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Christina Scholl 1822-1882

Christine Scholl was born to Wilhelm Scholl and Margaretha Weber or Weeber on 14 April 1822. She married Wilhelm Metzger 2 Nov 1848.  Wilhelm was a cooper in Graben. They had their first two children out of wedlock and then added two more children within wedlock. Christine died 6 March 1882 in Graben.

What happened to their children?
1.  Wilhelm, born 17 Dec 1844.
2. Christina, born 11 Jun 1846.
3. Reinhard Metzger 1859 Dec
4. August Metzer 1882 Dec

What happened during their lives?

1848 - German philosopher Karl Marx publishes The Communist Manifesto which would be the basis for Marxism and communism.
1848 Middle Class Revolution: The German Revolutions of 1848-49 must have touched Wilhelm deeply. Seeing the freedom that the USA and France had, the middle class in "Germany" and in particular Baden revolt against the Nobility. They tired of the taxes and oppressive regime. Unfortunately the Prussian army came in and crushed the rebellion. It wasn't until 1871, that Germany became a nation state when most of the German states unified into the Prussian-dominated German Empire. Before 1871 Germany for all intents and purposes was a loose confederation of Nobility areas. 
1862 - Otto von Bismarck is elected Prime Minister of Prussia.

1871 - Germany defeats France in the Franco-Prussian War. The German states are unified and the national parliament, called the Reichstag, is established. In effect Germany becomes a unified country.

Documents related to Christine Scholl:

Johann Martin Scholl 12 Apr 1820 bot rt film 1020782348 page 943
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 20.
On the 9th of April [1820] in the evening at 6:00 pm born and on the 12th of the same month midday at 1:00 pm baptized: Johann Martin [Scholl].
Parents are the local citizen Wilhelm Scholl and his wife Margaretha, née Weeberin.
Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Johann Martin Becker, local citizen and master weaver. (2) His wife Magdalena, née Seeberin. (3) Johann Adam Müller, local citizen. (4) His wife Eva, née Maierin.
Graben, on the 12th of April 1820. T. G. Beck, pastor.
Right margin: immigrated to America in the year 1854.

Christine daughter of Wilhelm born 16 Apr 1822 film 4137289 page 1039
Translation by Robert Seal:
No. 18. On the 14th of April [1822], before midday at 9:00 am was born and on the 16th of the same month was baptized: Christine. Parents are the local citizen Wilhelm Scholl and his wife Margaretha, née Weeber.
Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Johann Martin Becker, local citizen and master weaver: (2) his wife Magdalena, née Seeber. (3) Philipp Krauß, local citizen, (4) his wife Margaretha, née Scholl.
Graben, on the 16th of April 1822. T. G. Beck, pastor.

Wilhelm Scholl 1789 -1856 family book film 102118620 page 1015

Robert Seal translation:

The children written below child 9, Philippine, are the illegitimate children of three of the Scholl daughters, no. 3 Christine, no. 8 Margaretha, and no. 9 Philippine.

no. 3 Christine:

NB [note well]: Christine had out of wedlock: (1) Wilhelm, born 17 Dec 1844. (2) Christina, born 11 Jun 1846. Both children were legitimized: see Marriage Book: 1848, no. 13.

no. 8 Margaretha:

NB [note well]: Margaretha had out of wedlock: Katharina, born 5 May 1858. Acknowledged __________ Scholl, see II, page 327. [If you are able to find Family Register II, page 327, this will probably tell you who the father is.]

no. 9 Philippine:

*Philippine had out of wedlock: [Katharina] Philippina, born 3 Jan 1861. [The asterisk at the beginning of this entry is referring you back to child no.9 (Philippine) above where you find a similar asterisk in the "Marriage" column with reference to "III, page 122" (I can't read the other number after the slash). I also can't read what is written under the child's birth date.]

