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Wilhelm Scholl 1633 - 1669

Wilhelm Scholl could be the son of Joss Scholl and
Barbara Dietrich. Although the Graben records do not go back to the 1630s if we subtract his age at death which is 36 from the date of death we find he was born in 1633. No other records have been found on Wilhelm even though a careful search has been made by hand of all early Graben entries. Because Joss Scholl was born in 1610 Joss could be the father of Wilhelm because Joss is 23 years old at Wilhelm's birth. in 1633 and because Wilhelm's mother, Barbara Dietrich, was born in 1614 - that makes Barbara 19 at Wilhelm's birth.

Document related to Wilhelm Scholl:


Wilhelm Scholl 31 Aug 1665 film 004137289 page 213

Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: 31 October [1665].
Child: Susanna Barbara, a born-out-of-wedlock child.
Parents: Wendel Kammerer with Maria Mossin, the tax/customs official's daughter.
Baptismal sponsors: Wilhelm Scholl together with wife. Hanß Mats Heil together with wife.
Comment: Written under the child's name: "Ein Huren Kind" = a
child born out of wedlock; bastard; prostitute's child (these definitions come fron Thode). The word is also spelled as a single word: Hurenkind. Hurenkind means born out of wedlock, bastard, child of a prostitute.
Note: Robert: Question regarding my response: Did you get the complete response without any censoring of a couple of the words at the end or did my response come through to you with two words starred-out? I'm sure you can guess what the two words are. If my

response was censored, you can go to Thode, page 116, for his definition of "Hurenkind" to see the complete definitions of this word.
Note: The name Hanß spelled with the following single letter from the German alphabet: "ß" (called an Eszett) making the name: Hanss. The Eszett represents a double s.

Wilhelm Scholl death 13 Jul 1669 born 1633 age 36 film 102078298 page 257, born in 1633.
Translation by Robert Seal:
13 July [1669]: Wilhem Scholl, in the 36th year of his age.