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Augustus Phillip Scholl 1888 - 1973

Augustus "Gus" Phillip Scholl was born 6 Dec 1888 in Falls City, NE to Frederick and Fannie Scholl.  He was their 5th child. Augustus' birthday comes with some confusion, his WWI registration says 1890 and his WWII military registration says 1889.  His grave marker says 1888. So 1888 it is. In 1909 he attends Peru Normal School with his brother George. In 1916 he graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in chemical engineering. During his years there he was in Varsity Band, German Club and Dormitory Club. In 1917 he worked at Gerlinger Motor Car Company and is living at home with his parents.When he registers for the draft in Tacoma WA they write down:  5' 10" tall, 150 pounds with grey hair, light complexion and has had an appendix operation.

Sometime around 1917 me meets and falls in love with Emma Lou Schultz a schoolteacher from Minnesota of German heritage, just like himself. They marry and soon thereafter he enlisted in the US Army on 11 December 1917. Augustus began his military service as a corporal. He may have been given credit for being a college graduate to have this rank on entering the service. Since he has just married he wants to remember his wife so he has a photo taken of them together and places it into a special silver dog-tag which is now in the possession Kent Gardiner.  It is interesting to think of Augustus in the trenches wearing this precious memento around his neck.  I'm sure he occasionally set his rifle down, pulled the locket out of his uniform, clicked it open and thought of Emma waiting for him at home in Portland. During the War Emma taught school in Oregon City and Portland. 

WWI Military Service
On 10 June 1918 Augustus Scholl departed Hoboken, New Jersey as a Corporal in Company "F" 5th Division Motor Supply train on the ship Mt-Vernon. The Mount Vernon ship served as a transport ship from 1817 to 1919. At times onboard the men kept in shape by running a field day obstacle courses. The Mt Vernon regularly carried American Military personnel to the war zone. 

Here is what happened three months later:
On 5 September 1918 the 29,650-ton transport Mount Vernon was en-route back to the United States after delivering troops to the European war zone. While underway in convoy some 200 miles west of France, she spotted a periscope and opened fire. However, unlike many such incidents, this time the periscope was real, belonging to the German submarine U-82, which launched a torpedo. Though she attempted to evade, Mount Vernon was hit amidships. The resulting explosion blew a large hole in her side, putting half her boilers out of action. Thirty-six of her crew were killed and another thirteen injured, but damage control efforts contained her flooding and kept her underway. Mount Vernon steamed back to Brest, France, where she was dry docked for initial repairs. Later she crossed the Atlantic to Boston, Massachusetts, to undergo further work. The ship was again ready for service in February 1919, three months after the November 1918 Armistice had ended the fighting, but in time to help bring American service personnel home from France.

Military document: 
On June 28, 1919 Corporal Augustus P Scholl Company F 5th Supply Train School Detachment, University of Bristol England sought early discharge on the grounds his wife had a serious illness, signed General Pershing. He was released from service on July 31, 1919.  He took his locket, his dog tags and returned to the wife whose photo he had carried around his neck for 2 years, 2 months.

On 13 July 1919 Augustus was set to leave from Brest, France on the ship; Agamemnon as a Corporal in Company F 5th Supply train. For some reason his name is crossed out on the order and instead it reads: "Trans. to 1st Rep. Depot Per "Telegraphic Authority Commanding Officer, 20th Mar Co 1919. initialed by JUP" Augustus is formally discharged from the army on 31 July 1919.

After the war Gus works as a salesman in a car dealership. In 1930 he is still selling auto parts and Emma is a bookkeeper at a Gown Shop in Portland. Emma Lou dies in 1936 and he marries Lillian Lucke 6 October 1937.  In the 1940 census he is an assistant manager in a state liquor store. Augustus Scholl died in Portland 6 April 1973. He is buried with military honors in the Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, OR, next to his wife Lillian. Lillian Lucke died a year and a half later at 86. Lillian' was married before she married Augustus. Her married name was Eitzen. Sometime between 1920 and 1930 she is married and widowed.

"Mrs. Emma Lou Scholl, 49, of 2012 Southeast Forty-third avenue, an active worker in various civic organizations, died yesterday. Mrs. Scholl was born in Minnesota in 1886 and came to Portland in 1915. In 1917 she married A. P. Scholl and while he was at war taught school in Oregon City and Portland. She has been an active member of the Ladd Addition Evangelical church, and for the past five years has been active in the American Legion auxiliary work, serving as president of the Rose City unit this year. She was also a member of the Rose City Choral club. She is survived by the widower, one sister, Mrs. Ronald Allen of Portland, and four brothers, Waldo E. and Rowland M. Schultz of Portland, Otto C. Schults of Oakland, Cal., and Benjamin A. Schultz of Virginia, Minn. Funeral services, which will be held in the Ladd Addition Evangelical church, are being arranged by Edward Holman & Son. [The Oregonian,7 Mar 1936, p6 w/photo]"

