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Jacob Jenta 1774-1775




When Jakob Jenta was born on 21 August 1774, in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, his father, Kaspar Jenta, was 33 and his mother, Anna Wolfensberger, was 29. Jacob was their fourth child.

Documents related to Jacob Jenta:

1774 Aug 21 Jacob Jenta baptism, Wetzikon 
Translation by Wolf:
Jacob, den 21. Aug. (1774)
Parents: Kaspar Jenta, Schulmeister zu Etenhausen / Anna Wolfensperger zu Etenhausen.
Godparents: Hans Jakob Nägeli, Pfarrer [pastor] / Jungfrau [unmarried woman] Herrliberger von Zürich.
In case you want to find out more about Jakob Nägeli: there is a "Zürcher Pfarrerbuch 1519-1952", covering all parishes in canton Zürich - but to my knowledge not viewable online.

1775 March 18 Jacob Jenta burial, Wetzikon, CH
Translation by Wolf:
Mart 18 (1775) Jakob
Schulmeister Kaspar Jenta zu Etenhausen ehelich geborenes Söhnlein
6m 25d / Husten und Convulsion
Jakob died from coughing and cramps / spasms (is convulsion also an English word?).

par Jenta Family from Jenta Family of Wetzikon by Julius Billeter page 1

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