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Anna Catharina Scholl 1665-1669

Anna Catrin Scholl born 20 Jan 1665 to Hans Leonard Scholl and Maria Magdalena Gerhard. She died at 4 years old.

Death seen as natural
If a woman died after the birth of a child (this was a dangerous process because of infections), her younger sister stepped in as new wife, or replacement. The husband (here farmer in the country) absolutely needed a wife to look after the children and farm house (cooking etc.). So he normally got remarried a second, or third time within a few months; later a one year period was recommended. Often these wives were widows themselves. So there was constant giving births and dying on the farms, similar to what happened in the stable with the animals. Death was seen as natural. Only medicine and hygienic measures lowered the infant and childhood mortality rate. However, there were very bad pestulenza waves in the 17th century in our regions. Many villages lost 30 to 40% of the population. (Peter Bertschinger)

Documents related to Anna Catrin Scholl:

Anna Catrin Scholl 20 Jan 1665 film 4137289 page 213
Translation Robert Seal:
Date: 20 Jan [1665].
Child: Anna Catrin.
Parents: Hanß Lenhart Scholl, Maria Magdalena.
Baptismal sponsors: Christoph Munck together with the wife. Wendel Becker together with the wife.
Comment: "Catrin" is a form of the name "Catharina".
Graben Pastor from 1663-1671 Sebastian Aepinus Aping
entered this information.
Anna Cath. Scholl death 27 Jan 1669 age 4 1665 birth Lonhard Scholl father film 102078298 page 257
Translation Robert Seal:
27 January [1669], Anna Catrina/Catarina, Lenhard Scholl's daughter, her age 4 years.
Why is Dec a 10 in the calendar? ans Ulrich: The confusion here is caused by a particular convention of notation for the months in the past. Note that the names of the months from September until December are derived from the Latin numbers
septem = seven
octo = eight
novem = nine
decem = ten
That is because the Roman calender started the year at the spring equinox in March, so today's March was the first month. September was the seventh month in the Roman calendar and so forth.
In the church books this lived on in the abbreviation notations of
7br for September, 8br for October, 9br for November and 10br (mostly with roman numeral X= 10, Xbr) for December.
So the transcription of Matthias Sticht's birth date on 5ten Xbr as 5th of December is in fact correct.
Graben Pastor: Sebastian Aepinus recorded this death.