Thursday, December 23, 2021

Marklin Train Layout - Photos and Videos

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This layout runs 5 trains automatically with computer control using a Marklin CS2 controller, signals and contact tracks. When one train rolls over a contact track it releases another train to go so they don't run into each other.  (Because they are on the same track) The signals tell the CS2 to let the engine either stop or go. Locomotives

Full view of the layout.

Trains running automatically.

A wedding at the local church in Gardinerville.

Dining at the Triangle Cafe.

A working merry-go-round and fast food while passengers wait for their train. 

Mountaintop community,

SK800 with sound and added wheel lights.

Display nook: a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security.

Marklin CS2 controller and Main Station App on iPad

A sea of wires and digital components

The signal tells the engine to stop.

Construction of Marklin Train Layout:

Rigid pink foam from Home Depot

Adding clouds

Backdrop painting took a few weeks and useful YouTube videos helped.

Everything works.

Stop Motion Video of Layout:

Story: This video follows the adventures of two HO figures as they meet, date and travel on Marklin trains.
Marklin locomotives: in order of appearance:
1. Norwegian 3143,
2. Rhein Cargo, cl 285, 36652
2. Belgium, 37672
3. Br 081, 36321, with smoke added,
4. Br 44, 3047 with smoke
5. Diesel Powered Rail Car set 37605 11.5, with engine at each end.
Crane 7051:  with chrome DC 12V holding electro-magnet lifting solenoid from China with amazing lifting power.
Stop motion figure placement: Quake Hold Museum wax. Phone held in place with air vent cell phone holder and triggered with remote control shutter.
Lighting: Marklin 7046 tower masts, 7047 station lamps, and warm white LED strips for buildings and dimmable frontal lighting.
Music by Xcyril: Sade et Mourir Instrumentale, used with permission of artist.

2010 video:

2009 video:

2012 Marklin Train from Kent Gardiner on Vimeo.

Setting up a modular layout: