Friday, December 31, 2021







The property behind us was zoned Commerial 12 years ago and cannot be changed. The same development company is developing a lot at Pony Express and Ranches Pkw.

There will be three meetings:

A. A presentation of the plan

This meeting will consist of a presentation by the developer, then Eagle Mountain Staff reaction and the planning commission may or may not talk but they will listen. Then we can speak as a group or 3 minutes each.

Here are some things we can talk about

1. We like the idea of trees in addition to the 6 foot cement block wall required by the city. We think there should be a combination of deciduous and evergreen trees. Perhaps Ash, Maple and Pine

2. With the carwash, the Montessori  School, a restaurant and a small strip mall plus 11 apartments, the traffic impact at Ranches and Stonebridge will be considerable. A traffic light needs to be installed.

3. We want the restaurant to be placed more eastward to lessen the impact of light/noise on the neighborhood. We also prefer a 20 foot buffer from the property line rather than 9 feet,.

4. What lighting considerations have been made to lessen the impact on the surrounding homes?  We request low impact yellow lighting facing downward rather into our bedrooms. 

5. What considerations have been made to lessen the decibel impact on the neighbors. We haven't seen the plan for outdoor eating however we don't want outdoor bands or piped music please.

6. The two story apartments will block our view.

B.A conditional use permit meeting will decide the compatability of the plan on the nighbrohood.

C. A site plan review meeting