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Emma Scholl 1877 - 1944

Emma Scholl was born on March 8, 1877 in Arago, NB to Frederick Scholl and Fannie Weinert. The family lived on a farm and Emma must have had many chores. She also knew about animals, crops and picking fruit from their orchard. At 23 years old in 1900 she was a servant in the home of James and Ida Slocum in Falls City. Around 1905 her oldest three sisters cleaned a rental house and contracted tuberculosis. Over the next years they would die one by one causing great pain to Emma and the family.

Her future husband Emil Gustav Hornschuch was born in 1872 in Pennsylvania. He is the second of six children. His father is Christian Lorenz Hornschuch who married Wilhelmina in 1870 in Ashland, Pennsylvania. About 1898 they move to Oregon where their last child Laurence Christian is born. Four years later Emil marries Ruth Buckner 8 August 1894. Between 1895 and 1902 they have three children. Vera lives 6 years, Lester 7 years. Emil's wife Ruth Buckner died 26 January 1906 in Tigardville, OR. She was 30 and years old and was laid to rest next to her two little children who died several years before.

Ruth Buckner Obituary
"Mrs. Hornschuch, wife of Rev. E G Hornschuch, died at Tigardville, last Friday morning, about 5:00 am. The deceased was taken with a severe choking spell and left the bedroom to go out on the back porch. She reached the porch where she fell, and expired within a very few minutes. She was the wife of the German Evangelical minister at Tigardville, and was age about 30 years. She was universally respected." (Feb 11 1906 Hillsboro,Or Newspaper)

On Christmas day 1908 Emil Hornschuch and Emma are married,  Emil's son from his first marriage, Leroy Emil's, lives with them.  He is 8 years old. How did Emil and Emma get together? Some believe Emma's uncle August Weinert Jr, who was also a minister, may have introduced the couple. The thing that really helps this theory is that Emil and Emma and August and Marie were married on the same day.

"While Emil was preaching in a church in Seattle Washington, their first child was born, Willard E. on June 2, 1911.  Two daughters were subsequently born.  After his charge in Seattle, he was sent to the church at 17th and Chemeketa Street in Salem, Oregon.  Their second child was born, Naomi E. on August 25, 1914, who died January 2, 1950 Salem.  Emma loved to ring the church bell each Sunday morning.  Willard would follow her…crawling over the rain or mud or whatever, and how he gave a bad time to his half-brother LeRoy during the sermon. The Conference sent Emil to Jefferson, Oregon, to minister in the church.  In Jefferson their third child was born, Erma E. on August 9, 1916 and Erma lived a long life dying March 5, 2000 in Portland." (Source: Beth Weinert)

On Sunday July 2, 1916 a photo and article was published in the Oregonian:
"From Left to Right-Rev. Emil G. Hornschuch, Jefferson; Rev E.D. Hornschuch, First English church of Portland; Rev T.R. Hornschuch of Lenta Church; Rev H.E. Hornschuch of Tillamoch.

Four brothers in the ministry is somewhat unusual, yet the Oregon conference of the Evangelical Association has this combination. The four are: Rev. Emil G. Hornschuch, pastor of the Jefferson Evangelical for two years, in the ministry for 12 years; Rev E.D. Hornschuch, pastor of the first English Church, East Mark and East Sixth Streets, in the ministry for 17 years; Rev T.R. Hornschuch pastor of the Lents Church in the ministry for 17 years; Rev. H.E. Hornschuch, in the ministry for 25 years. All are members of the Oregon conference, and form what is called the conference quartet, as all are excellent singers. They frequently hold protracted meetings together in the state. In the Hornschuch family there were 10 living children, seven boys and three girls. The four ministers are well known in Oregon, where they have spent most of their ministerial activities, serving pastorates in different parts of the state." (Notes: In 1930 Lawrence Hornschuch is a Proprietor at a Resort in Portland, Edward in 1920 is still in the ministry, Theodore is a dairyman, Henry a dairyman, Emil a farmer and their father is a retired farmer in Clackamas in 1901. 

In 1928 Emma’s sister Laura Scholl lost her life in childbirth, leaving a baby boy. Emil and Emma took the brand new baby, Lawrence S. Zinser, and raised him as their own.  Lawrence lived with his wife, Barbara in California after both served as a PNC (Personnel Chief Petty Officer)
in the  US Navy. In the 1940 census 11 year old Laurence Zinser is living with Emil 67, Emma 63, Naomi 25 and Erma 23.

