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Fred Clarence Scholl Jr. 1897 - 1989

Fred Clarence Scholl Jr. was born 9 October 1897 in Falls City, Nebraska to Frederick and Fannie Scholl. He was their 11th and last child. Fred grew up in a rural part of Nebraska on the farm his father owned. About 1911 his family relocated to Portland, OR. He graduated from high school and over his lifetime had various jobs usually in sales. In 1917 he was a clerk at OWR&N in Portland. (Oregon–Washington Railroad and Navigation Company). He lived with his parents at 679 Locust Street, Portland. When Fred was 21 he enlisted in the Army and served 2 months one day possibly because the war ended 11 Nov 1918. After his father died in 1929 Fred ended up owning the family home. He rented out part of the home to a couple who were clerks at the Union Pacific RR in Portland. Fred was an accountant for the Union Pacific Railroad. He was 33 years old. In 1940 he was a lodger and sold shoes. Because it was the end of the depression the census in 1940 asked a number of questions regarding a person's job. Fred worked all 52 weeks in the previous year and earned $1,800 in the last 18 months and received government assistance.

In 1942 he enlisted as a private or Branch Immaterial Warrant Officer. This means that the Army wasn't assigning the recruit to a branch at that time. He served 5 months 27 days and was released. When Fred was 48 he married Helen Evelyn Grover (maiden name Short) who had been married and divorced. Fred married Helen McDonald June 10, 1945. He was 48 years 2 months 1 day old.  In 1953 Fred worked for Sears and Roebuck Co as a salesman. Fred and Helen lived at 5723 NE Milton, Portland. 

Fred died April 23, 1989, Portland, OR at 91 from stomach cancer.  Family members say he drank a lot and was considered by some as their “best uncle.” (Vince Becker)

Oregonian, The Portland, 27 March 1991, Evelyn Scholl obituary:
"A crypt-side service for Helen Evelyn Scholl, a Northeast Portland resident, will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday in Rose City Cemetery Mausoleum. Mrs. Scholl died of complications arising from Alzheimer's disease Saturday in a Portland hospital. She was 81.

Evelyn was born Oct. 7, 1909, in Centerville, Wash. Her maiden name was McDonald. (She is also associated with the surname "Short") She had lived in the Portland area since she was about 10. Mrs. Scholl worked as a sales clerk for J.C. Penney for about 10 years until 1950, then was employed as an order clerk and receptionist for Centennial Flour Mills until her retirement in 1962. Her husband, Fred Scholl, died in 1989. She is survived by her sisters, Marcella Spaulding and Margaret McKune, and brother, Robert Short, all of Goldendale, Wash. The family suggests that remembrances be contributions to the Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association."

Mark Gardiner:
Helen Short's maiden name is likely McDonald. In the 1910 US Census her mother Minnie has the last name of McDonald and it states she is divorced. Helen is less than one year old and also has the last name of McDonald. On Helen’s marriage record to Ralph Grover, her father’s name is listed as McDonald Short. Her father died in 1925 and she was married in 1933. Her obituary it states her maiden name is McDonald. I guess that she gave the information for her marriage to Ralph. The obituary was likely written by a family member and placed in the newspaper. It would be nice to know if she was adopted.

What happened during Fred Clarence Scholl's lifetime?
1897 Fred is born to Frederick and Fannie Scholl 9 Oct 1897, Falls
          City, NE
1917 Fred registers for the draft. He is a clerk at OWR&N. Age 20
1918 Fred C clerk at O-WR&N residence 679 Locust, with parents Age 21
1918 October 19 Fred enlists in the Army. He is released 20 Dec 1918.
         He served 2 months 1 day. The war was over 11 Nov 1918.
1930 Fred lives at Locust Street, Fred owns the house which is worth 5k, 
          He rents out part of the home to Francis A. Burgy and Joseph C.
          Burgy. Fred is single and an accountant with the Union Pacific 
          Railroad. His lodgers are freight clerks on the railroad. Age 33
1933  Helen Short marries painter Ralph F Grover. He is from Kansas; she
          is from Portland. At some time in the next three years they divorce.
1940   Fred is a lodger with owner Julia Swind on Maple Street, Portland.
           He works as a shoe store salesman who worked 52 weeks last year
           and earned 1800 in the last 18 months. He received government 
           assistance. Fred is a High School graduate.
1942   August 6, Fred is 45 years old. He is a private in Branch Immaterial -
           Warrant Officer. He enlisted in the Regular Army and was discharged
           after 3 months. Another document says he enlisted 20 Aug 1942 and 
           was released on 16 Feb 1943. He served 5 months 27 days. WWII
           was over 19 Aug 1945.
1945  Fred marries Helen Evelyn Short Grover on 10 Jun 1945, Portland,
          OR, (see two photos below)
1946  They live at 2255 NW Johnson Ptld and drive a 35 Chevy sedan
1953  Fred lives with Helen E and is a salesman at Sears Roebuck and Co.
          They live at 5723 NE Milton, Portland
1958  Fred and Ethel are employees at Pacific Telegraph and lives at 2130
          NE Knott
1989  Fred Clarence dies 23 April 1989 in Portland from stomach cancer.
1991  Helen Short Scholl dies 27 March 1991. She is interred in Rose City
          Cemetery next to the husband she had for 44 years.

