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Niclaß Nüchter 1687 - 1720

Niclaß Nichtern, was a citizen at Breitenborn in Hanau. He was born and baptized in 1687 according to his death record. His wife is Anna Margaretha Koller bap 28 Mar 1692 - ?. Niclaß died at 33 years of age 28 March 1720. The word Nüchtern means sober in German. 
What happened to their children?
Johann Thomas Nüchter  bap 28 Sep 1712 - 27 Aug 1769 in Graben, married and had three girls
Johann Caspar Nüchter  bap 29 Nov 1713
Anna Christina Nüchter  bap 7 Nov 1715
Gertraut Nüchter  b ap 5 Mar 1718, a sponsor was Gertraut Koller
Johann Laurentis Nüchter  bap 16 Feb 1720 - 6 Nov 1721

Ulrich Neitzel on Breitenborn location:
The original test is: zu Breitenborn im Hanauischen which can be translated as "belonging to the Hanau dominion". Only the second of these Breitenborns (Breitenborn mit Lützel) belonged to Lordship of Hanau until 1736. (German Wikipedia: At the time of the marriage (1746) it was already incorporated into the Landgraviate Hessen-Kassel, but from a historic viewpoint Thomas Nichter came from (was born in) that region under the previous reign.
Preussen came much later into play. Meyers Gazetteer online refers to the situation of the German Empire after 1871. Still it is remarkable that Thomas married in Graben, which is about 100 miles away. At that time this was quite a distance and the question is for what reason he moved so far from his home?

Modern Times
Breitenborn / Lützel was created in 1753 when the hamlet of Lützel
 and the village of Breitenborn were merged. At that time, Breitenborn / Lützel was part of the Bieber office of the County of Hanau-Münzenberg , which had itself been part of the since 1736 Landgraviate of Hessen-Kassel . In 1821 there was in the former now known as the Electorate of Hesse a fundamental administrative reform Landgraviate, . The Bieber office - and with it Breitenborn / Lützel - was added to the newly formed district of Gelnhausen .
Geographical location
Breitenborn / Lützel is surrounded by forest in the Spessart Nature
Park in the Lützelbachtal , a tributary of the Beavers . The district road 893 connects the two suburbs Breitenborn and Lützel and connects them, in a north-east direction, with the next district Lanzingen. 

  • 1598: 15 households
  • 1633: 18 households
  • 1753: 30 households with 126 people (together with Lützel)


 1885: 222 Protestant (= 95.28%), 11 Catholic (= 4.72%) residents
• 1961: 189 Protestant (= 79.08%), 47 Catholic (= 19.67%) residents    

Documents related to Nicholaus Nüchter and Anna Margaretha Kollerin:

Aerial photo of Lützel, Breitenborn, Lanzingen, Roßbach, Bieber

Breitenborn - Lützel
 All records below come from Archion
Kurhessen-Waldeck: Landeskirchliches Archiv Kassel > Gelnhausen > Bieber > KB 1651-1708
Anna Margaretha Koller birth in 1692:

image 1862

image 1862
Ulrich Neitzel translation:Transcription:
161. eod. die
hat Johannes Koller und seine Frau Eva zu ___ ein Töchterlein tauffen laßten. Gevatterin war Marga_ Paul Henrich Kollers zu Roßbach Tochter und wur[de ge]nannt Anna Margaretha.

[No.] 161 the same day [29 March 1692]
Johannes Koller and his wife Eva from ____ had a little daughter baptized and called her Margaretha. Sponsor was Marg[aretha], daughter of Paul Henrich Koller from Rossbach.
Link for Roßbach in Meyers:
Note: Paul Henrich Koller from Rossbach has a son who marries in 1699, see next document: Paul Heinrich Koller from Roßbach is a witness at Anna Margaretha Koller birth in 1692. Anna Margaretha Koller is Niclaß Nüchtern's wife who is Thomas Nüchtern's mother.

