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Wilhelm Ludwig Scholl 1824-1904

Ludwig Scholl was born 29 Aug 1824. He married Eva Katharina Wenz on 15 May 1827  in Graben.  Ludwig was a farmer in Graben. He died 28 May1904

Ludwig and Eva had two children:
Catharina 8 Feb 1857
Ludwig 13 Oct 1865 (see his family book below)

What happened during their lives?
Hunting in the community forest belonged to court hunting until the appearance of the newer hunting-feet (Jagdgefeß of 2 December 1850). The game species find: roe deer, harbour, fafans. partridges. Foxes, sometimes wild boars, fallow deer and red deer due to the proximity of the park. Until 1848 there were complaints about significant damage to the game by biting off the shoots of forlene; in the spring of that year well over 100 roe deer were fished and the populations were noticeably reduced. Now also the deciduous wood came up of which one believed earlier. it was held down with the scissors. The present wildlife does not exert a negative influence on the forest culture. Hunting is now once again the property of the community. (Graben by Frederick Kemm, 1920)

1825 Philipp Scholl is born to Christina Scholl on February 12
1827 Beethoven died 26 March 1827 when Philipp is 2 years old
1828 Schubert died 19 November 1828 when Philipp is 3
1833 Johannes Brahms was born 7 May 1833, Philipp is 8

Documents related to Ludwig Scholl:

Ludwig Scholl son of Wilhelm bap 2 Sep 1824
film 3437289 page 1055
Translation by Robert Seal:
37. On the 29th of August [1824] at night between 11:00 pm and 12:00 midnight was born and on the 2nd of September [1824] in the afternoon at 1:00 pm was baptized: Ludwig. The parents are the local citizen Wilhelm Scholl and his wife Margaretha, née Weber. Baptismal witnesses are (1) Philipp Weick, citizen, (2) his wife Magdalena, née Braunin; (3) Philipp Kraus, citizen, (4) his wife Margaretha, née Schollin.
Graben, on the 2nd of September 1824. Henhöfer, pastor.Right margin: died 1 June 1825

Ludwig Scholl Family Book film 102118620 page 1218   

Robert Seal answers question re this doc:
1) Ludwig's middle name or profession: "Landwirth" = farmer.
(2) Wife's name: Eva Katharina Wentz
(3) Paragraph at the bottom of doc.: Katharina [i.e., child 1 above] had out of wedlock: a girl stillborn, born 22 Nov 1876, died 22 Nov 1876. (Alleged father: Ludwig Süß, II, 217.

Ludwig Scholl b 1865 family book p 326 film 1020611090 page 8 

Translation by Robert Seal:
(1) Wife's name: Luise Christine Roth.
(2) 3rd child's name: Elise.
(3) Last column on right:
Karl Friedrich Kunzmann, IV?, 189?
Mathilde Lina Grimm, IV?, 381.
Wilhelm Lichtenwalter, IV, 311.
(4) column headings: birth, marriage, death and remarks

Ludwig Scholl death 28 May 1904, film 102118620 page 665

Translation by Robert Seal:
Number: 8.
Burial date and time: 30 March [1904], 2:00 pm.
Death date: 28 March [1904], 12:00 am?
Decedent: Ludwig Scholl, farmer here, widower, husband of the late Eva Katharina Wenz from here.
Age: 79 years, 6 months, 30 days.
Remarks: II, 281.
[Signed]: Schweickert.