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Margarethe Scholl 1834 - 1914

Margarethe Scholl was born on 20 Jan 1834 and baptized 23 January 1834l.  Her parents are Wilhelm Scholl and Margaretha Weber. She married Fredrich Scholl 31 May 1860. No children we know of. She died 2 Oct 1914. Margarethe live to be 80 years old.

What happened during Margarethe's lifetime?
1897 Brahms dies
1899 Second Boar War
1914 WWI

What happened during their lives?
1833 May 7, Composer Johannes Brahms was born in Hamburg, Germany, and died on Apr 3, 1897. His works number through Opus 122 and included: the "Hungarian Dances," the "Haydn Variations," the "Violin Concerto in D Major," "Lullaby" and compositions for the pianoforte, organ, chamber music, orchestral compositions, numerous songs, small and large choral works. 
1856 Jul 29, Robert Schumann , German composer, died. He had starved himself to death in a madhouse. The 1947 film "Song of Love" was based on the Robert and Clara Schuman. In 2000 J.D. Landis authored "Longing" a novel based on the love affair between Robert Schuman and Clara Wieck. 
1869 Johannes Brahms  composed his "German Requiem." 
1871 Jan 18, The German Empire (Deutsches Kaiserreich) was proclaimed in Versailles.  William I of Prussia was proclaimed "German Emperor" (which was not the same thing as "Emperor of Germany"). The unification of Germany was the greatest geopolitical transformation of the period. Germany went on to adopt the mark as its common currency. (Wikipedia)

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Translation by Robert Seal:

Number: 30.

Burial date and time: 4 October [1914], 4:00 pm.

Death date and time: 2 October [1914], 11:45 pm.

Decedent: Scholl, Margarete, née Scholl, widow of the deceased local mason Karl Friedrich Scholl.

Age: 80 years, 8 months, 13 days.

Remarks: II, 327.

[signed]: Schweickert.