Here is the link from Ancestry for the 1861 birth of Philippine Scholl's daughter, Katharina Philippina:

This is how I knew this child's first name was "Katharina" -- I still can't decipher what is actually written for this name in the record itself. Let me know if you have any questions.

 Christine Scholl marr w Wilhelm Scholl illget b 17 Dec 1844 film 102550540 page 255


Christine Scholl marr w Wilhelm Scholl illget b 17 Dec 1844 film 102550540 page 255

N0=13. Im Jahre Christi Tausend acht Hundert u. Acht u. Vierzig den
Zweiten November mittags Elf Uhr wurde dahier nach erhaltenen
Staatserlaubnis d.d. [kare?] nach den 19=Oktober 1848. Nr. 23643
Metzger. – ehelich einge[tragen]: Wilhelm Metzger, angehender Burger
Abbr. – Kä[?]ermeister dahier, geb. Den 4th Juli 1821. Ehelich unverheirat-
ter Sohn des verstorbenen Wilhelm Metzger, gewesenen Burgers
Abbr. – K[äs]ers dahier, [abbr.] der Elisabetha, geb. He[?s. – mit -
Scholl. – Christiana Scholl, geb. Den 14 en April 1822 _ ehelich ledige
Tochter des Wilhelm Scholl, burgers Landwirths dahier
Abr. Der Tr g ther, geb. Weber. –
Zeugen sind: 1., Johann Georg Flohe, burger u. bauer dahier. –
2., Wilhelm Scholl, burger .. Landwirth dahier. –
Bei dieser Gelegenheit erklärt Wilhelm Metzger, aus
Seinem Antrieb, daß er der Vater sei der beide Kinder
Der Cynthia Scholl, seiner [?]hriger Ehefrau, von

Translation in English:
on the 2 November 1848, after receiving state permission, on the 19 October 1848 Nr. 23643 Metzger was registered as "legitimate." Wilhelm Metzger, a resident citizen and (I want to say Käsemeister, but I feel I am missing a letter. Ernst Thodes German English Genealogical Dictionary, provided no entry) from here, born the 4 July 1821. Legitimate, single son of the deceased Wilhelm Metzger, former citizen, and (cheesemaker?) from here and Elisabetha born [He?s] married Christiana Scholl, born the 14 April 1822, legitimate single daughter of Wilhelm Scholl, citizen and farmer from here.

Witnesses were: I think that part is clear

At this opportunity Wilhelm Metzger explained of his own accord, that he is the father of two children of Cynthia Scholl his (?) wife....

Page 2
Page II German:

dem das ein Knäbchen im Jahr Tausend Acht Hundert Vier u.
Vierzig, der Siebzehnten Dezember dahier geboren wurde
In der Tauf. Den Namen Wilhelm erhielt, in das Geburts-
Buch der hiesigen Gemeinde subpage. 190. Nr. 84 eingetrag-
en ist; [?] das auch ein Mädchen im Jahre Tausend Acht Hun-
dert u. Sechs u. Vierzig, den Elften Juni geboren ist, u. der
Heutigen? Taufe den Namen Christiana erhielt, [Abbr] des Ge-
Burts-buches hiesigen Gemeinde subpage. 240 No. = 41
Eingetragen wurde.
Diese Erklärung gab W. Metzger in Gegenwart der
Beide beide unterschriebene Zeugen, die auch als Zeugen des Trau.-=
ngsaktes eingeschrieben sind, seiner unerhrige Ehefrau
Mit [?] am? Bauernknab, daß in die beiden genannten Kinder
Den Kindern, die in der Ehe [?] noch bekommen [?],
in allen Rechten gleichstelle.
Name des Vaters: Namen des Zeugen:
Name der Mutter