1928 Emma (Bachman) Scholl's journal, (wife of Emma's brother George): 
"We stayed a week at George's sister's in Salem. Her husband Emil was very religious. I tried to talk to her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but she was very prejudiced against it. She had three children, Willard, Naomi and Erma. They had a farm on which they raised onions. They also had fruit trees and we stopped on our way back to California and ate delicious prunes. Emma died with Tuberculosis march 22, 1944. I never saw her again after 1928, but Audrey (Emma B. Scholl's daughter) visited them about ten years later.

We started home in September, stopped at Emma's and enjoyed the prunes and peaches. We attended Laura's funeral in the Evangelical Church in Portland just before we left. She died August 27th, 1928, giving birth to her second baby, Lawrence Zinser. Her first baby had died at birth. Emma Scholl Hornschuch raised Lawrence. Leona Bingaman also married soon afterward and she died giving birth to her first child. Her sister Laura Roby lived in Portland. We also visited Edward and Fred Voegelein, Aunt Minnie's sons, and her daughter Kate Daugherty in Lebanon and Brooks." 

Vince Becker, nephew:
"Onions and filberts were the two crops…how things are changed by now!  They started with a team of horses.  Emil would often say, “Oh, I was born 20 years too early”  as he would wondered at the new ways.  Then Bill (his son) in turn would say the same thing and would wonder at these improvements.  It was not a fitted lingering death for Emil who left this world suffering cancer in March of 1942. Emma died March 22, 1944 in Salem, Oregon.  She died on the 23 March 1944, Portland, OR. There is a stained glass window named after Emma in a church south of Salem, Oregon.  Willard dies on July 23, 1984 in Salem, Oregon." 

Beth Weinert, cousin:
While in Jefferson Emma found that she was ill.  Although they moved to the farm in 1921 Emil continued to fill pastorate in Jefferson.  He would walk to Brooks, take the train to Jefferson, then via train back to Brooks and walk home.  A long day!  If the water was up?  He wasn’t stopped. He waded through.  You, who remember him, know there was never a man who lived more kind and gentle. 

Sandra Blunck:
“Frederick’s oldest daughter, Emma and her husband Emil Hornschuch borrowed $10,000 from Frederick Scholl a few years before his death.  The will stated that if the $10,000 had not been paid back before his death, that it would be deducted from what the Hornschuch family received.

“Emil felt that it wasn’t his children’s fault that he had borrowed the $10,000 and that his family deserved an equal share with Frederick’s other grandchildren. Emil contested the will in a court of law and lost.  He continued to contest the decision until the estate was eaten up by attorney fees.

“Willard Apel said he couldhave received about $5,000 from the will, which was a lot of money in those days, but instead received only $130 four years after his grandfather’s death.  After the contesting of the will, there was little contact among family members.” (Source:  Written by Sandra Gardiner Blunck May 2002 from interview of Willard Apel (97 years old) January, 2002)

What happened to their children?
Ruth's children:
Vera R. Hornshuch 1895-1901, Vera lived 6 years.
Lester Reuben Hornschuch 1898-1901, Lester lived 1 year 8 mo.
LeRoy Sylvester Hornschuch 1902-1987, LeRoy married Clara May Hughes and 2 children LeRoy lived 72 yr, 8 mo 6 days.

Emma's Children:
Willard E. Hornschuch 1911-1984, Williard married Opal L. Siewert 14 Aug 1938 but had no children.
Naomi Edna Hornschuch 1914-1950, not married
Erma Elizabeth Hornschuch 1916-2000, Erma married Dr. Earl Maurice Rutherford on 15 June 1941 They divorced (He was from Canada and served in WWII.  He remarried in 1948 and lived to be 92 dying in 2003.), Erma married Frank Beeman 24 Feb 1959, no children.  He was previously married.  In 1940 he is 31 with wife Dorothea and 4 children. He works at Hosiery Mill in Hilltown PA.  Frank died in 1977 and she lived 23 years on her own.