Emma Lou was a 23 year old teacher at a Lutheran Public Scholl in Marshall, MN in 1910. About 1918 she married Augustus Scholl in Portland. Emma Lou waited for Augustus while he served in WWI. After the war there are couple of photos of the couple in Portland with Scholl relatives. In the 1920 census  Augustus and Emma Lou Schultz are living two doors away from Deborah's great uncle David Palmblad and his wife and child.  They were born one year apart.  David is the owner of a grocery store in Oakgrove, OR. In 1930 Emma Lou is a bookkeeper at a Gown Shop in Portland. Emma Lou dies 9 March 1936 from unknown causes.

What happened during their lives?
1888 Birth of Augustus Phillip Scholl
1891 Birth of Sister Clara Lydia Scholl,  Age 3
1895 Birth of Twins Edna Fannie Scholl and Edgar Fred,  Age 7
1897 Birth of Brother Fred C Scholl Age, 9
1901 Marriage of  Sister Elizabeth Scholl to Ben Apel  6 March
1905 Augustus' Sister Anna Scholl dies 8 October, Arago, NE  
1906 Augustus' Sister Laura attends Peru Normal Scholl in Peru, Age 18
1908 Augustus' Sister Emma and Emil Hornschuch marry 25 Dec 
1910 Augustus lives on Fretton Street
1910 Emma Lou Schultz is a teacher at a Lutheran Public School in MN
         Emma's father Otto is a Lutheran Minister in Marshall, MN
1912  August P moves to Portland with Edna, Frederick farmer, George
          carpenter and Laura M&F Co 446 E Lincoln, Portland OR
1913 Frederick, Fannie, George, Edna, Laura at 446 East Lincoln, 
         Portland, OR
1914 Frederick, Fannie, Augustus, Laura stenographer, George, Fred Jr. at 
         446 East Lincoln, Portland, Or
1915  Augustus graduates with a BA in Chemistry from Oregon State
          Univ, June 16, 1915
1916 Frederick, Fannie, Augustus, Edna, Laura bookkeeper,  446 East 
         Lincoln, Portland, OR
1916 Gus attends Orgeon State Univerisity. He is in Dormitory Club,
         Varsity Band (4,3,2) and German Club (2,1), Portland, OR
1917 Augustus is a clerk at Gerlinger Motor Car Co. residence 679 Locust.
1914 Augustus's Sister Elizabeth Scholl died 9 March in Alamogordo, NM
1917  Lillian works for the State of Oregon O.L.C.
1917  Augustus registers for the draft. He is 5' 10", 150 pounds, grey hair,
          light complexion and has had an appendix operation
1917 Augustus begins military service 1 June, He buys a special dog-tag
         and places a photo of Emma Schultz in it. He wears it throughout
         his military service, Age 29
1918 Augustus's Sister Laura marries John William Zinser 5 June in
         Multnomah, OR, Age 37
1918 November Armistace
1919 Augustus released from the Army as  31 July, Age 31
1919 July 13, Augustus is reassigned a way home.
1920 Salesman at auto company, Age 31
1922 Laura's mother Fannie Weinert died 1 June, Portland, OR
1923 August owns a Ford, 380 E, 43d
1926 Living with Emma A, salesman at A-G MCo home at 380 E 43d
1927 Augustus is a clerk at Goodsell Motor Co, h 380 E 43d
1930 Augustus is a salesman for auto accessories and lives at East 43 in
         Portland, Emma is a bookkeeper at a gown shop. Augustus is Age 43
1936 Emma Schultz dies 9 March in Portland, OR
1937 August marries Lillian Eitzer (Lucke), see marriage certificate,
          E. D Hornschuch is a witness and the officiating clergyman or officer.
1933 Augustus is still a salesman
1940 Augustus is an assistant manager at a state liquor store. Lillian is a
          secretary at a medical doctors and graduated from High School.
          Both Lillian and Gus are 50. They are living on Clinton Street
         with them is Lillian's father Charles Lucke who is 84. Charles has an
         8th grade education and is from Germany.
1940-42 Sometime between these dates Augustus buys the home his father
1942 Living at 1819 Locust, Portland. Working at 1605 SE 11th, Portland
         Age 53
1953 Living with Lillian Lucke at 1819 SE Locust Av (August's father lived
         at 678 Locust which is the same address.
1958 Living with Lillian L at 1819 SE Locust Av
1973 Augustus Scholl dies in Portland 6 April, He is Buried in the
         Willamette National Cemetery with his wife Lillian and military 
         honors, Portland, OR

Documents related to Augustus Phillip Scholl:

1900 United States Census, Nebraska - Augustus Scholl

United States Census, 1900 Minnesota Martin ED 165 Fairmont village Ward 1
Emma Lou Schultz is 13 years old.

