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Find German Records on FamilySearch and Have them Translated


 Which letters are difficult to read?


Can you read some words in this birth record? 

xxxxxx b 22 April 1798 to  film 102078348 page 691

Look at how much information is contained in this birth record!

Christina Scholl b 22 April 1798 father: Wendel Scholl and Maria  film 102078348 image 691
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 22nd of April [1798], in the evening at 6:00 pm born and on the 24th of the same month baptized
Father: Wendel Scholl, the local citizen.
Mother: Maria Catharina, née Nüchterin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Johann Georg Kammerer, the local citizen and master smith, and (2) his wife Catharina, née Süßin.
In the right column: Married 19 April 1827. Died 1 October 1843.

Pastor: J. J. Ritter entered Christina's birth information.
Notes: Johann Georg2 Cammerer was born to Georg1 Adam Cammerer 28 May 1741. George2 was a master smith or a blacksmith that worked with horses. He married Catharina Barbara Suess 27 Nov 1763 when he was 22 years old and she was 18. They had seven children. George2's wife Catharina Barbara Suess died 20 Feb 1811. and Georg died three years later on 13 Feb 1814 at the age of 72.  
Notes on Georg2's parents: Georg1 died 18 Feb 1752 at age 38. His wife Eva Margaretha Schmidt died about 18 years later on 1 Jan 1770. FS IDs: Georg2's FH ID is L44F-YG5. Catharina Barbara's FH ID is K4YG-PQD.

Can you read this marriage record?

xxxxxxx marriage to xxxxxxxx ? 1797 film 102078348 page 752

Look at how much information is included in this marriage record.

 Carl Ludwig Raicher marr Margaretha Lind 25 Apr 1797 film 102078348 page 752
Translation by Robert Seal:
[Married] on the 25th of April [1797]: Carl Ludwig Raicher, surgeon here, legitimately-conceived unmarried son of Mr. Friderich Wilhelm Raicher, the local surgeon, bath house operator, and citizen, with Magdalena, née Mezgerin, and Margaretha Lindin, surviving legitimately-conceived unmarried daughter of the late Jacob Lind, former citizen here, with Margaretha, née Schollin.
Lower left corner: Quarterly report.
Notes: Carl Ludwig Raich
er (K8Z3-P69)was born on 16 May 1775 to Friderich Wilhelm Raicher (1734-1804) and Magdalena Metzger (1738-1818).  Carl Ludwig married Margaretha Lind 25 April 1797. They had 10 children from 1797 until 1814. Carl Ludwig died 6 months 9 days after the birth of his last Child Jakobine Raicher.
Notes: Margaretha's parents are Jakob Lind b 1744 and Jakobina Margaretha Scholl b 1752 (KZZL-374).  Jakobina Margaretha Scholl's parents are Johann Matthias Scholl b 1718 and Maria Magdalena Zimmermann b 1720.

Can you read some words in these two death records?

xxxxxxx 1886 Liedolsheim film 12078356 page 60 copy

Look at how much information is in this death record.
Christina Krauss Hager 59 yr death 13 Jan 1886 Liedolsheim film 1-2078356 page 60 copy
Translation by Robert Seal:
Record no. 5 for Johannes Hager
Number: 5.
Died: 12 January [1886], at night at 10:00 pm.
14 January [1886], in the afternoon at 2:00 pm.
Name of deceased: Johannes Hager, farmer here, husband of Christina, née Kraus[s]; legitimate son of the deceased shoemaker Christoph Hager and the deceased Katharina, née Roth.
Age: 69 years, 7 months, 17 days.
Remarks: buried together [with the embracing bracket indicating decedent 5 and decedent 6 were buried together].
Record no 6 for Christina (Krauss) Hager
Number: 6.
Died: 13 January [1886], in the morning at 3:00 am.
Buried: 14 January [1886], in the afternoon at 2:00 pm.
Name of deceased: Christina Hager, wife of the deceased Johannes Hager, farmer here; legitimate daughter of the deceased Philipp Kraus[s], police officer in Graben, and the deceased Margaretha, née Scholl.
Age: 59 years, 2 months, 26 days.
Remarks: [same as above].
Note: Husband Johannes Hager (record no. 5) and wife Christina (Krauss) Hager (record no. 6) died within five hours of each other on 12/13 January 1886.

How can you find German parish records so they can be translated?

Demo: Let's find a record and have it translated!

FS says Hans Matthias Scholl died 23 April 1682

How can you get your document translated?

1. Find and download your German document from FamilySearch.

2. Label the file with the name of the person, date of birth or marriage or death, the film number and the page number.

3. Using Photoshop Elements or Images (Mac) or IrfanView (PC) crop your document in half with the page of interest showing.

4. Using Photoshop Elements or Images (Mac) or IrfanView (PC) mark your entry with a square or circle or line so the translator can find your entry with ease.

5. Go to FamilySearch and click on question mark upper right.

6. At the bottom of the screen click on Community.

7. Sign up for German Genealogy Research if you haven't already.

8. In German Genealogy Research, look for a blue box, on the right that says New Discussion, and use the drop down to Ask a Question.  (Don't use New Discussion or New Event)

5. In the upper box type in the Label of your file.

(If new to the Community you might say new to Community to get translators' attention.)

6. In the large lower box type in "Translation request:"

7. At the bottom of the box find a square that looks like two hills. Click on the square to upload a full size copy of your document. The translators sometimes use other text on the page to figure out how the pastor wrote certain letters.

8. Hit Ask Question at the bottom of window.

9. After you get a translation use the box below to type in a response to the translator. Thank him or her for their work and ask any questions that come to mind. To make sure they see this copy their highlighted name from their response and paste it into your response box. That will alert them that they "have mail."

10. Accept the answer and like the post!!!!! Translators get points and recognition for their work. However the real reasons they translate for you are three fold: They like learning about Germany, they like serving others and it is fun for them.

11. This is what the page looks like before you hit Ask Question:

12. Click on your name upper right and then in the drop down click on Edit Profile.

13. A window will open. Click on Notification Preferences. This is where you can tell FamilySearch how you want to be notified when someone completes your translation.


What are the tools needed to work with German parish records?
4. Book: German English Genealogical Dictionary by Ernest Thode

Good Videos on this topic: