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Barbara Jenta 1734-

When Barbara Jenta was born on 10 October 1734, in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Conrad Jenta, was 36 and her mother, Elisabeth Landis, was 33. 

Documents related to Barbara Jenta:

1734 Barbara Jenta baptized 10 October 1734 Aeugst Zürich
Translation by Wolf: 
Child: Sonntag Octobris 10ter (1734): Barbara
Parents: Meister Conrad Jander, Gerber / Lisabeth Landis
Sponsors: Heinrich XXXXX; Gerber von Horgen / Barbara (Landis), Meister Caspar Landis des (Wachtmeisters?) eheliche Tochter
Notes: Due to the smudge mark some parts cannot be deciphered (have tried with image filtering - no success).
Heinrich: Surname of Heinrich XXXXX could be Schäppi: definitely starts with an S and likely ends with an i; I have checked EDB for Heinrichs getting married in Horgen between 1700 and 1750 - there are 18 Heinrich Schäppi - so this is my best guess.
Note: Barbara (Landis) is obvious: she's Caspar Landis' daughter. On https://suche.staatsarchiv.djiktzh.ch/detail.aspx?ID=4387618 we find 25.02.1738 Urner, Heinrich, Sihlbrugg, getraut mit Landis, Barbara, Wengi
Kaspar: Wachtmeister Kaspar Landisen, des Gerbers, Tochter, "getaufft worden den 15. Tag AugstMonat 1715"
Note: This is the only marriage of a Barbara, daughter of a Caspar Landis, within a decade from 1734 (at which time she had not yet been married) - so most likely this is her - and her father is some sort of sergeant / leader of a guard department. Wengi will most likely be Wängi/Wängibad, a hamlet near Aeugst am Albis.
Clarification by Wolf:
Landis Barbara, Wachtmeister Kaspar Landisen, des Gerbers, Tochter ... then rearrange the words (to give DeepL a chance - these entries don't always follow the syntax translators have been trained with): Barbara Landis, Tochter des Gerbers Wachtmeister Kaspar Landis … will get you:
Note: Barbara Landis, daughter of the tanner Constable Kaspar Landis. So Barbara's father was (as professional) a tanner and (title for his administrative or military position) a"Wachtmeister".Barabara Jenta/Jander's father was the tanner Conrad Jander. Her godmother was Barbara Landis - which we assume to be Elisabeth Landis' sister. Her father Caspar Landis was both, a tanner and Wachtmeister. So - assuming they were siblings - Caspar Landis was Barbara Jenta's maternal grandfather.