Johannes Koller and Paul Heinrich Koller 7 Nov 1699 entry 62 item 1916

Ulrich Neitzel:Transcription:
den 7. 9bris haben Johannes Koller, Paul Henrich Kollers p.m. hinterlassener ehleibl. Sohn zu Roßbach und Margaretha Seiffartin von Mittelsinn weyl:hl. Johann Seiffarten gewesener hochfürstl. h___ Schultheißen alda ehleibl. hinterlassener Tochter ihren offentl. Kirchgang gehalten, auch nach gehaltener Sermon copuliret worden.
On the 7th of October Johannes Koller, surviving legitimate son of the late Paul Henrich Koller in Roßbach and Margaretha Seiffart from Mittelsinn, surviving legitimate daughter of the late Johann Seiffart, former princely h___ mayor there, had their public church visit and were married after held sermon.
Link for Roßbach in Meyers:
Link for Mittelsinn in Meyers:
Location: Mittelsinn is about 30 km east of Roßbach.
All records below come from Archion Kurhessen-Waldeck: Landeskirchliches Archiv Kassel > Gelnhausen > Bieber > KB 1709-1744 
Niclaß  Nichtern, a citizen at Breitenborn and Anna Margaretha are married.
image 2093
image 2093
Translation Ulrich Neitzel:
Hello Kent, this one is a bit difficult because of the handwriting and because parts are missing in the fold.
13 October 1711
[N]iclaß Nüchtern with An-
[na] Margaretha Kollerin.
___ ___ ___ _
___ daughter.

image 2025

image 2025
Ulrich Neitzel:
Hello Kent, glad that you had success in finding this record! Not much to translate, though...
28 September(?) (this is the baptismal date not the date of birth)
Johann Thomas Nüchtern
[Father] Niclaß Nüchtern
[Mother] Anna Margaretha
[Sponsor] Joh. Thomas N Nüchtern
[in the right column] 124. Breitenborn
Comments: Part of the lines are hidden in the fold to the left. - The month is not fully clear to me; the letter/number before "br" seems to be a 7 = Septem(bris). . For Octobris it should be "8br", like in the following entry.Kent:
Is the sponsor different than the birth person?
Ulrich Neitzel:Yes, the sponsor must be a different person, possibly an uncle or another relative. It was quite common that the child received the name of their baptismal sponsor(s).
The date given is probably the baptism, not the birth.

 Johann Caspar Nüchtern birth:

image 2030

image 2030
Ulrich Neitzel translation:
[No.] 160 Breitenborn
d. 29 9br = 29 November
Johann Caspar Nüchtern
Father: Niclaß Nüchtern
Mother: Anna Margareth[a]
Sponsor: Joh. Caspar Struk (?)
Niclaß  Nüchtern sponsor at a birth:
The person born has the same surname as Niclaß Nüchtern's wife.
image 2034

image 2034
Translation by Robert Seal:
Record nos. 190 and 191 are for a set of male twins, each with a different male baptismal sponsor. Note that each twin is named after his respective sponsor.
Here is my interpretation and translation of these two records:
First twin:
Year 1715, on the 26th of January.
190. Lanzing[en].
[Ni]colaus Koller [child].
Velten Koller [father].
Magdalena [mother].
Nicolaus Nüchtern [baptismal sponsor].
Second twin:
On the same day.
191. Lanzing[en].
[Jo]hann Melchior Koller [child].
Velten Koller [father].
Magdalena [mother].
Joh[ann] Melchior S(c)h__? [baptismal sponsor].
Comments: "Velten" is a variant of the male name "Valentine".
It is helpful to the translator if you state where the record is from when you post your request because place names are challenging to decipher.
Ulrich: @Robert Seal_1 , you did very well with the name of the location - it is most probably Lanzingen, which is very close to Breitenborn, where Nicolaus Nüchtern is from.Kent:
Note: Since Anna Margaretha's maiden name is Koller, this set of twins could be related to her side of the family.
image 2038

image 2038
Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
120. Breitenborn
same day [7 November 1715]
[name] Anna Christina Nüchter(in)
[father] Niclaß Nüchter
[mother] Anna Margaretha
[sponsor] Anna Christina Stock(in)

image 2048

image 2048

Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
200. Breitenborn
5 March 1718
[name] Gertraut Nüchter(in)
[father] Niclaß Nüchter
[mother] Anna Margaretha
[sponsor] Gertraut Koller(in)

image 2054

Johann Laurentis Nüchtern bap 16 Feb 1720 image 2054

Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
249. Breitenborn
16 February 1720
[name] Johann Laurentius Nüchter
[father] Niclaß Nüchter
[mother] Anna Margaretha
[sponsor] Joh. Laurentius Stock?

Nicholas Nuchtern death  28 Mar 1720 page 2135

Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
173. Breitenborn
28 March 1720
Niclaß Nüchtern from [Brei]tenborn; age 33 years

image 2136

Johann Laurentis Nuchtern death 6 Nov 1721 at 1, image 2136

Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
The entry is somewhat ambiguous: directly above it says: Anno 1721, but no date is given (6 November refers to the entry above). Also the number 183. Breitenborn seems to belong to the entry above.
The text is: Johann Laurentius Nüchtern, little son of Niclaß Nüchtern; 1 year ___ ___ ___? I can't read the last line.