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Philipp Scholl 1818 - 1847


Philipp Scholl was born 20 Oct 1818  and lived to 19 Feb 1847. His parents were Philipp Scholl 1785-1858 and Christina Krauss 1788 - 1830. Philipp was their third child. The family came from a long line of Scholl's all living in and around Graben. In fact today, 2021 there are still Scholl family members living in Graben. When Philipp died he was a 28 year old, single, and a glazier.

Documents relating to Philipp Scholl:

Philipp Scholl birth 2 Oct 1818 film 102078348 page 931
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 35. Scholl. Died 19 February 1847.
On the 2nd of October [1818], in the morning at 3:00 am was born here, and on the 4th [of October 1818] in the afternoon at 2:00 pm was baptized: Philipp.
Parents are Philipp Scholl, citizen and master mason here, and his wife Christine, née Kraußin.
Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Philipp Brauch, local citizen and master cooper, (2) his wife Elisabetha, née Späcken; (3) Jakob Werner, local citizen and master tailor, (4) his wife Magdalena, née Herbsterin.
Graben, on the 4th of October 1818. T. G. Beck, pastor

Philipp Scholl 1785-1858  Family Book, film 102118620 page 1013
Translation of Familienbuch by Robert Seal:(1) After "Philippe Scholl": bin Maurer = is a mason.(2) Child number 1 of this couple is Christine,
Note that Christine has a parenthetical (NB) after her name. This is a footnote marker telling the reader to see the same footnote marker at the bottom of the page.
At the bottom of the page it says: NB. Christine hatte unehelich: Christine = Christine had an illegitimate [child]: Christine.The child, Christine, was born 10 Feb 1835, and died 22 Feb 1835
Additional note from Ulrich Neitzel:
I read the writing after the name of Scholl, Philipp as "B. u. Maurer", "B." being the common abbreviation for "Bürger" = citizen. So I would interpret it as "citizen and mason". 

Philipp Scholl burial 21 Feb 1847 death film 102550540 page 212
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 8.
In the year of Christ 1847, on the 19th of February in the morning at 9:30 am died here and on the 21st of the same month in the morning at 9:30 am was buried here: Philipp Scholl, unmarried glazier here, age: 28 years, 4 months, and 17 days.
His parents are: Philipp Scholl, citizen and mason here, and the deceased Christina Krauß.
Witnesses are: (1) Jakob Friedrich Süß, citizen and farmer here. (2) Christoph Werner, citizen and day laborer here.
Graben, on the 21st of February 1847. T. Crecelius, pastor.
Left margin: Scholl. unmarried.
Katharina Scholl 27 Nov 1824 film 102078348 page 980
Translation by Robert Seal:

No. 55.
On the 24th of November [1824] at night going on 12:00 midnight born and on the 27th [of November 1824] baptized: Katharina [Scholl]. 
The parents are Philipp Scholl, citizen and master mason, and his wife Christina, née Kraußin. 
Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Philipp Brauch, citizen and master cooper. (2) Elisabetha, née Spöck. (3) Philipp Krauß, citizen. (4) His wife Magdalena, née Metzger.
Graben, on the 27th of November 1823. Henhöfer, pastor.
Note: Katharina is Philipp Scholl's sister.