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Katharina Scholl 1831

Daughter of Wilhelm Scholl and Margaretha Weber. Katharina Scholl was born 11 Aug 1831. She married Johann Heilmann, a farmer in Graben on 3 Nov 1853. They emigrated to America.
What happened to their children?
Child Adam Heilman b 12 Mar 1869
Eva Katharina Heilmann b 31 Dec 1864
Christina Heilman b 31 Mar 1857
But the question was: what would happen if the living conditions could not be expanded accordingly?  Due to the prevailing division of wealth, the inheritances became smaller and smaller - the land became scarce. In this situation there seemed to be only one solution for many people: to expand into countries
wandering, where everything was much better. Apart from the vast expanses of east and southeast Asa, North America seemed to be the best suited for this.

However, it is no longer possible to make a clear decision as to why the emigrants left. (Graben by Konrad Dussel)

Documents related to Katharina Scholl:

Katharina Scholl born to Wilhelm Scholl 16 Aug 1831 Film 4137289 page 1093
Translation by Robert Seal:
In the year of Christ 1831, on the 11th of August in the evening at 9:00 pm was born and on the 16th of the same month in the morning at 11:00 am was baptized: Katharina. 
The parents are: the citizen and forest guard Wilhelm Scholl and his wife Margaretha, née Weber. 
Baptismal sponsors are: (1) Philipp Weick, citizen, and his wife, Magdalena, née Braun. (2) Philipp Krauß, citizen, and his wife Margaretha, née Scholl.
Graben, on the 16th of August 1831. Pastor Käß.

Katharina Scholl b 1831 Graben family book p 149 film 102118620 page 1152
Translation by Robert Seal:
(1) names of first parents: Johannes Heilmann and Johanna Katharina Metzger.
(2) names of children:
(1) Reinhard
(2) Maria Katharina
(3) Johanna Philippine
(4) Heinrich Christoph
(5) Karl Heinrich
(6) Johann Ludwig
(7) Christine
(8) Wilhelmine
(9) Ernstina
(10) Eva Katharina
(11) Adam
(12) Anna Maria
Child no. 7, Christine, had a child out of wedlock: Christina, born 19 Sep 1876. (Alleged father: Schülz, baker.)
(3) the word after the father (profession): Bauer = farmer.