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Margaretha Salzmann 1804-1877


When Margaritha Salzmann was born on 27 September 1804, in Maschwanden, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Heinrich Salzmann, was 16 and her mother, Anna Katharina Baumann, was 34. She married Heinrich Jenta on 2 February 1829, in Maschwanden, Zürich, Switzerland. They were the parents of at least 2 daughters. She died on 13 April 1877, at the age of 72. How we know her death date is unknown because the Maschwanden and Wetzikon records only go back to 1875. She may have died in Germany where her husband passed away a few years previous to 1877.

Here are Heinrich Salzmann Sr's. two children who married Jentas. 
Heinrich Salzmann Jr. was Heinrich Sr's third child. He was born 8 January 1802, baptized 10 January, Communion - 1819. He married Anna Barbara Jenta (b 1806) 15 December 1828 in St. Peter in Zürich.
Margaretha Salzmann was Heinrich Sr's fourth child. She was  born 27 Sep 1804, baptized 30th, Communion - September 1820. She married Heinrich Jenta (b 1
808) on 2nd February 1829 at St.Peters in Zürich. 
Note: It appears the families went to church together, had communion within a year of each other and married within a year of each other.

Documents related to Margaretha Salzmann:

1804 Margaretha Salzmann birth 27 baptism 30 September 
Maschwanden film 008125639 page 45 
Sept. 27. / 30. [1804]: Margaretha
Parents: Heinrich Salzmann, Schuhm(acher) / A(nna) Katharina Baumann
Witnesses: Jakob Salzmann / Margaretha Baumann, H(an)s Jak(ob) Baumanns Tochter (daughter) von Affoltern
Notes: Margaretha's uncle Hans Jakob, b 25 March 1881 Schuster (shoemaker) is most likely the first witness. The second witness is most likely Margaretha Baumann b 1781 in Affoltern.  FS ID: K4R5-JKW. Her father Hans Jakob Baumann died 19 November 1805. 
1829 Marriage Heinrich Jenta Margaretha Salzmann 
2 February, Wetzikon film 008480741 page 518 
1829 - 25. Jan.
Parents: Heinrich Jenta von Ettenhausen, seßh(aft) im Maschwanden
Margaretha Salzmann von Maschwanden
Marriage: cop(uliert) 2. February beym St.Peter in Zürich.
Note: So this is the announcement - the marriage took place (or should have taken place) in St.Peter in Zürich: I don't find the corresponding entry however !? No entry in the parishes of the "old" city of Zürich (prior to the mergers of 1893 and 1934) either.
Title Page for Machwanden marriages re: Heinrich Jenta 
film 008125639 page 116 Note: The section before
this is confirmations.
1829 Marriage Heinrich Jenta, Margaretha Salzman 
25 Jan Maschwanden film 008125639 page 151 
This is a separate section in the marriage register for external marriages. Is there a "title page" to this section, possibly just some notes prior to the first entry? If yes, it would be nice to see a copy.
Now for the header:
Transcription: No / Hießige Bürgerinnen, die sich außwärts verheiratet haben / Getauft / Namen ihrer Bräutigame / Verkündet.
Translation: Number / female citizens from here who married externally / Baptised / Names of their grooms / Announced.
So these are clearly announcement dates - not marriage dates.
1829 / No. 70
Margaritha Salzmann, Heinrich Salzmanns des Schuhsters ehl(iche) Tochter (The Shoemakers' daughter)
den 30. Sept. 1804
Heinrich Jenta von Wetzikon
den 25. Januar
Margaritha's father was a shoemaker.
Notes: There is no mention when and where the marriage took place. First assumption will usually be: the groom's parish. Actually we also have an announcement in Wetzikon from 25 Jan, stating that the marriage took place in Zürich-St.Peter … but - see above - that doesn't seem to have happened. So we still have the question: where did the couple get married?
1808 Heinrich Jenta b 1808  Margaretha Salzmann film
008191940 page 354 Haushaltungsrodel Wetzikon

1808 Heinrich Jenta b 1808  Margaretha Salzmann film 
008191940 page 354 Haushaltungsrodel Wetzikon