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Christoph Schumacher 1675-1750

Christoph Schumacher, the butcher, was the sponsor of 4/5 of George Scholl's children. Christoph was born 22 October 1675 in Graben to Christoph Schumacher (1642-1691) and Margaretha Straub (1650-1710). Both of Christoph's parents were baptismal sponsors to two of Georg Scholl's siblings. Christoph married Anna Maria Barbara Horchheimer on the 13 Sep 1704. in Graben.
Maria Barbara Horckheimer is the legitimate daughter of the deceased saddle maker from Mühlacker.  At that time Mühlacker was a small village about 30 miles SE of Graben. The Schumachers are the parents of 6/7 children. FS has the births in Spöck due to a major indexing error however they were all born in Graben. George Scholl 1678 must have been good friends with the Schumachers because they were willing to raise his children if something un-forseen happened to himself or his wife. George died in 1728 and Christoph died 22 years later on the 6th of May 1750. and was buried the following day, with bells, songs and a sermon. His age was 75 years, 6 months, 14 days. That is a nice long life for the time. Christoph must have been in good physical shape dealing with all that meat. Christoph knew Johann Georg Scholl 1678 - 1728 well as noted in who George's baptismal sponsors were:
Who did Christoph Schumacher sponsor in Graben?
Anna Elisabeth Scholl  Baptismal sponsors: Johann Christoff Schuhemacher, the butcher, and his wife. Peter Merkle, the weaver, and his wife. Cum notis means with remarks
Christoph Scholl Baptismal sponsors: Christoph Schuhmacher, butcher, with wife Anna Maria Barbara; Peter Mercklen, weaver, a ____? non-citizen resident, with wife Elisabetha. Cum uxor means with his wife which is Latin
Johann Georg Scholl Baptismal sponsors: Christoph Schuhmacher, the butcher, and Elisabetha, his wife. Peter Merkle, the weaver here, and his wife. (See end of post for more on Peter's FH ID: 9KN9-PT1)
Andreas Scholl Baptismal sponsors: Christoph Schumacher the butcher, with (Anna Maria) Barbara, Nicholas Fisher a Schaefer connect or shepherd, Elizabeth Rausch legitimate daughter of Jacob Rausch (Christoph Schumacher's FS ID is K4P9-FNQ) (see end of post for more on Christoph Schumacher)
Documents related to Christoph Schumacher: 

Christoph Schuhmacher birth 22 Oct 1675 Graben film 102078348 page 161 

Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 22nd October 1675 was born into this world during the night at 12 o’clock and was baptized in Durlach on the 23rd October 1675,
Johann Christoph Schumacher.
His parents are Christoph Schumacher and his wife Margretha.
Witnesses are
1. Hans Jacob Süss a “Schultheiss” (mayor or policeman)
2. Reinhard Hünelein and his wife.
Remark: died at Durlach

Johann Christoph Zeisloft birth 17 Apr 1686 film 102078298 page 233
Translation by Robert Seal:
no. 61.
Date: on the 17th of April [1686] in the morning between 5:00 am and 6:00 am born and baptized on the 18th of the same month at the hour of 9:00 am after the sermon.
Child: Johann Christoff.
Parents: Mr. Hanß Matthias Zeisloff, lawyer, wife Eva Margretha, née Camererin.
Baptismal sponsors: Christoff Schuhmacher and wife. Nicolaus Fuchs, the joiner, and wife, née Beckerin.
Comment: The second baptismal sponsor Nicolaus Fuchs' wife's first name is not recorded in the record.

Maria Christina Zeissloft birth 23 May 1688 film 102078298 page 236
Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: On the 23rd of May [1688] in the ______? between 7 and 8 o'clock born and baptized on the 24th of the same month at the hour of 12:00 noon.
Child: Maria Christina.
Parents: Mr.? Hanß Matthies Zeißloff, lawyer, wife Margaretha, née Camererin.
Baptismal sponsors: Peter Keller and wife. Niclaus Fuchs and wife. Maiden Anna Maria, daughter of Mr.? Christoff Schuhmacher, innkeeper at the sign of the crown.
Note: Peter Keller is later mayor of Graben.


Christoph Schuhmacher death 17 May 1750 film 102078348 page 505 
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 21st of November [1691], in the night Mr. Christoph Schumacher blissfully fell asleep, juryman and host at the Crown [Inn], who on the 23rd of November [1691], according to Christian custom was honestly buried to the earth, he lived approximately 49 years.