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Anna Barbara Scholl 1662 - at least 1685

Anna Barbara Scholl was born August 1662 in Graben to Hans Leonard Scholl and Maria Magdalena Gerhard. She is their second child. Anna married Georg Kern b 1662 on the 24th of January 1681. The marriage was in Hagsfeld, Baden, Germany. Hagsfeld is 9 miles south of Graben. After their marriage the couple moved back to Graben where all three of their children were born. No birth or death dates have been located for the Georg Kern, husband of Anna Barbara Scholl. No death date has been found for Anna Barbara Scholl.

What happened to their children?
Hans Martin Kern 1682-1686 have birth record, have death record, 4 years old Anna Christina Kern 1685 have birth, married Thomas Nied in Württemberg, Heiliges Römisches Reich 24 Oct 1699. The film has few dates and is very difficult to read. Film 101856332, the beginning of the film appears to be birth, marriages and deaths from 1688, not sure this is the right film because it doesn't mention Württemberg or Heiliges in the title.Johannes Georg Kern 1688 have birth record

During their lives:
French Destruction
During the reign of Eberhard Louis (1676–1733), who succeeded as a one-year-old when his father Duke William Louis died in 1677, Württemberg had to face another destructive enemy, Louis XIV of France. In 1688, 1703 and 1707, the French entered the duchy and inflicted brutalities and suffering upon the inhabitants. The sparsely populated country afforded a welcome to fugitive Waldenses, who did something to restore it to prosperity, but the extravagance of the duke, anxious to provide for the expensive tastes of his mistress, Christiana Wilhelmina von Grävenitz, undermined this benefit. (Baden History)

Graben Pastors during their lifetime:
1656-1663 Martin Luzius von Augsburg, (second Priest from here) (Augsburg, Bavaria is one of Germany’s oldest cities. The varied architecture in its center includes medieval guild houses, the 11th-century St. Mary's cathedral and the onion-domed Sankt Ulrich und Afra abbey.) (Grabstein auf den Friedhof.) (Translation: Mathias's Gravestone in the Cemetery) served with assistant Pastor Augusta Vindel.
1663-1671 Sebastian Aepinus Aping 
1671-1674 Johann Georg Pantzhaff von Urach in Württemberg (Württemberg was devastated in the Thirty Years’ War (1618–48) and fell prey to French invasions from 1688 until 1693 during the War of the Grand Alliance. Yet the country enjoyed progressive government. Compulsory education was introduced in 1649.) (Born in Urach Württemberg , studies in Strasbourg, 1652 pastor in Pfulgriesheim, 1656 in Remchingen with the branches Wilferdingen and Singen, 1666 in Eggenstein, 1667 in Langensteinbach, 1671 - 1674 in Graben , the Evangelical Church of Baden called Parzav or Parzhaff)
1674-1677 Johann Oswald Crusius (Crusig) von Ravensburg (Following the Reformation a "paritetic" government emerged in Ravensburg meaning an equal distribution of public offices between the Catholic and Protestant confession. This system was approved at the end of the Thirty Years' War in the Peace of Westphalia (1648).
1677-1682 Immanuel Rösch von Geislingen (The fortified Helfenstein castle existed since 1100.) (In 1644 Hochstetten had its own pastor, named Joh. Friedr. Buß; In 1677 there was Immanuel Rösch.)
1682-1692 Konrad Stadmann von Durlach (Durlach was chosen by the margrave Charles II in 1565 as residence of the rulers of Baden-Durlach, and retained this distinction though it was almost totally destroyed by the French in 1689.)

Documents related to Anna Barbara Scholl:

Anna Barbara Scholl birth Aug 1662 film 102078296 page 212

Translation by Robert Seal:
Month: 1 August [1662]. (You provided the year, it doesn't appear in the record.)
Child: Anna Barbara.
Parents: Leonhard(t) Scholl and wife Magdalena.
Baptismal sponsors: Martin Grun________? and his wife Magdalena, Hanß Bernhard(t) Pfister, Anna Christina Veidmännin, both young _____?
Graben Pastor from1656-1663 Martin Luzius von Augsburg made
this record. 
Pastor from 1656-1663 was Martin Luzius.

