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Frederich Wilhelm Raicher 1711-1775

Frederich Wilhelm Raicher was born in 1711 to Georg Michael Raicher and Maria Magdalena Seber. He married Margaretha Barbara Weidmann on 20 January 1733. They had 12 children. Their 11the child is Augusta Raicher who married Wendel Scholl. Three of their children married and had children. Frederich died 19 October 1775 in Graben, Karlsruhe, Baden, Deutschland. Frederick worked in a bathhouse as a "Bader."

Graben counted 78 households in 1742, Protestant, except for about 42 souls Roman Catholic. Number of school children: 80. In Rüppurr in 1737 Pastor Huber complained that the churchyard was not fenced, which is why the cattle, especially the pigs, were rummaging around the graves; those of Graben and Rußheim  

Frederich Wilhelm by the numbers:

17 November 1711
Graben, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany
18 November 1711
Graben, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany
19 October 1775
Graben, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany
21 October 1775
Graben, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany

What happened to their children:
Raicher infant 1733 Dec
Philipp Jacob Raicher 1737-1737
Jacobina Elisabetha Raicher 1738-1739
Margaretha Magdalena Raicher 1739-1815
Jacobina Elisabetha Raicher 1742-1812
Maria Barbara Raicher 1745-1745
Johann Christoph Raicher 1746-1746
Maria Salome Raicher 1748-1749
Barbara Raicher 1750-1750
Augusta Raicher 1752-1786
Johann Christoph Raicher 1754-1754

Notes: FS has Friderich Wilhelm Raicher Jr. born 23 January 1734. Since this is 1 month 23 days after the Raicher infant it seems highly unlikely if not impossible for this to occur. A search was done just in cast and no person was found.

What happened during their lives?
1740 - Frederick the Great becomes king. He expands the German Empire and supports the sciences, arts, and industry.
1750        Jul 28, Composer Johann Sebastian Bach (65) died in Leipzig, Germany. In 2000 Christoff Wolff authored the biography "Johann Sebastian Bach." In 2005 James Gaines authored “Evening in the Palace of Reasoning," a portrait of Bach in 1747. In 2013 John Eliot Gardiner authored “Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven."
1756        The Seven Years' War begins. Germany allies with Britain against France, Austria, and Russia. Germany and Britain win.

1756        Famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born.
1763-1825     Jean Paul Richter, German author: "A timid person is frightened before a danger; a coward during the time; and a courageous person afterward." "Spring makes everything young again except man."
1764        Jan 1, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (age 8) played for the Royal Family at Versailles, France.

1770        Dec 16, Ludwig Von Beethoven (d.1827), deaf German composer best known for his 9th Symphony, was born in Bonn. His Sixth Symphony "Pastorale" was in F-Major.

Graben Forest
The size of the existing forest has a significance of which one can hardly imagine today. The forest was a supplier of an abundance of raw materials: The wood was used as building or heating material, fruit and leaves were brought in as fodder or stable litter or, conversely, the cattle were driven to pasture in the forest to provide only a few key foods. Incidentally, game is not mentioned here; hunting has always been a genuine master's game and was not allowed to be practiced by the villagers.  (Graben by Konrad Dussel)

Documents related to Frederich Wilhelm Raicher:

Frederich Wilhelm Raicher birth 17 Nov 1711 4137289 page 313

Translation by Robert Seal:
Child: Friderich Wilhelm, born on 17 November [1711], baptized on 18 November [1711].
Parents: Georg Michael Reechard, the bathhouse operator/barber [and] Maria Magdalena Sewertin [Sewert].
Baptismal sponsors: Andreas Scholl with wife; Johann Philipp Rösch with wife.
My comment: The mother Maria Magdalena's maiden surname in FS Family Tree is: Seber. See ID no. L6HB-YN8
The Graben Pastor who wrote this is Ernst Frederick Wider.

Translation by Robert Seal:
Left-hand margin: [record no.] 72. Friederich Wilhelm Raichert, the "Bader". :1: [= his first marriage].
On Tuesday, the 20th of January [1733] were legally married and clerically/priestly blessed Friderich Wilhelm Raichert, the local "Bader", the surviving legitimate unmarried son of the late Georg Mich[a]el Raichert, former juryman and "Bader" here, and with him Margaretha Barbara Weÿdmännin, the legitimate unmarried daughter of Christoff Weÿdmann here. They had a wedding sermon and ceremonial pomp but no string music because of grief/mourning.
My comment: Note the small numbers "1" and "2" written above the bride's forenames. The scribe wrote these two names in the wrong order and the numbers are telling the reader to reverse the names making "Margaretha" the first name and "Barbara" the second name.

Frederich Wilhelm Raicher death 19 Oct 1775 film 4137289 page 852
Translation by Robert Seal:
Heading at the top of this page: In the year of Christ 1775 died here in Graben.
Translation of record:
Died 19 October [1775] at 2:00 pm and was buried on the 21st of the same month.
Friderich Wilhelm Raicher, former citizen and "Bader" here, age 63 years, 11 months, 2 days.
My comments: The first name is spelled "Friderich" in this record.The occupation "Bader" translates as bathhouse operator or barber.Note from Wikipedia:
Bader is a German occupational surname derived from the German word "Bad" meaning "bath". It originally referred to the owners or attendants of bathhouses, who subsequently took on other tasks including cutting hair and dentistry.
German Wikipedia: Bader, also called Stübner, Latin balneator or feminine balneatrix (bath woman), is an old occupational name for the operator or employee of a bathhouse. The profession has been known since the Middle Ages. On the one hand, bathers were the "doctors of the little people" who could not afford to seek advice from the studied physicians. On the other hand, they were important assistants of the academically educated medical profession until the 18th century (see Position and Rights). Like the field scissors, they practiced a highly respected healing profession, although not accredited by science. It included bathing, body care, cosmetics and sub-areas of the developing surgery, dentistry and ophthalmology. For example, cupping and bloodletting as well as the treatment of minor wounds belonged to the scope of activities. In addition to the bather, a shearer or barber often worked in the bathhouse, who was responsible for cutting hair and trimming beards. From these, sometimes difficult to distinguish, professions developed the craft surgeon, later called wound doctor.
Pastor: The Pastor who helped with the final arrangements regarding Frederich was Johann Jacob Ritter. He served as Graben Pastor from 1757 -1798. We are not sure who buried Frederich but most likely he was buried behind the church in Graben.
Johann Martin Scholl birth 2 Aug 1788 father Johann Martin Scholl bot rt film 102078348 page 643
Translation by Robert Seal:
On the 2nd of August [1788] in the morning at 1:00 am born and on the 3rd of the same month baptized: Johann Martin [Scholl], born posthumously [after the death of his father].
Father: the late Johann Martin Scholl, former citizen and master cooper here.
Mother: Magdalena, née Roeschin.
Baptismal witnesses: (1) Christoph Braun, the local citizen and master tailor, and (2) his wife Maria Sidonia, née Grünenmeierin. (3) Wilhelm Roesch, legitimate unmarried son of Joh[ann] Philipp Roesch, the local citizen and master shoemaker.
Right column: died 2 April 1849.
Note: Wilhelm Roesch b 6 Oct 1764 was married the next year to Maria Catharina Metzger 9 Dec 1789.  Wilhelm's father is Johann Philipp Roesch b 1732 and his mother is Margaretha Magdalena Raicher b 1739. Margaretha Magdalena's father is  Frederich Wilhelm Raicher. Wilhelm died 29 Dec 1843 at age 79.