hans Landis and Maria Huber 8 Dec
Hirzel records page 142
Marriage: 8 December 1668 Hans Landis, Wagner, in Hirzel
Maria Huberin  in Boden.

1670 Church Census Hans Landis film 007765846 page 172 
Note: parenthesis means added information by me
1670 Hirzel census
Hans Landis (60) (1630)
Maria Huber (22) (1648)
Barbara cal. May (b 1684) (not born yet)
Hans Heinrich Quest. (1662) (son of Anna) (not born yet)
Catharina Dec (5) (1665) (daughter of Anna)
Sentence regarding Rütimann needs translation, a child is mentioned cal. May

1678 Church census Hans Landis film 008126303 page 271 
1678 Hirzel census:
Mr Hans Landis p.l. ...........................46. (1630)
Maria Huber p.l. Geur w. ...................33. (1648)
A long sentence that needs translation
Barbara p.l. c.m. glower cam..............18. (not born yet)
Hans Heinrich c.m. lep Wagner p.l....15. (1662)
Felix o.d................................................4. (1672)
Caspar n.o.............................................2 (1675)
Verena baptized 12 Aug 1677                     (1677)

1682 Church Census Hans Landis, Wagner, family 
film 007765849 page 210
1682 Hirzel census 
Mr. Hans Landis, Wagner p.l. Eug. 52.
Maria Huber 
p.l. Floe W                    39.
Long sentence that needs translation.
K (Kinder)
Felix  schol. p.l. C.M.                         10.
Caspar  schol. p.l. C.M.                       
Verena 5 schol. o.d. SA Dec.              5.
Jorg  n.v.                                                2. (not in FS)
1689  Hans Landis b 1630 wife Maria Huber Hirzel Church Record 
 or Bevölkerungsverzeichnisee, film 008014133 page 166
1689 Hirzel census:
4. Bruňnen
Mr.Hans Landis p.l. Wagner agree p......56  (p.l=can read)
Maria Huber p.l. sch b.of @ k.a.s.w........46
Long sentence needs translation. 
Felix p.l. sch. w.of @ Craft......................16 (student
Caspar p.l sch b.of S. fry.........................14. (student
Verena p.l. ulierat. C.M. zest..................12
Jorg p.l. sus. w of @ C.M.........................9 
Susana susol. lo. d. S.A............................7
Barbell. suss. o.d. S.A..............................5
Hans Jagli 8. n.d. _____.___.___.. 1 1/4 (Hans Georg?)

EDB tells us Hans Landis was a Wagner, and his wife Maria Huber originated "aus dem Boden" … there is a Hamlet Boden just South of Hirzel (amongst several other locations of this name). The Bevölkerungsverzeichnis also mentions "agric(ola)" - so he likely was also a farmer - with being a wagon maker just his specialisation, helping other farmers with problems of this kind.


1640 Bevölkerungsverzeichnis title page 148

Paul, Acts 20:28 "Take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God which he obtained with the blood of his own Son."
1694 Maria Huberin burial 29 December,  film 008014345
page 386 Wetzikon 
(1694) den 29. 10br (= December)
Maria Huberin, Hanß Landiß Hausfrau von Kemten
Note that Huberin is the female form of Huber.
Note: Hans Landis and Maria Huber died in the same place.

1695 Hans Landis burial 25 Aug film 008014345 page 386 Wetzikon
I cannot decipher all of it with confidence - and am not sure about the interpretation ☹.
1695 / den 15. 8br (= October)
Hanß Landiß von Kemten ….(?)
….(?) Wolfensperger Hans(?) Jacobus
What has Wolfensperger to do with it? Are these two deaths?
1) Hans Landis of Kempten - and then an abbreviation for Witwer = widower?
2) Independent (just on the same date) Hanseli(?), son of Hans Jacob Wolfensperger?
Kent: Since Marie Huberin died 9 months previous it makes sense to call Hans a Witwer = widower

Kempten is the place of death for Maria Huberin and 9 months later: Widower Hans Landis.