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Margaretha Barbara Geibel abt 1726

Pastor Beck married Margaretha Barbara Geibel 27  August 1743 in Graben. Margaretha's father's name is Gabriel Geibel. He was born in Durlach on 7 January 1701. Later in life in Graben he is a "princely hunter"  according to Margaretha's marriage certificate and according to his death certificate. Gabriel's father is Johan Geibel, a blacksmith and wife Clementia.

Gabriel Geibel and his wife, Augusta Catherina Laibl: had a daughter  12 Feb 1744 they named Augusta. Laibl is a rare name according to Geogen, There are around 24 people with this name projected in the total population. Between that date and 23 May 1747 Augusta Catherina Laibl dies because on the 23 May1747 Hunter Gabriel marries Mrs. Kunigunda Margaretha Götz, legitimate daughter of the late N.N. Götz, ___? official in Stein, Baden, Germany. Gabriel Geibel, hunter, father, and husband dies on the 31 Aug 1770, and is burial 2 Sep in Graben. He lived 69 years, 7 months, 26 days.

The only document we have on Margaretha Barbara Geibel is her marriage record. She must have been born about 1726 a year after her father married and died after the birth of her son Johann in 1754. Margaretha was about 21 when she married.

Documents related to Margaretha Barbara Geibel:  

Gabriel Geibel bap 7 Jan 1701 in Durlach film 102061072 page 975
Translation by Marion Wolfert:
On the 7 Jan 1701 was christening Gabriel, the son of Joan Geibel, a blacksmith and wife Clementia
Witnesses are: 
1. Mister Christoph Zachmann, council member and innkeeper of the Ochs Inn
2. Mister Gabriel Waag, council member and baker
3. Misses Anna Catharina Quacker?

Gabriel marriage 21 Aug 1725 Durlach film 102061072 page 885

Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
that's one of the more difficult ones....
what I can read:
d. 21 Aug. 1725 Gabriel Geibel, Jäger in Killingfeld? mit Augusta Catharina weÿl ___ Laiblin ___ ___ dahier nachgelaßner Tochter
21 August [1725] Gabriel Geibel, hunter in Killingfeld? with Augusta Catharina, surviving daugther of the late _____ Laibl__ here. 
Comments: The forename and surname of the bride's father are not clearly seen; the words after the name should be his occupation, but I can't read it. I couldn't find Killingfeld or any other similar place near Durlach.
Note from Ulrich: Thanks, Kent. Still, I can't see "Christoph" for the father's forename. His surname should be Laibel (or Laibl) without the female -in and the surname of Gabriel is surely Geibel, not Gebel. The FFS indexing is also not always to be trusted...
Kent Gardiner Translation: Gabriel Gebel married Augusta Catharina Laibl on the 21 of August 1725. 14 years later they have a daughter named Augusta as listed below.

Gabriel spouse Augusta, child Maria Clementia Geibel Graben film 102078348 page 366
From Annette Unrau Adams
1744 d. 12. Feb: und Herrn Gabriel Geibel [- - - - - - - - -] Jaeger [- - - -] ex frau
Augusta Cather: abends ein Toechter: zur Eve? Gebohren, so daselbst
Getauft und Augusta genandt wurd. Gevater waren zugegen
[?]: David Schmidt Oberjaeger in C- - - mit seiner Ehefrau. Christoff Fock=
mann Buerger u: M[- -gr] in Durlach, u: jo: Georg Lei=
Blins [?]erdwig [T?]age in Durlach
From this we read that Gabriel Geibel ans his wife, Augusta Catherina: had a daughter they named Augusta. The Godparents were present at the christening, and were David Schmidt, and his wife, and Christoff Fockmann, the last name is murky, please consult the records, in Durlach. And off to the right, died 31 August 1809.Deep L translation of German text:
1744 d. 12. Feb: and Mr. Gabriel Geibel [- - - - - -] Jaeger [- - -] ex wife
Augusta Cather: in the evening a daughter: to Eve? Born, so there
Christened and named Augusta. Fathers were present
[?]: David Schmidt Oberjaeger in C- - - with his wife. Christoff Fock= mann Buerger u: M[-gr] in Durlach, u: jo: Georg Lei=
Blins [?]erdwig [T?]age in Durlach
Pastor Beck marriage 1743 film 004137289 page 562

