Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Jakob Scholl 1826-1902

Jakob Scholl was born 3 Sep 1826 to Wilhelm Scholl and his second wife Elisabetha Scholl. Jakob Scholl emigrated to America in 5 October 1854. He arrived in NYC on the 5th of October on the ship Cotton Planter. He was 28 years old. 

During their lifetime:
1848 - German philosopher Karl Marx publishes The Communist Manifesto which would be the basis for Marxism and communism.
1849 California Gold Rush begins
1850 President Taylor dies and Vice President Millard Filmore becomes the 13th President
1852 The Grand Duke of Baden, Leopold, dies, He was the noble who Philipp was under while growing up and when he left Germany. In1855 Philipp will renounce his allegiance to the new Duke of Baden when he becomes a naturalized US citizen.
1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska
1857 Utah War, armed confrontation between Mormon settlers and US Government
1860 Lincoln delivers his Cooper Union speech while running for President.  Lincoln later said, “Brady and the Cooper Union speech made me president.”

1861 Lincoln becomes President

Documents related to Jakob Scholl:

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(including Castle Garden and Ellis Island),
1820-1957 for Jacob Scholl,  Roll M237, 1820-1897 Roll 146