Page II English:
to whom the one child was born in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred Four.
Forty, the seventeenth of December was born here
In the baptism. The name Wilhelm received, in the birth
Book of the local community subpage. 190. no. 84
en is; [?] that also a girl in the year thousand Eight Hun-
and six and forty, the eleventh of June was born, and the
Today? Christening received the name Christiana, [Abbr] of the Ge-
Burts-buches hiesigen Gemeinde subpage. 240 No. = 41
Was entered.
This declaration gave W. Metzger in the presence of the
Both both signed witnesses, who are also inscribed as witnesses of the marriage act.
ngsakt are inscribed, to his unhonored wife
With [?] am? Bauernknab, that in the two mentioned children
To the children, which in the marriage [?] still get [?],
in all rights equal.
Name of the father: Name of the witness:
Name of mother

Wilhelm Metzger is a "Küfermiester" = master cooper and his late father is a Küfer = cooper.
Last line: Der Cynthia Christina Scholl . . .
Those "curvy" symbols in the left margin represent the word "und" = and.

Kent Note:
The signatures on the second page are very interesting. How often do you see original signatures of ancestors?

F Wilhelm Scholl (Christina's father), Christina Scholl (Christina herself), T. Wilhelm Metzger (cooper groom), Georg Stafer. The other three persons are tough to read.

It appears when you want to make it right with the church, in terms of an illegitimate child, everyone needs to sign off on the contract. 


Christine Scholl b 1822 familybook  p 171 film 102118620 p 1163

Ulrich Neitzel:

  • the word after Wilhelm, doesn't look like Bürger
    • Küfer = cooper
  • the paragraph under Kinder, does this tell anything about the father of the first 2 children?
    • Before marriage Christina Scholl had the following two children, who have been legitimized, cf. marriage book 1848, No. 13
  • the ending paragraph (notes concerning 1) Wilhelm and 5) Friederike)
    • x Note: Father of the child of Magdalena ____? cf. [family book] II, 117
    • xx Friederike had illegitimately Wilhelmina, [born] 19 September 1874 (stated as father: Aug[ust] Wilhelm Rau?, ____ in ___? cf. [family book] II, 34

Christine Scholl illeget b 11 June 1846 film 102550540 page 169

Translation by Robert Seal:

Left margin: Scholl. (illegitimate).

No. 41. In the year of Christ 1846, on the 11th of June in the morning at 9:00 am was born out out of wedlock here and on the 14th of the same month midday at 2:00 pm was baptized here: a girl, Christina. Her father is unknown, Her mother is Christina Scholl, servant, unmarried daughter of Wilhelm Scholl, citizen and day laborer here.

Baptismal witnesses are: (1) Christoph Werner, citizen and day laborer here. (2) Philip Kraus, citizen and _____? from here.

Baptismal sponsors are: the two named witnesses, then: (3) Katharina Scholl, née Wörtele, from here.

Graben, 14 June 1846. T. Crecelius, pastor.

Robert Seal Notes:
Christina Scholl's occupation in this record is "Dienstmagd" which translates as: servant girl, servant, maid. I think you named a number of the chores she would be required to do in a given household, though I am not sure about babysitting.

The following article about household servants from the German Wikipedia may provide additional information on the duties and responsibilities of maids and servants:

In servant the broader sense, a is an permanently in the household employed helper who lives for work in the house and agriculture . In the narrower sense, it is a household worker. The heyday of servants in Western Europe 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century are considered to be the . For middle-class households at that time, the employment of at least one maid was an essential characteristic of their own class. [1] Domestic servants are still widespread in countries with large income gaps and where the employment situation differs widely between urban and rural areas.



Small advertisement with a job offer for a cook and a "second girl" for washing and ironing activities (Cologne, 1881)


Christine Scholl death 6 March 1882 film 102118620 page 583

Robert Seal: Good morning Herr Gardiner,


Number: 10.

Burial date and time: 6 March [1882], 4:00 pm.

Death date: 4 March [1882].

Decedent: Christina Metzger, née Scholl, wife of Wilhelm Metzger, cooper here.

Age: 60 years, 10 months, 20 days.

Remarks: II, 171 [Family Register, volume 2, page 171].

Record is signed: H. Zimmer(n), deacon.