From Ulrich Neitzel:
here is the transcription:
1743 d: 27. August wurde Joh. Franz Christoph Heinr. Beck allhiesiger Pfr und Seelsorger der mir ordentl. anvertrauten Gemeinde Graben, von seiner Hochwürden S. _?, Hfrr KirchenRath u. Special? Bür_? nach gehaltener Canzel Rede copuliert mit Jungfer Margaretha Barbara, Hfrr Gabriel Geibels, allhiesig hochfürstl. Jägers ehel: erzeugten ledigen Jfr Tochter
and the translation:
27 August 1743 were married by His Reverence "Hfrr Kirchenrath" and Special? Bürg_? after delivered pulpit sermon, Johann Franz Christoph Heinrich Beck, local Pastor and spiritual caregiver of the parish Graben entrusted to me, with maiden Margaretha Barbara, legitimately conceived single Miss daughter of the local princely hunter "Hfrr" Gabriel Geibel.
Ulrich: Nice long life. In his daughter's marriage record he is a "local princely hunter "Hfrr" Gabriel Geibel." Now at 69 he is a senior hunter for many years. It makes one wonder how you make a profession of hunting in and around Graben. Does the term princely hunter mean he is good at his job or does it mean he hunted for a Prince or Nobility?
Ulrich answer: That's the problem with translation, particularly with terms from the past: how to find the appropriate corresponding word in English for hochfürstlich? DeepL gives "princely", Google Translate gives "high princely". Generally speaking, hochfürstlich means something connected to high nobility, usually a ruling sovereign, a Fürst. The ruler in Baden was a Markgraf, a margrave, and people/functions connected to his court had apparently the designation hochfürstlich. So Gabriel Geibel most probably had a function with the court or the administration of the margraviate of Baden-Durlach; maybe he hunted the game for the table of the margrave?
Wikipedia: Charles Frederick (22 November 1728 – 10 June 1811[1]) was Margrave, Elector and later Grand Duke of Baden (initially only Margrave of Baden-Durlach) from 1738 until his death.

Gabriel Geibel 2nd marriage 23 May 1747 film 102078348 page 474 Graben
Ulrich Neitzel: Transcription:
1747 d. 23 Maji wurde nach gehaltener Predigt copuliret H. Gabriel Geibel, allhiesiger hochfürstlicher Jäger und ____?, mit Fr. Kunigunda Margaretha Götzin, weyl: N.N. Götzens ___? Amtmann in Stein ehel. Tochter
23 May 1747 were married after delivered sermon Mr. Gabriel Geibel, princely hunter and ___? from here with Mrs. Kunigunda Margaretha Götz, legitimate daughter of the late N.N. Götz, ___? official in Stein.
Comment: Note that the family names are spelled differently in the left column (from a different hand): Gaibel and Goez (without t)
Kent: Thank you for this translation. I will look for the Götz family in Stein. Your attention to detail is very much apprediated. This is particularly important when dealing with surnames. There are 16 thousand entries for Götz and 111 entries for Goez in Geogen. Stein is 2 hours east of Graben. It is a suburb of Nuremberg.
Ulrich: note that there are many locations in Germany called "Stein"; Meyers Gazetteer lists more than 50. Most probable to me seems a Stein in Baden, possibly the one about 11 miles east of Karlsruhe. 
Georg Scholl spon 1759 film 102078348 page 414
Translation by Robert Seal
On the 26th of January [1760], at night after 11:00 pm was born and on the 28th [of January 1760] was baptized: Christian Bickel.
Parents: Christian Bickel, the local citizen and blacksmith, and his wife Margaretha, née Beckerin.
Baptismal sponsors: Mr. Gabriel Gaibel, princely chief hunter here, [and] his wife Kunigunda Margaretha, née Götzin. Georg Scholl, the local citizen, [and] his wife Anna Maria "Cammerin".
Right column: died 12 March 1840. 
Gabriel Geibel death 31 Aug 1770, burial 2 Sep Graben film 102078348 page 762
Translation: Ulrich Neitzel:
d 31ten Aug. Nachts nach 8 Uhr ob. et 2ten Sept. sep. est
Hl: Gabriel Geibel, Geloeßter vieljähriger Oberjäger dahier
ætat: 69. Jahr 7. Monat und 26.TageTranslation:
On 31 August [1770] at night after 8 o'clock died, 2 September was buried, Gabriel Geibel "Geloeßter" senior hunter for many years at this place age: 69 years, 7 months, 26 days

Augusta Geibel death film 102078348 page 1156
Augusta is Gabriel Geibel's daughter.
Translation by Ulrich Neitzel:
[Überschrift] Im Jahr Christi 1809 starben in hiesiger Pfarrei Graben
d. 31ten August vormittags um halb 9 Uhr und wurde d. 2ten September Morgens früh begraben
Frau Augusta gebohrene Gaiblin,
deren 1ster Ehemann war weil. Hl. N.N. Behrens, gewesener Hofsattler in Carlsruhe
deren 2ter Ehemann ist Hl. Friedrich Meyer, Oberförster dahier.
Alter: 65 Jahre 6 Monat u. 19 Tage
Krankheit: Auszehrung
[headline] In the year of Christ 1809 died here in the parish Graben
31 August 8:30 a.m. and buried 2 September in the early morning
Mrs Augusta née Gaibel, whose first husband was the late Mr. N.N. Behrens, formerly court saddle maker in Carlsruhe whose second husband is Mr. Friedrich Meyer, senior forester here. age: 65 years, 6 months, 19 days
disease: emaciation (cachexia)