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Margret Rausch -1701


Margretha Rausch was born 10 October 1647 to Adam Rausch and Magdalena Schmidt. She married about 1663 to Lorenz Heylmeyer who lived from 1644 to 1694. They had five children

What happened to their children?
Anna Barbara Heilmeier 1664-1680
Anna Margret Helimeier 1668 dec

Anna Catrin Heilmeier 1671 dec
Anna Margretha Hailmayer 1674 Dec
Anna Catharina Heylmeyuer1682-1732 married Johann Philipp  Roesch 1689-17561647 and had ten children 

Documents related to Margret Rausch:

Nicholas Fisher shepherd m Elisabeth Rausch film 102078348 page 293

Translation by Robert Seal:
Number 20. Tuesday, on the 9th of November [1723] were legitimately married together Johann Nicolaus Fischer, an unmarried shepherd, surviving legitimately-conceived son of the late Hanß Martin Fischer, former lordly shepherd in "Linckhenheimb" [Linkenheim], and with him Maria Elisabetha Rauschin, surviving legitimately-conceived daughter of the late Jacob Rausch, former citizen here. They had a wedding sermon, celebratory pomp, and string music.
Margret Rausch death 29 May 1701 film 004137289 page 401

Transcription by Ulrich Neitzel:
Sontags d 29 May früh unter währendem Gottesdienst starb Anna Margaretha, Lorentz Heylenmajers Wittib an _ Wassersucht u. ward dienstags nachmittag d.m. begraben. aetat: 73 Jahr ohngefehr.
Early on Sunday, 29 May [1701] during the service died Anna Margaretha, widow of Lorentz Heylenmajer, because of dropsy and was buried Tuesday afternoon. Age: about 73 years.
Lorenz Heimeyer death 6 Mar 1694 film 004137289 page 273
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 6th of March [1694], Lorentz Heÿlenmaÿer gently and blessedly died in his Savior Jesus Christ, citizen and juryman here, and on the following day thereafter was buried to the earth according to Christian custom, after he [the same] had lived 50 years, 4 weeks, and 3 days.