Transcription Charlotte Noelle Champenois:
Den 24. dito haben sich fernner in der
Kirchen Zu Hagsfeld ordentlicher Weise
einsegnen lassen Georg Kernner
Und Anna Barbara Leonhard
Schollen Burgers in Grabin Ehliche
On the 24th of the same month and year, in the church in Hagsfeld was further, properly blessed [i.e., married] Georg Kernner and Anna Barbara, legitimate daughter of Leonhard Scholl, citizen in Graben.
Note that surrounding marriage records say "eingesegnet worden" and simply "copuliert lassen" or "copuliert lassen," all of which are phrases indicating the couples were married.
Translation by Robert Seal:
The two place names I read in the record itself are:
Hagsfeld = the third word in the second line. Hagsfeld =
Graben = the fourth word in the fifth line. Graben =
These two places are about 9 miles apart.
Here is a transcription of what I can read in this record:
den 24. dito haben sich fernner [ferner] in der Kirche zu Hagsfeld ______ weise ein ____ ____ Georg Kernner und? Anna Barbara Leonhard Schollen Bürgers in Graben Ehliche Tochter.
Here is a translated abstract of the record:
Marriage date: 24 January
Marriage place: Hagsfeld
Groom: Georg Kernner
Bride: Anna Barbara, legitimate daughter of Leonhard Scholl, citizen in Graben.

Hans Martin Kern baptism b 1662 baptism1 Oct 1682 Graben film 102078348 page 166
Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: born on the 30th of September [1682] in the morning at 7:00 am, and baptized on the 1st of October [1682] at the hour of 9:00 am after the sermon.
Child: Hans Martin.
Parents: Georg Kern, tailor in this place, wife: Anna Barbara, née Schollin
Baptismal sponsors: Christina, the late Christoff Moncker's surviving widow; Bernard Ufeil and his wife; Hanß Martin unmarried surviving son of the late Christ___ Zwecker, the "Schwan___würth" here; and maiden Barbara, unmarried daughter of Hanß Caspar Becker, the alms supervisor here.
My comments: I think the time of the baptism would be 9:00 am, after the sermon, rather than 9:00 pm.
Hanß Martin Zwecker's father's first name could be: Christian or Christoff/Christoph, etc. It's possible that his father's occupation
"Schwan___würth" means he is an innkeeper at the sign of the swan(s). But I am not certain because I can't decipher the complete word.An interesting record. Enjoy!
Note from Kent: The Swan was a hotel in Graben. There are other references to the Swan. See Anna Catharina Scholl 1683 Dec 2 wks see witnesses Hans Peter Scholl 1687 Dec infant, see witnesses
Anna Christina Kern bap 9 Sep 1685 baptism 1662 9 Sep 1685 film 102078348 page 169

Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: born on the 8th of September [1685] between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm, and baptized on the 9th of the same month at the hour of 12 noon.
Child: Anna Christina.
Parents: Georg Kern, the tailor, wife: Anna Barbara, née Schollin.
Baptismal sponsors: Christina, the surviving widow of the late Christoff Moncken. Bernard Ufeil? and wife. Martin Zwecker and wife.

Hans Martin Kern burial 16 Dec 1686 age 4 birth 1682 film 004137289 page 265 
Translation by Robert Seal:
Hans Martin Kern on the 14th of December 1686 in the evening at 5? o'clock died in the holiness of his Savior blessed, little son of Georg Kern, the tailor here, who on the 16th [of December] thereafter was buried according to Christian custom in the earth after having lived 4 years and 10 weeks.
Johann Geo Kern baptism 3 Sep 1688  b 1662 film 004137289 page 237
Translation by Robert Seal:
Date: born on the 3rd of September [1688] in the morning at 10:00 am, and baptized on the 4th of the same month at the hour of 12 noon.
Child: Joh[ann] Georg.
Parents: Georg Kern, the tailor here, wife: Anna Barbara, née Schollin.
Baptismal sponsors: Hanß Martin Zwecker and wife. Hanß Christoff Grünmeÿer, unmarried son of Martin Grünmeÿer, smith here. Maiden Jacobea, unmarried daughter of Jacob Wentz?, timber/wood dealer/merchant.