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Margaretha Barbara Weidmann 1711 - 1788

Margaretha Barbara Weidmann was born 7 July 1711 in Graben, in the nobility area of Karlshrue, Baden, Germany.  She married Friderich Wilhelm Raicher on 20 January 1733. They had 12 children. Their 11the child is Augusta Raicher who married Wendel Scholl.
Graben counted 78 households in 1742, Protestant, except for about 42 souls Roman Catholic. Number of school children: 80. In Rüppurr in 1737 Pastor Huber complained that the churchyard was not fenced, which is why the cattle, especially the pigs, were rummaging around the graves; those of Graben and Rußheim 

What happened to their children:
Raicher 1733-1733
Friderich Wilhelm Raicher 1734-1804, married Margaretha Hoerner 8 May 1759, 1 child
Philip Jacob Raicher 1737-1737, lived 2 months 13 days
Jacobina Elisabetha Raicher 1738-1739, lived 6 mo 26 days
Margaretha Magdalena Raicher 1739-1815, married Johann Philipp Rösch 24 May 1757, 9 children
Jacobina Elisabetha Raicher 1742-1812, married Johann Christoph Kemm, 14 children
Maria Barbara Raicher 1745-1745, lived 3 months 11 days
Johann Christoph Raicher 1746-1746, lived 3 weeks
Maria Salome Raicher 1748-1749, lived 1 year 2 mo 16 days
Barbara Raicher 1750-1750, lived 12 days
Augusta Raicher 1752-1786, married Johann ?
Wendel Scholl 16 Apr 1771, 10 children
Johann Christoph Raicher 1754-1754, lived 4 days

During their lives:
1749        Aug 28, German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (d.1832), "the master spirit of the German people," was born at Frankfurt am Main. Scientist, philosopher, novelist, and critic as well as lyric, dramatic, and epic poet, he was the leading figure of his age after Napoleon. He had early pretensions in the visual arts and was an avid draftsman into old age. He studied law in Leipzig and died in Weimar. He is best known for "Faust." "True excellence is rarely found, even more rarely is it cherished."

1776-1781    It is estimated that 30,000 Hessian soldiers fought for the British during the American Revolution. After Russia refused to provide troops for the war, the German states of Brunswick, Hesse-Cassel, Hesse-Hanau, Waldeck, Anspach-Bayreuth and Anhalt-Zerbst supplied mercenary soldiers, collectively referred to as Hessians. Seven thousand Hessians died in the war and another 5,000 deserted and settled in America. The British paid the German rulers for each soldier sent to North America and an additional sum for each killed.

Documents related to Margaretha Barbara Weidmann:

Margaretha Barbara Weidmann birth 7 July 1711 film 4137289 page 313,
Translation by Robert Seal:
[Child]: Margaretha Barbara, born on the 7th of July and baptized on the 8th of July.
[Parents]: Johann Christoph Weidmann, Elisabetha née Zimmermannin.
[Baptismal sponsors]: Johann Wendel Moos with wife. Reinhard Bellher with wife.
The Graben Pastor is ErnstFriedrich Wider.

Friderich Wilhelm Raicher marriage 20 Jan 1733 film 4137289 page 392
Translation by Robert Seal:
Left-hand margin: [record no.] 72. Friederich Wilhelm Raichert, the "Bader". :1: [= his first marriage].
On Tuesday, the 20th of January [1733] were legally married and clerically/priestly blessed Friderich Wilhelm Raichert, the local bathhouse operator/barber, the surviving legitimate unmarried son of the late Georg Mich[a]el Raichert, former juryman and bathhouse operator/barber here, and with him Margaretha Barbara Weÿdmännin, the legitimate unmarried daughter of Christoff Weÿdmann here. They had a wedding sermon and ceremonial pomp but no string music because of grief/mourning.
My comment: Note the small numbers "1" and "2" written above the bride's forenames. The scribe wrote these two names in the wrong order and the numbers are telling the reader to reverse the names making "Margaretha" the first name and "Barbara" the second name.
The Graben Pastor who performed this wedding was Christoph Käss.

Margaretha Barbara Weidmann death film 004137289 page 874

Translation by Robert Seal:
[Died] on the 18th of November [1788] at 12:00 noon and buried on the 19th of the same month, Margaretha Barbara Waidmännin, whose husband was the late Friederich Wilhelm Raicher, former juryman and bathhouse operator/barber here; age 77 years, 4 months, 11 days.

Margaretha Barbara Weidmann death film 004137289 page 874