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Maria Elisabetha Weidmann 1685-1753

Maria Elisabetha Weidmann was born 2 December 1685 to Peter Weidmann and Elisabetha Kammerer. (Note: Kammerer can be spelled with a C or a K, the sounds are the same in German however when we visited the Graben Cemetery in 2019 all the Kammerer headstones used the K. That is what will do.)

Maria married George Scholl about 1709. The Graben  marriage for 1709 are missing. Their children were born during a 13 year period from 1710 to 1723. George died 12 November 1728 which means he lived 50 years 9 mo and 1 day. Maria died 16 March 1753. Maria lived 67 years 3 mo 14 days. Sadly, Maria Weidmann lived 24 years 4 mo and 4 days on her own.

What happened to their children?
Johann Peter Scholl 1710 Dec infancy
Anna Elisabeth Scholl 1713 Dec infancy
Christoph Scholl 1716-1761 married Magdalena Bickel, no children on FS
Johann Georg Scholl 1720-1764 married Anna Maria Kammerer
Andreas Scholl 1723 Dec infancy

Graben teachers during their lives:
1685 Johann Kaspar Seefels
1687 Johann Georg Habner
1698 Johann Valentin Klobe
1708 Johann Käpplinger (see letter below)
1724 Johann Georg Palmer (Schuladjunct)

1713 Letter from the Graben Schoolmaster
We read from such a one (request letter):
Graben, the 4 March 1713
I have a indeed a free (of charge), but too small flat in the Schaeferhäuslein. (small house called little shepherd house))
But for my little pupils, at the moment 80 (too small to accomodate the pupils in my house's living room.)  For lack of a pastor house the pastor lives in the schoolhouse. We have to help ourselves with this much too little house, in which the shepherd lived before. It is far away from the church (one quarter of an hour to walk) and too remote of the community (Flecken) and not easy to reach for the quite big number of pupils (children). It is too far away - you do not (even) hear the church bells and when they the bells announce the hours (half hours etc.). (they did not have any watches) The path way is nearly impossible in bad weather (mean time) because of too much dirt on the street (swamp, not paved way, lousy street).
John Käpplinger
(Thanks to Peter Bertschinger for this translation)
Documents related to Maria Elisabetha Weidmann:

Maria Elsabetha Weidmann birth 2 Dec 1685 film 4137289 page 232
Translation by Robert Seal
This is the birth record for a set of fraternal twins.
Translated abstract: Numbers: 54. and 55.
Birth date: 3 December 1685, between 12:00 midnight and 1:00 am.
Baptismal date: 5? December 1685, at 3:00 pm.
First twin: Maria Elisabetha.
Second twin: Johann Martin.
Parents: Peter Weidman[n], citizen and community ______ lawyer, and wife Elisabetha, née Cammererin.
Baptismal sponsors:
(1) [for the daughter]: Mr. Hanß Matthis Zeißloff and wife; Martin Scholl, an unmarried person; maiden Maria Margetha, unmarried daughter of Bernhard Pfeil.
(2) [for the son]: Martin Weick and wife; Matthis Heÿlmann and wife.

Elisabeth's father: Hans Peter Weidmann burial 20 April 1692
in Graben, age 44 birth year1648 death date 18 Apr 1692
film 102078298 page 271
Elisabeth's father Hans Peter Weidmann burial 20 April 1692 in Graben, age 44, birth year 1648, death date 18 April 1692, 18 April death burial the 20th of April who was a citizen and Procurator in Graben was buried on the 20th age 44 years old

The main street of Graben around the middle of the 18th century with the old church, which was demolished in 1873 and in its place the new Kirche was built. Before 1873 the church was faced this way. Today the back of the church is faced away from the main street and the entrance faces the street.

House in Graben that dates back to the 1700s.

Elisabetha's mother: Anna Elisabeth Kammerer death
in Graben, 8 Jun 1704, film 4137289 page 401 
Elisabetha's mother: Anna Elisabeth Kammerer death, in Graben, 8 Jun 1704, born 30 Aug 1653, age 50 7 months
Maria Elisabetha Weidmann death, 16 March 1753 Graben
film 4137289 page 6
Translation of Death record:
16 Mar 1753, Died Maria Elsbth widow, died the wife of the deceased Jorg Scholl, already dead, she was buried with singing after a sermon, 67 years 3 mo 14 days old
Pastor: The Graben Pastor who helped with the funeral arrangements and filled out the death record for Elisabetha Weidmann was Pfarrer Augustin Langer von Bamberg. Bamberg is where the witch trials of the 17th century claimed about one thousand victims, reaching a climax between 1626 and 1631, under the rule of Prince-Bishop Johann Georg II Fuchs von Dornheim. The famous Drudenhaus (witch prison), built in 1627, is no longer standing. Pastor Langer was paid extra for the singing and sermon. This meant the family was fairly well off and had the money for something that wasn't necessary but nevertheless a nice way of honoring Elisabetha's life.