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Hans Reinhard Metzger 1627-1712

Hanß Reinhard Mezger was born in 1627 in Graben to Michel Metzger and Margaretha Seyler. He married Anna Dorothea Jacob?(not sure of last name) about 1652. They had 5 children. Reinhard died at 86 years old on 18 July 1712 and Anna Dorothea died in 1730. Jacob ID: L4S6-HVS.
Hanß is spelled with the following single letter from the German alphabet: "ß" (called an Eszett) making the name: Hanss The Eszett represents a double s.

Peter Scholl a joiner by trade was very tight with Hanß Reinhard Metzger as noted: 

1. Peter Scholl We don't have Peter's birth or marriage records. The sponsors of Peter's children are very similar and I believe prove they are all Peter and Anna Margaretha's biological children: 

Hans Peter Scholl bap on the 12 of September 1652, parents Hanß Petter Scholl and Margretha
Hanß Reinhard Metzger,  
Anna Margaretha b 3 Nov 1654 - 14 April 1661  
Hanß Reinhardt Heule and his wife Anna Maria
Hanß Reinhardt Metzger
Hanß  Peter Koller and wife Margaretha Heylig (document below)
Anna Margaretha b 1655 - , Parent Peter Scholl, no birth record found, unverified
Anna Dorothea Scholl 10 August 1657-24 April 1661, Parent Peter Scholl, mother Anna Margaretha 
Hanß Reinhard Metzger
Anna Barbara Scholl September 1659-10 Oct 1859, Parent Peter Scholl
Hanß Reinhard Metzger, or Mezger
Hans Mattias Scholl 1660- 16 Apr 1667, death at 7 yrs old, Parent Peter Scholl
Anna Maria Scholl 24 Oct 1660, Parent Peter Scholl, Margaretha, Hanß Reinhard Mezger

Documents related to Hans Reinhard Metzger.

Anna Barbara Metzger b 19 Nov 1654 film 102078348 page 145
Translation by Robert Seal:
[Baptized] on the 19th of November [1654], Anna Barbara, Hanß Reinhardt Metzger's little daughter. 
Baptsimal sponsors: Hanß Peter Scholl, local joiner, and his wife, with Matthß Stoffel Zimmerman? and his bride Anna Barbara.
Left margin: + [died]. 
Reinhard Metzger spon to birth of Hans Reinhard Becker bap 2 Jun 1677 film 102078348 page 162
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 2nd of June [1677] a young little son of Hanß Caspar Becker, citizen and baker, and of the council here, from his wife Jacoba was born here, who hereafter on the 3rd of the same month, the feast of Pentecost, was baptized and was named Hanß Reinhard. 
Baptismal sponsors were: (1) Hanß Reinhard Metzger, citizen and of the council here, and Anna Dorothea, his wife. (2) Mr. Martin Mos, the customs/tax official, and Anna, his wife.
Comment: I consulted a church calendar and Pentecost did fall on 3 June in the year 1677.
Note: The little boy was named after Hanß Reinhard Metzger, sponsor.
Johann Jacob Scholl b 9 Apr 1701 widowed film 004137289 page 244
Translation by Robert Seal:
Saturday, the 9th of April [1701], a liitle boy was born and on the 10th [of April 1701] was baptized.
Parents: Martin Scholl and Margaretha, his wife.
Name [of the child]: Jacob.
Baptismal sponsors: Jacob Metzger and his wife. Hanß Georg Werner, the miller here, and his wife.
Notes: Jacob Metzger is the fifth child of Hans Reinhard Metzger. Hans Reinhard married Anna Dorothea about 1652. Jacob married Eva Catharina Zimmermann about 1685 and they had four children. Jacob was born 9 November 1663 and died 23 Sep 1729 in Graben. 
Reinhard Metzger death 18 July 1712 film 102078298 page 408
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 18th of July [1712], Reinhard Metzger, an old citizen, died at the age of 86 years, and the following day according to Christian custom was buried to the earth.

Wendel Scholl 1766 spon left film 102078348 page 452
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 29th of October [1766], in the morning after 3:00 am was born and on the 30th [of October 1766] was baptized: Johann Simon Cammerer.
Parents: Jacob Cammerer, the local citizen, and his wife Maria Margaretha, née Grünenmaierin.
Baptismal sponsors: Johannes Mezger, the local citizen, [and] his wife Maria Margaretha, née Zimmermännin. Wendel Scholl, the local unmarried citizen's son. Elisabetha Grünenmaierin, unmarried citizen's daughter here.
Right margin: + [died]. 
Note: Maria Margaretha Zimmermann was born 13 Dec 1736 to Johann Martin Zimmermann b 1710 and Maria Sidonia Bickel b 1712. She was the second child of 7. Maria married Johannes Metzger 9 Jan 1759 and they had 7 Metzger children.
Note: Maria Margaretha Zimmermann is the ggranddaughter to Reinhard Metzger
*Friederich Scholl spon 1 20 May 1799 left Mezger film 102078348 page 697
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 20th of May [1799] midday at 12:00 noon [born] and on the 22nd [of May 1799] baptized: Christine [Mezger].
Father: young Michel Mezger, citizen.
Mother: Jacobina, née Süßin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Friederich Scholl, the citizen. (2) His wife Johanna, née Süßin. (3) Friederich Weeber, citizen and master weaver. (4) Christine, née Süßin.
Right column: died 6 September 1861.
Note: Georg Michael Metzger was born 3 Oct 1767 to Balthasar Jr. Metzger b 2730 and Christina Suess b 1738. He is the ggrandson of Reinhard Metzger and Anna Dorothea.
Johann Georg Bleier marriage 18 Jan 1821 age 26 film 102078348 page 1082
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 1. On the 18th of January [1821], midday at 11:00 am were married and blessed in matrimony the prospective/budding citizen and master weaver Johann Georg Bleier, legitimately conceived son of the deceased local citizen and master baker Christoph Bleier with Margaretha Barbara, née Stutz, age 26 and 1/4 years, and with him Christina Metzgerin, legitimately-conceived daughter of the deceased local citizen Michael Metzger with Jakobina, née Süßin, age 22 years.
Witnesses are: Jakob Heinrich Grünenmeyer and Johann Martin Süß, local citizens.
Graben, on the 18th of January 1821. T. G. Beck, pastor.