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Maria Katharina Obermeyer 1719-1794

Maria Katharina Obermeyer lived from 1720 to 1794.  Thomas Nüchter married Maria Katharina Obermeyer on the 18th January 1747.  Seven months later Maria gave birth to Salome born 24 Aug 1746. Five years later Katharina Barbara was born 7 January 1751 and Maria Katharina 6 years later in 1757. The word Nichter means sober.

What happened to their children?
Salome Nichter  24 Aug 1746 - 5 Feb 1820, married Georg Michael Klein 26 January 1775, 5 children
Cathaerina Barbara Nichter 1751-1811 no death date, no marriage 
Maria Katharina Nichter 1757-1825 second wife of Wendel Scholl, 6 children.

In their lifetime:
1750        Jul 28, Composer Johann Sebastian Bach (65) died in Leipzig, Germany. In 2000 Christoff Wolff authored the biography "Johann Sebastian Bach." In 2005 James Gaines authored “Evening in the Palace of Reasoning," a portrait of Bach in 1747. In 2013 John Eliot Gardiner authored “Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven."
1763-1825     Jean Paul Richter, German author: "A timid person is frightened before a danger; a coward during the time; and a courageous person afterward." "Spring makes everything young again except man."
1764        Jan 1, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (8) played for the Royal Family at Versailles, France.
1770        Dec 16, Ludwig Von Beethoven (d.1827), deaf German composer best known for his 9th Symphony, was born in Bonn. His Sixth Symphony "Pastorale" was in F-Major. 
1785        Jan 4, Jacob Ludwig Grimm, German philosopher who wrote Grimm’s Fairy Tales, was born.
1787        Aug 10, Mozart completed his "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik."

Documents related to Maria Katharina Obermeyer:

  Maria Catharina Obermeier birth 1719 in Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden, 102078353 page 556

Translation by Robert Seal:
Time and Parents: In the year 1719 on the 9th of February a little daughter of Jerg Obermeÿer, non-citizen resident in Büchig, linen weaver, and wife Anna, was baptized.
Child: Maria Catharina. [no.] 648.
Baptismal sponsors: Heinrich Raupp, unmarried son of Noa[h]? Raupp, deceased citizen in Büchig; Andreas Weber, son of Jacob Weber, citizen in "Hagsfelt" [Hagsfeld]; Maria Catharina, daughter of Jacob Ulrich in Büchig; Anna Catharina, unmarried daughter of Martin Meÿer, citizen in Büchig.
My comment: Büchig is approximately 7 miles south of Graben:
 Georg Obermeyer death Blankenloch 102078353 page 854
Translation by Robert Seal:
Column 1: Year 1743.
Column 2 : On the 12th of August.
Column 3: Johann Georg, [died] at the age of 60 years.
Column 4: Obermaÿer, inhabitant without citizenship, born in __________?
Robert, Here we go again - another non-citizen. How often do you run into non-citizens? I wonder how many non citizens there were in Graben vs Bürgers? I have been told that a Bürger who belonged to the "union" had certain rights and privilages. If they moved to another community, which was rare, the new community took care or watched over them. If they ran into trouble they were sent back to their original place of residence and their original church took responsibility for them. I was also told only 3% of people moved from one community to another. Kent
Ann Bane (Maria Katharina's mother) death 27 May 1758 Graben Film 004137289 page 610

Translation by Robert Seal:
Died on the 27th of May [1758] at night after 10:00 pm and buried on the 29th [of May 1758] Anna, the surviving widow of the late Georg Obermäyer, former "Beÿsi(t)zer" and weaver at Blankenloch. Age: 74 years.
My comment: "Beÿsi(t)zer" = Beisitzer. Ernest Thode, German-English Genealogical Dictionary, defines "Beisitzer" as: "junior lawyer; juryman; inhabitant without land (e.g. a son in the parental household) without citizenship rights or duties". Then I penciled-in in my personal copy of Thode in the margin next to this word: council member. Google Translate and DeepL translate this word as: assessor. So you have a variety of options to chose from. Hopefully if you find other records for Georg Obermaÿer you will be able to narrow this down.
Location: Blankenloch is approximately 6 miles south of Graben and approximately 3 miles north of Hagsfeld. All of Maria Catharina's siblings were born in Blankenloch. Maria Katharina's father died in Blankenlock and her mother Ann Bane died in Graben, probably living with Maria Katharina after the death of Ann Bane's husband. Johann Georg Obermeyer died in 1743 and his wife Ann Bane died in Graben in 1758. It must be noted that Graben and Spöck are often confused. The death record for Ann Bane is from Graben.

Salome Nichter marriage 26 Jan 1775 film 102078348 page 731

Translation by Robert Seal:
Because of all the flourishes the handwriting was difficult to read but here is the translation you requested:
[Were married] on the 26th of January [1775], George Michael Klein, the local non-citizen resident, the surviving legitimately-conceived unmarried son of the late Johann Michael Klein, former inhabitant at Fürfeld, with the late Christina, née Zieglerin, and Salome Nüchterin, the surviving legitimately-conceived unmarried daughter of the late Thomas Nüchtern, former non-citizen resident here, with Catharina, née Obermaÿerin.
My comment: Both the groom and the bride's father are identified as: Hintersass(e). Ernest Thode, German-English Genealogical Dictionary defines "Hintersass(e)" as: "non-citizen resident (with own household, no land, no major livestock, but no rights or obligations of citizen)".
Graben Pastor J. J. Ritter performed the marriage.

 Maria Catharina Oberemeyer Nuchter death 102078348 page  803
Translation by Robert Seal:
[Died in Graben] on the 10th of January 1794 at 8:00 pm and buried on the 12th of the same month Maria Catharina Obermeierin, whose husband was Thomas Nüchtern, former non-citizen resident, [her] age 74 years, 11 months, 2 days.
My comment: Based on age at death, Maria Catharina's calculated birth date is: on or close to 8/9 Feb 1719. (Robert's calculation was perfect, see above. FS has her born in Spöck, without proof.)