Documents related to Fred Clarence Scholl: 

1898 about February 1, Weinert/Scholl Grandchildren, Falls City, NE

LtR back row
Lizzy 1879 Nov 22 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 18 years 2 mo
George 1886 Aug 6 Frederick/Fannie Scholl 11 years 7 mo
Henry 1889 March 19 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 9 years 0 mo
Fred 1886 Jan 30 Minnie Weinert/ Edward Julius Voegelein 3 years 2 mo
Gus 1888 Dec 6 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 9 years 3 mo
Edwin 1883 July 31 Jane Weinert /Christian Hofer 14 years 8 mo
Charlie 1885 Oct 16 Jane Weinert/ Christian 12 years 5 mo
Clara 1887 Apr 27 Charles Weinert/ Mary Voegelein 10 years 11m
Ida 1881 Sep 9 Jane Weinert /Christian Hofer 16 years 6 mo
Laura 1881 Aug 27 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 16 years 7 mo

Second row
Anna 1880 Oct 8 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 17 years 5 mo
Melinda Edna 1891 Mar 5 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 7 years
Carl 1888 Sep 27 Charles Weinert /Mary Voegelein 10 years
Lula 1887 July 3 Jane Weinert/Christian Hofer 10 years 8 mo
Alma 1890 May 10 Charles Weinert/ Mary Voegelin 7 years 10 mo
Eddie 1888 Sep 19 Minnie/ Edward Voegelein 9 years 6 mo

Front row
Edna 1895 July 9 to Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 2 years 8 mo
Clara 1891 Aug 16 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 6 years 7 mo
Luella 1895 Oct 10 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 2 years 5 mo
Arthur 1893 May 13 to John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 4 years 10 mo
Elmer 1896 Dec 24 August Weinert /Amelia C. 1 year 3 mo
Kate 1889 Nov 3 to Minnie/ Edward Voegelein 8 years 4 mo
Elmer 1889 June 9 Jane Weinert/Christian Hofer 9 years
Walter 1895 Jan 12 August Weinert/Amelia C.Ernst 3 years 2 mo
Fritz 1897 Oct 9 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 5 mo 23 days
Emma 1877 March 22 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 21 years
Rosa 1886 March 30 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 12 years 2 mo

1900 LtoR Fred and Edna 

1900 US Census, Falls City, NE

1903 Frederick and Fannie Scholl Family, Falls City, NE

1903 Frederick and Fannie Scholl Family, Falls City, NE

1910 US Census, Falls City, NE

1917 draft registration

1817 draft registration, page 2

1913 LtR Fred Scholl, Emma Schultz
Augustus Scholl

1917 LtR Frederick, Edna, Fred Scholl, Portland, OR

1918 Fred Scholl, Erma Hornschuch

1920 Standing, John Zinser, tLtR, Fannie, ?, ?, ?, Seated: Frederick,
Leona Bingaman, Emma Schultz Scholl?, Fred Scholl Jr, Portland

1925 Frederick, Laura Bingaman, ?, Gus and Emma Scholl, Emma & Emil
 Hornschuch, John  and Leona Zinser, Fred Scholl Jr, Front row: 
Erma and NaomiHornschuch, Portland, 1925

Enlisted into the army 2 times

1920 Fred Scholl on right

United States Census, 1920 Oregon Multnomah 

1933 Helen's first marriage, he died in about 8 years
leaving Helen by herself.

1942 Fred enlisted in the Army in WWII and was discharged
after 3 months.

1945, Fred married at 50 years old

Ralph Grover marries Helen McDonald in 1933. They divorce and
Ralph L. Grover marries Kathryn Lucille Boggs Kuffman in 1940,
Kathryn lives until 1989 and and dies
Helen Short marries Fred Clarence Scholl, 1945.

1941 Portland Directory

1943 Portland Directory

1945 June 10 Marriage of Fred Clarence Scholl
to Evelyn McDonald, Probably went on their honeymoon
in his 35 Chevy sedan. 

LtR ?, Helen Evelyn Short, Fred Clarence Scholl, Portland, OR
Helen lived to be 81. She died 27 March 1991.

1946 Fred Scholl car registration

1950 Portland US Census

1953 Portland Directory

1958 Portland Directory

Letter from Fred Scholl to Kent Gardiner

Letter from Fred Scholl to  Audrey Scholl Kroksh 

Fred and Helen, internment in Rose City Cemetery, Portland, OR Helen died at 81 years old