Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Simon Scholl 1829 - 1902

Simon Scholl citizen and weaver in Graben was born 28 June 1829 and died 5 Oct 1902, son of the citizen and farmer Wilhelm Scholl and his wife Margaretha nee Weber. He married 14 Feb 1861 Christina Klonig, born 8 Dec 1835 and died 13 June 1921 daughter of the citizen and joiner old Wilhelm Klonig and his wife Magdalena nee Wenz. Christina Klonig was the widow of Friedrich Christoph Wenz.

What happened to their children?
Stillborn girl 22 Dec 1864
Wilhelm aka William Scholl 19 Oct 1866 - Immigrated to Falls City, Nebraska, 
Maria Christina Scholl 14 July 1870-23 April 1921

What happened during their lifetime?

The purely agricultural character of the municipality of Graben has been preserved until the beginning of the 20th century. It can be attributed to the cultivation of the special crops of tobacco and asparagus on the sandy soil of the Graben district that the structural change in agriculture took place only slowly. As early as 1912, 86 hectares of tobacco were grown here, and before and after World War II, Graben was one of the most important growing locations with almost 100 hectares of tobacco cultivation area. (Graben Gemeinde Website)

Documents related to Simon Scholl:

Simon Scholl son of Wilhelm born 2 July 1829
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Christina Klonig death 13 June 1921 film 102118620 page 723

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