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Anna Wolfensberger 1744 - 1803

Edelweiss, national flower of CH
The following is a work in progress.  Some of the dates and names don't match up.

FS has Anna Wolfensberger born 29 Nov1744 von Wetzikon ZH. Her parents are Joos Wolfensperger von Etenhusen und Cathrin Wild, seine Hausfrau. 

Kaspar Jenta, a school master, married Anna Wolfensberger 13 June 1769 in Wetzikon, Zurich, Switzerland.
 This record has been indexed incorrectly. 

Anna's children are:

1. Anna Elisabeth Jenta 8 Oct 1769- 1 Oct 1830 (out of wedlock) married 1 Oct 1796 Kaspar 'Bietenholz  
2. Rudolf Jenta 1771-1822 married Elizabeth Frey 7 Oct 1792 and died 5 Nov 1822
3. Johannes Jenta 1773-8 Sep 1828 married Anna Hess 1773-1835
4. Jakob Jenta 21 Aug 1774
5. Anna Maria Jenta 1776 dec
6. Hartmann Jenta 1778- 14 May 1819 married Verena Anliker 18 Mar 1799
7. Regula Jenta 1781- 1 May 1811 died in infancy

Documents related to Anna Wolfensberger: 

Anna's birth


1744 Anna Wolfensberger baptism

Translation from 

Anna 22 Nov [1744]

Parents: Hanß Heinrich Wolfensperger von Etenhusen und Margeht [should be Margreth] Schmid, seine Hausfrau.

Sponsors: Jacob Wolfensperger im Ämetschloo und Anna Mejer des Müllers [Hanß Jacob Gujer ??] Frau zu Kempten.

Anna 29 Nov [1744] Parents of Anna Wolfensberger

Parents: Joos Wolfensperger von Etenhusen und Cathrin Wild, seine Hausfrau.

Sponsors: Meister Hanß Jacob Gujer, Müller zu Kempten, und Anna Wolfensperger im Ämetschloo

In that situation more information is needed to be sure about their relations (e.g. their husbands) - the parents may be listed in the marriage records.

Just a word of caution: in your online tree you seem to be relying partly on Billeter's work. He is known to be very accurate on copying data - but often being a bit sloppy about filiations. Conclusion: all his data should be confirmed by checking the original records.

In volume 65, there are over 135 references to the name in the Wolfensberger section, for those living in the Bauma area of Zurich canton.

Where The Record Is Found (Citation)

Deutsches Geschlechterbuch Band/Vol 65, aka Deutsch-Schweizeriches Geschlechterbuch, Vol 4, 1929, C.A. Starke Verlag [Publisher] , Limburg, Germany, all volumes available via CDs from see also: in English: see also

Describe The Record (Notes)
Swiss Citizen families [those who paid taxes] lineage books, researched in the early 1920s by Wolfensberger family genealogist, and submitted to C. A. Starke publisher for printing. Parish records were carefully researched and documented by this professional genealogist, Paul Wolfensberger, who was commissioned by the Wolfensberger family of Bauma, Zurich, Switzerland to produce this work. The text was printed in German Gothic type and has been translated into English by Myrna B. Liddell, historian of the Wolfensberger Family Association, by permission of publisher.
13 Jan 1769 Kaspar Jenta marriage, Wetzikon

1803 Jan 21 Anna Wolfensberger burial, Wetzikon, CH

Anna wolfensberger died of hectic. Hectic relating to, affected by, or denoting a regularly recurrent fever typically accompanying tuberculosis, with flushed cheeks and hot, dry skin.

She lived 58 years 1 month 23 days according to the document above.