What happened in their lives?
1877 Emma Scholl birth 8 March, Nebraska Age 0
1879 Birth of Sister Elisabeth Scholl  Age 2
1880 Birth of Sister Anna Scholl Age 3
1881 Birth of Sister Laura Scholl Age 4
1885 Birth of Brother Philipp Frederick Scholl, Age 8
1886 Birth of Brother George Fred Scholl Age 9
1888 Birth of Brother Augustus Phillip Scholl, Age 11
1891 Birth of Sister Clara Lydia Scholl,  Age 14
1895 Birth of Twins Edna and Edgar Scholl,  Age 18
1897 Birth of Brother Fred Clarence Jr. Scholl Age 20
1900 Emma is a "servant" for the Slocum family, Age 23 years old
1906 Ruth Buckner, Emil's first wife dies
1906 Emil Pastor at Mission Chapel
1907 Rev E G pastor Evangelical Mission Chapel, res 542 E 21st, Salem
1907 Emil's father Christian (Chris) dies 12 January
1908 Emma and Emil married
1909 Emil G, res 17th N.W cor Chemeketa, Salem
1909 Rev Emil G, pastor Evangelical Alliance Ch, b 421 Aldton Av.
1912 Birth of Son Willard E Hornschuch Washington, Age 35
1910 Rev Emil G, pastor Grace Church of the Evangelical Assn.
1913 Residence 1913  Salem, Oregon, USA, Age 36
1914-1918 WWI
1915 Birth of Daughter Naomi E Hornschuch, Age 38
1916 Four Hornschuch brothers in the Sunday Oregonian
1917 Birth of Daughter Erma F Hornschuch, Age 40
1917 Emil's mother Wilhelmina dies, 12 November
1918 Emil and Emma drive a Ford in Jefferson
1920 Residence Jefferson, Marion, Oregon, USA, Age 43
1922 Death of Mother Fannie Weinert,  Age 45
1929 Death of Father Frederick Scholl, Age 52
1929-1933 The Depression
1920 Residence 1930 • Brooks, Marion, Oregon, USA Age 53
1930 Emil is a farmer in Salem
1931 Emil is driving a 28 Ford Coupe
1932 Emil and Emma driving a 32 Buick Sedan
1935 Residence 1935 • Brooks, Marion, Oregon, Age 58
1939-1945 WWII
1940 Residence 1940 • Brooks, Marion, Oregon, USA Age 63
1942 Residence 1942 • Oregon, USA, Age 65
1944 Emma death 22 March, Salem, Marion County, Oregon, Age 67
1944 Burial Salem, Marion County, Oregon. The Labish center, her church,
         makes and names a stained glass window in her honor. Minnie 
         Weinert Voegelein who Emma's mother's sister or Emma's aunt is
         buried in the same cemetery. Minnie  also had a stained glass window 
         named in her memory.

Documents related to Emma Scholl:

1880 United States Census, Nebraska

1880 United States Census, Oregon Clackamas

1885, The Scholl girls: Emma,  Laura, Anna, Elizabeth

1898 February 1, Weinert/Scholl Grandchildren

1898 February 1 Weinert/Scholl Grandchildren

LtR back row
Lizzy 1879 Nov 22 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 18 2 mo
George 1886 Aug 6 Frederick/Fannie Scholl 11 years 7 mo
Henry 1889 March 19 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 9 years 0 mo
Fred 1886 Jan 30 Minnie Weinert/ Edward Julius 3 years 2 mo
Gus 1888 Dec 6 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 9 years 3 mo
Edwin 1883 July ? Jane Weinert /Christian Hofer 14 years 8 mo
Charlie 1885 Oct 16 Jane Weinert/ Christian 12 years 5 mo
Clara 1887 Apr 27 Charles Weinert/ Mary Voegelein 10 years 11m
Ida 1881 Sep 9 Jane Weinert /Christian Hofer 16 years 6 mo
Laura 1881 Aug 27 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 16 years 7 mo

Second row
Anna 1880 Oct 8 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 17 years 5 mo
Edna 1891 ? John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 7 years
Carl 1888 ? Charles Weinert /Mary Voegelein 10 years
Lula 1887 July 3 Jane Weinert/Christian Hofer 10 years 8 mo
Alma 1890 May 10 Charles Weinert/ Mary Voegelin 7 years 10 mo
Eddie 1888 Sep 19 Minnie/ Edward Voegelein 9 years 6 mo