1903 Falls City, NE, LtR back, Augustus, Anna, Elizabeth, Emma ,Laura, George,
front, Edna, Frederick, Clara Lydia, Fannie, Fred Scholl.

1905 Augustus and George

1909 Normal School Glee Club, front side of postcard

1909 Flip side of the post card above

1909, LtoR Augustus "Gus" and George Scholl,

1909 Postcard from Augustus Scholl to his brother George Scholl

1909 Postcard from Augustus Scholl to his brother George Scholl

1910 LtR Fred Voegelein, George Scholl, Gus Scholl,
Ed Voegelein, Portland OR

1910 postcard from Gus Scholl to Edna Scholl Sep 28

1910 United States Census, Nebraska - Augustus Scholl

United States Census 1910 Minnesota Lyon Marshall - Emma Lou
Schultz is a 23 year old school teacher at a Lutheran Public school. 

1913 Portland City Directory

1913 Augustus and George Scholl

1913 Portland: Standing: August Weinert, Cora Fisher, Kate Voeglein, Fred Voeglein, Hester Fisher, George Scholl, laura Scholl, Gus Scholl, ?, ?, August Weinert’s wife Marie, Aunt Minnie Voeglein. Seated; Walter Weinert, Edgar Volusen, Fulton Smalz, Franklin Weinert, Wingelal, Elmer Weinert

1915 August Scholl and girls.

1916 University of Oregon Augustus Scholl

1917 Portland City Directory

1917 Wedding announcement

1917 Wedding announcement

1917 Draft registration
  This card refers to Augustus as being 27 
which would be 1917. Gerlinger Motor Car Company

1917 Draft registration, page 2

1918 Augustus Departure Company "F" 5th Division Motor Supply Train

Augustus Scholl's dog-tag

Dog-tag with Augustus and wife
Emma Lou Schultz's photo enclosed

1918 Augustus Scholl in his WWI uniform

WWI Military Cablegrams - AEF and War Dept
Location: WWI Military Cablegrams - AEF and War Dept ›Main Series, War Dept to AEF HQ ›25-JUN-1919 to 11-JUL-1919 ›3709 ›Page 1

Name- Augustus P Scholl Departure Date- 13 Jul 1919 Departure Place- Brest, France Ship- Agamemnon Military Unit- Company F 5th Supply Train Rank- Corporal Service Number- 785241

1919 Augustus, Military service card 

1919 Augustus Scholl in full WWI uniform

1920 United States Census, Oregon 

1920 Fred Scholl, Emma Lou (nickname Schulty)
Schultz Scholl and August Scholl 

1923 Augustus Car Registration

1925 LtR, August Scholl, Emma Lou Schultz
Laura Scholl and John Zinser

1925 John Zinser , Emma Lou Schultz, Laura  Scholl Zinser Scholl
and August Scholl ? 

1925 Emma Lou Schult(nickname Schulty) & August Scholl,
August’s first wife. 

1926 Portland Directory

1927 Portland: Frederick, ?, ?, Gus & Emma, Emma & Emil, John Zinser,  Bingaman girl likely,
Front row: Hornschuch Children

1927 Portland City Directory

1928 Portland City Directory

1930 Portland City Directory

1930 United States Census, Oregon

1933 Portland City Directory

1936 March 6, Emma Lou Schultz death, headstone in the
River View Cemetery, Portland, OR (Source: Oregon Death Index)

1937 Augustus Scholl Marriage

1940 United States Census, Oregon

Note: Emma Scholl is Augustus's sister Emma Hornschuch, not his wife
who died 4 years previously.

1942 Draft registration

1942 Draft registration, page 2

1940s Lillian Lucke and Augustus Scholl

1953 Portland City Directory

1960s Augustus and Lillian

1955 LtR Fred Apel,  George Scholl, Augustus Scholl
Golden Gate Avenue, Los Angeles

1958 Portland City Directory

Augustus's home 1819 Se Locust Ave, Portland, OR 97214 
is a single family home built in 1917.

 1972 April,  Portland, Or, a year before Augustus passed,

1973 Oregon Death Index

1973 Augustus P Scholl Obit, Oregonian, 1973-04-10
Funeral for Augustus Scholl: Tabor Heights United Methodist
Church, Portland, OR

Willimatte National Cemetery, Portland, OR

Birth Date: 6 Dec 1888
Death Date: 6 Apr 1973
Service Start Date: 1 Jun 1917
Interment Date: 10 Apr 1973
Cemetery: Willamette National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 11800 SE MT. Scott Boulevard Portland, OR 97266

Buried At:Section M Site 3025