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Wilhelm Krauss 1782-1862

Wilhelm Krauss (MQB2-LH1) was born 13 Sep 1782. He married Eva Katharina Nagel 17 Feb 1818 in Graben. Katharina was born 27 May 1793 and died 20 Dec 1862 at 69 years. Wilhelm died 17 Jun 1838.  Eva was by herself for 24 years after Wilhelm's death. Wilhelm was a farmer according to Eva's death record.


Documents related to Wilhelm Krauss:

Wilhelm Krauss birth 13 Sep 1782 i Graben film 102078348 page 612
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 13th of September [1782], midday at 11:00 am born and on the 15th of the same month baptized: Wilhelm [Krauß].
Father: Georg Adam Krauß, the local citizen.
Mother: Catharina Elisabetha, née Gaiblin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) young Christoph Kemm, the local citizen. (2) Catharina, née Wenzin, surviving widow of the late Peter Lindt, former citizen here.
Right column: died 17 June 1838.
Note: Krauß is translated as Krauss. Krauß is spelled with the following single letter from the German alphabet: "ß" (called an Eszett) making the name: Krauss. The Eszett represents a double s

Katharina Nagel  birth 27 May 1793film 102078348 page 750
Transcription Ulrich Neitzel:
d 27ten Maii morg. um 8 Uhr gebohren und d 28ten ejusd. getaufft
Eva Elisabetha Katharina. Vatter. Peter Nagel der allhiesige Bürger Mutter: Anna Maria , geb. Biklin. Taufzeugen 1) H. Joh. Christoph Holz, der allhiesige Hirschwirth, Mezgermeister und Landposthalter, und 2) dessen Ehefrau Elisabetha, geb. Kemmin 3) Andreas Süß, der allhiesige Bürger, und 4) dessen Ehefrau Eva Elisabetha, geb. Kammerin.
born 27 May [1793] 8 a.m. and baptized 28 May
Eva Elisabetha Katharina
Father: Peter Nagel, citizen here. 
Mother: Anna Maria née Bikl[in]. 
Baptismal witnesses: 1) Mr. Johann Christoph Holz, innkeeper at the sign of the stag, master butcher and postmaster and 2) his wife Elisabetha née Kemm[in], 3) Andreas Süss, local citizen, and 4) his wife Elisabetha née Kammer[in]
Wilhelm Krauss marr 17 Feb 1818 in Graben film 102978348 page 1075
Transcription by Ulrich Neitzel:
No. 8 Krauß und Nagelin
den zehnten Februar, Mittags 11 Uhr wurde dahier getraut und ehelich eingesegnet der angehende hiesige Bürger Wilhelm Krauß, ehelicher Sohn des verstorbenen hiesigen Bürgers Georg Adam Krauß und seiner verstorbenen Ehefrau Katharina Elisabetha geborene Gaibel - alt 35 1/2 Jahr, und mit ihm Eva Katharina Nagelin, alt 24 3/4 Jahr, des verstorbenen hiesigen Bürgers Peter Nagels und seiner Ehefrau Anna Maria geborene Bickel? eheliche ledige Tochter. Zeugen sind: Bernhard Nagel und __? Heinrich Krauß - hiesige Bürger.
Graben den 10ten Februar 1818 T.G. Beck Pfr.
No. 8 Krauss and Nagel
On 10 February [1818], 11 a.m. were married here and blessed into marriage: the prospective local citizen Wilhelm Krauss, legitimate son of the deceased local citizen Georg Adam Krauss and his deceased wife Katharina Elisabetha née Gaibel - age 35 1/2 years, and with him Eva Katharina Nagel, age 24 3/4 years, legitimate unmarried daughter of the deceased local citizen Peter Nagel and his wife Anna Maria née Bickel.
Witnesses were: Bernhard Nagel and __? Heinrich Krauß - local citizens.
Graben, 10 February 1818 T.G. Beck, Pastor
Philipp Scholl birth 1825 film 102078348 page 983
Translation by Marion Wolfert
Born on the 12 February 1825 at noon and christened at one in the afternoon on the 15 Feb 1825 was Philipp. He was the illegitimate son of Christina SCHOLL(in), who was the legitimate daughter of the deceased Wendel SCHOLL and wife Katharina nee NUCHTER, (in).
Witnesses are:
1. The citizen Wilhelm KRAUSS,
2. His wife Katharina nee Nagel,

3. The citizen Philipp KRAUSS,
4. His wife Margaretha nee SCHOLL
Translation of birth document:
Illegitimate (on left), The 12 Feb at night towards 12 o'clock was born and the 15th of Feb baptized at 1:00 o'clock, Philip the mother of this child is Christina Scholl, legitimate daughter of the deceased Wendel Scholl and his wife Catharina geboren Neutcher.
Witnesses: Willhelm Krauss, and his wife Katharina geboren (maiden name) Natcher, Philipp Krauss a Bürger (citizen) and his wife Margaretha geboren (maiden name) Scholl. (signed) Herhöfer Pfr.
Notes: Pfarrer or Pastor - höfer means a farmer from a specific farm (Hof), such names are often used in Austria.
Notes: Margaretha is Christina's next older sister b 1784. She married Philip Krauss) Graben 15 Feb 1825. Pastor ? (Note while Phillip's grandfather Wendel Scholl died 8 years before in 1817. Catharina is very much alive. She will enjoy seeing baby Philipp for exactly 9 months and on the 12the of November 1828 see passes. Catharina lived 68 years 7 months 26 days.)
  Wilhelm Krauss death 17 Jun 1838 in graben film 102550955 page 791 
Translation by Robert Seal:
In the year of Christ 1838, on the 17th of June at night at 11:00 pm died here, and on the 20th of the same month in the morning at 7:00 am was buried: the local citizen Wilhelm Krauß, a married man, 55 years, 9 months, 4 days old.
His parents were: the late Georg Adam Krauß, local citizen, and his wife Katharina Elisabethe, née Gaiblin.
Witnesses were: Philipp Krauß and Christoph Würtele, local citizens.
Graben, on the 20th of June 1838. T.? Pastor Käß.
Right column: Krauß, Wilhelm. Married man. 

Eva Katharina Nagel age 21 death 20 Dec 1862. film 102550540 page 684
Translation by Robert Seal
No. 50. In the year 1862, on the 20th of December in the evening at 7:00 pm died here and on the 23rd of December [1862] in the morning at 9:00 am was buried by the undersigned pastor: Eva Katharina Krauß, née Nagel, widow of Wilhelm Krauß, the late citizen and farmer here, 69 years, 6 months, and 23 days old.
Her parents were: Peter Nagel, the late citizen and farmer here, and the late Anna Maria, née Bickel.
Witnesses: Christian Nagel and Immannuel Nagel, both citizens and farmers here.
Graben, on the 23rd of December 1862. Zimmern.
Right column: 50. 20 December. Krauß, née Nagel, Eva Katharina. Widow. 69 and 1/2 years.