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Anna Margret Scholl 1668-dec

Anna Margret Scholl was born 3 May 1668. She is the fourth child of Hans Leonard Scholl and Maria Magdalena Gerhard. She like her three previous siblings did not survive infancy. Anna Margaret was born just after the 30 Years War which devestated the area leaving many to live in caves.

During her lifetime:
Graben Castle 1600s
Graben Castle seems to have come through the war reasonably well, because there is always the military demand as a quarters and finally the Jesuits when they served on the base. Afterwards, however, it was probably neglected. In 1666, however, it was restored to a habitable condition and fortified to such an extent that it was also habitable offered protection. It could not really prove its worth with any of them; at the next it has already been destroyed.

In 1661 Louis XIV took over the government in France. The foreign policy goal of the later "Sun King" was hegemony over Europe and the consolidation of the state in the northeast and east. The Rhine was to form the natural border of France. (Graben by Konrad Dussel)

Documents related to Anna Margaret Scholl:

Anna Margret Scholl 3 May 1668 film 4137289 page 214
Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: 3 May [1668].
Child: Anna Margret.
Parents: Hanß Lenhard "Schol", Magdalena [his] wife.
Baptismal sponsors: Christoph Munck together with wife; Wendel Becker together with wife.
Pastor: Sebastian Aepinus Aping entered this information.