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Johann Peter Kemm 1698-1772

Johann Peter Kemm,1698-1772, was born to Johann Adam Kemm 1641-1704 and Anna Jacobea Scholl 1667-1729. Johann Peter married Anna Margareta Munck (1705-1748) KF5T-G11 Anna Margaretha had fourteen children from 1722 to 1748. All children were born in Graben. Three of the children lived to adulthood. Peter Kemm was a cartwright.

 Documents related to Johann Peter Kemm:

Peter Kemm birth 1698 film 102078348 page 178

Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: on the 27th of July [1698] born and on the 29th [of July 1698] baptized.
Child: Johann Peter.
Parents: Hannß Adam Kemm, wife Anna Jacobea.
Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Peter . . . (probably Peter Keller)

Peter Kemm marriage  13 May 1721  wife Anna Margaretha Munkher film 102078298 page 384
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 5.
Tuesday, the 13th of May [1721] were blessed in marriage Peter Kemm, the unmarried cartwright, surviving legitimate son of the late Hanß Adam Kemm, former citizen, butcher, and civic council member here, and with him Anna Margareta, legitimate unmarried daughter of Wendel Munkh, local citizen. [They] had a wedding sermon, celebration, and string music.

Johann Peter Kemm death 20 Oct 1772 age 74 Wagnermeister  film 102078348 page 766
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 20th of October [1772], midday at 11:00 am [died] and on the 22nd of the same month was buried Johann Peter Kemm, citizen, master cartwright, and widower here, age 74 years, 2 months, 24 days.
Comment: This is the son of Jacobea Scholl Kemm,