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Joos Wolfensberger 1703-1769


When Joos Wolfensperger was born on 28 January 1703, in Ettenhausen, Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, his father, Hans Heinrich Wolfensperger, was 27 and his mother, Barbara Kunz, was 27. He married Katharina Wild on 2 May 1730, in her hometown of Bäretswil, Zürich, Switzerland. They were the parents of at least 5 sons and 6 daughters. He died on 30 April 1769, in his hometown, at the age of 66..

Documents related to Joos Wolfensberger:

1703 baptism Joos Wolfensberger 28 January film 8014345
page 228 Wetzikon
Birth: (1703) Joos den 28 Jan.
Parents: Hans Heinrich Wolfensperger von Etenhausen / und Barbel Kuntz syn Hausfrau(?)
Sponsors: Joos Wolfensperger von Errlosen / Barbel Wolfensperger von Dürstelen
syn Hausfrau(?): "syn" for "seine". I am not quite sure about the abbreviation for "Hausfrau" - but nothing else makes sense in the context - so it's "his wife".
Kent note: Jobs is most likely named after sponsor Joos Wolfensperger von Errlosen
1730 marriage Joos Wolfensberger Catharina Wild
2 May, Wetzikon, Zürich film 8014345 page 370

1769 burial Joos Wolfensberger 30 April Wetzikon
film 008480741 page 290