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Wetzikon FamilySearch records

Wetzikon FamilySearch record outline

Wetzikon records page 556


Wetzikon records page 637

The first set (pages 340-341) will be deaths of Wetzikon citizens - irrespective of whether they did within the parish or somewhere external. The second set (pages 488-489) concerns non-citizens who died within the parish of Wetzikon (note the "Fremde Gestorbene").

It is found quite commonly that there was such a separation in the records. Attached is a list from the Register of Swiss Surnames:
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These are names you'd have to expect in the first set - plus a few more (like Jenta) who had become extinct in Wetzikon prior to 1962. Where a surname is listed more than once, these will be different lines, gaining citizenship later than the "original" citizens.

When indexing, keep that in mind to see if entries fit with my explanation (there will always be some exceptions, of course).