Front row
Edna 1895 July 9 to Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 2 years 8 mo
Clara 1891 Aug 16 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 6 years 7 mo
Lula 1895 Oct 13 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 2 years 5 mo
Arthur 1893 May 13 to John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 4 years 10 mo
Elmer 1896 Dec 24 August Weinert /Amelia C. 1 year 3 mo
Kate 1889 Nov 3 to Minnie/ Edward Voegelein 8 years 4 mo
Elmer 1889 June ? Jane Weinert/Christian Hofer 9 years
Walter 1895 Jan 12 August Weinert/Amelia C.Ernst 3 years 2 mo
Fritz 1897 Oct 9 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 5 mo 23 days
Emma 1877 March 22 Frederick/ Fannie Scholl 21 years
Rosa 1886 March 30 John Weinert/Anna Kaiser 12 years 2 mo

1898 LtoR back Lizzy, Emma, front Laura and Anna 

1898 about Emma Scholl

1900 United States Census, Clackamas, Oregon with Emil and Ruth

1900 United States Census,Nebraska, Emma is a servant for the Solcum family

Salem, Oregon, USA, 1903, Wallulah Yearbook, Emil on right, back

1904 Sep 30 Falls City Tribune Emma Scholl

1905 July 14 Falls City Tribune Emma Scholl, Wiltse, Voegelein

1905 Sep 8, Falls City Tribune
Emma Scholl, Fred Scholl

1905 Salem Oregon Directory

1905 Emma Scholl

1903 Falls City, NE, LtR back, Augustus, Anna, Elizabeth, Emma, Laura, George,
front, Edna, Frederick, Clara, Fannie, Fred Scholl.

1906 Emil's first wife Ruth Buckner dies

1906 Ruth Buckner laid to rest

1908 August Weinert Jr. home
1908 Emil and Emma, Wedding Photo, this is the best quality we have of this photo.

Emma and Emil's Oregon marriage index card, married Dec 25, 1908

1909 Salem Oregon Directory

1910, United States Census, Washington King Seattle Ward 9
1911 Emma and Emil's home 

1913 Emil, Willard and Emma Scholl
Naomi was born in 1914.

1914 Willard Hornschuch written on the back of this photo
owned by Paul Weinert

1913 LeRoy, Emma (Scholl) Hornschuch, Jane (Weinert) Hofer,
Willard and Emil Hornschuch 

1914 Erma and Willard Hornschuch

1915, LtR Willard, Naomi, Erma Hornschuch

1915 Salem Oregon Directory
1916 The Sunday Oregonian., July 02, 1916, Section One, Page 11, Image 11
1917 Oregon City enterprise., November 23,
 Page Page 5, Image 5

1911 LtR Emil, Emma Hornschuch

1920 United States Census, Oregon Marion Jefferson 

Capital Journal., July 21, 1921, Page 7
The Oregon statesman.,
July 28, 1921, Page 3, Image 3

1923, Naomi, Willard, Erma 

1924 Frederick Scholl, Emma Scholl, Emil Hornschuch,
 Naomi, Willard, Erma

 1929 Lawrence Zinser, who was raised by Emma and Emil.

1930 Erma Hornschuch with Lawrence Zinser, Lavish Center, Oregon

1930 United States Census, Oregon Marion Brooks 

1930 Salem Oregon Directory

1931 DMV Vehicle Registration

1931 Erma and Naomi Hornschuch with
Lawrence Zinser

The Oregon statesman., January 27,
1933, Page 11, Image 11

1938,  Naomi, Emil, Emma and  Lawrence Zinser who Emma and Emil
raised as their own.
1938 Willard Hornschuch and Opal get married.

United States Census, 1940 Oregon Marion Brooks Election Precinct, Brooks

1942 LtR Emil, Willard, Emma , Naomi, Erma Hornschuch

Stained glass window made and dedicated
to the memory of Emil and Emma Hornschuch

Stained glass window made and dedicated
to the memory of Emil and Emma Hornschuch,
close up

Emil Hornschuch Cemetery Record 
1944 Emma Scholl Cemetery Record

1944 Emma Scholl Death Certificate

Belcrest Memorial Park, Salem Oregon

Emma died 25 March 1944 in Salem, Oregon. She was living on Route 7, Salem, OR