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Anna Maria Jenta 1776-1777

Anna Maria Jenta 1776-1777 was born to Kaspar Jenta and Anna Wolfensberger. She was the fourth of seven children.  When Anna Maria Jenta was born on 21 July 1776, in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Kaspar Jenta, was 35 and her mother, Anna Wolfensberger, was 31. She died on 1 October 1777, at the age of 1, and was buried in Wetzikon, Zürich, Switzerland.

Life expectancy
Average life expectancy at birth for English people in the late 16th and early 17th centuries was just under 40 – 39.7 years. However, this low figure was mostly due to the high rate of infant and child mortality; over 12% of all children born would die in their first year. With the hazards of infancy behind them, the death rate for children slowed but continued to occur. A cumulative total of 36% of children died before the age of six, and another 24% between the ages of seven and sixteen. In all, of 100 live births, 60 would die before the age of 16. A man or woman who reached the age of 30 could expect to live to 59. [Thomson Gale, 'Infant Mortality' (1998)]

Food shortages and insecurity were leading concerns in the 18th century, especially in Europe, and these were exacerbated by reduced harvests yields. Disease was another leading cause of death, with rats and fleas being the common carriers of disease, specifically plagues, during this era. (Wikipedia)

Common diseases were dysentery, malaria, diphtheria, flu, typhoid, smallpox and leprosy. (Wikipedia)
Documents related to Anna Maria Jenta 1776-1777:

1776 July 21 Anna Maria Jenta baptism, Wetzikon
Translation Wolf:
21. Jul. (1776) Anna Maria
Parents: Schulmeister Kaspar Jenta von Etenhausen / Anna Wolfensperger von Etenhausen
Godparents: Herr G(e)richtsherr [court member] Johann Schmied zu Kempten / Frau Anna Maria Meis, Herrn Hauptmann [captain] und G(e)richtsherr Salomon Hirzels zu Kempten Frau liebste.
"Frau liebste", better "liebste Frau" = beloved wife.
1777 Oct 2 Anna Maria Jenta burial, Wetzikon
Translation by Wolf:
Oct 2 (1777) Anna Maria
Schulmeisters Kaspar Jenta zu Etenhausen ehelich geborenes Töchterlein
1a 2m 11d Pocken (smallpox)
Anna Maria was Kaspar Jenta's legitimate little daughter and died from smallpox.

English: Anna Maria was Kaspar Jenta's legitimate and beloved little daughter and died from smallpox.
Note: Smallpox is a serious and often deadly viral infection. It's contagious — meaning it spreads from person to person — and can cause permanent scarring. Sometimes, it causes disfigurement. Smallpox has affected humans for thousands of years but was wiped out worldwide by 1980 thanks to smallpox vaccines. Smallpox was a terrible disease. On average, 3 out of every 10 people who got it died. People who survived usually had scars, which were sometimes severe.

Jenta Family from Jenta Family of Wetzikon by Julius Billeter page 1