Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Marx Sidler 1690

There is a Marx Sidler born 1685 who married Elisabetha Hegetschweiler b 1696 and had 10 children. For a time I thought I found Marx Sidler's wife and children and was very excited. To find something that Julius Billeter failed to find is a huge victory. The Marx Sidler b 1685 married Elisabetha Hegetschweiler b 1696 and had 10 children. It was tempting to think our Marx had a wife and family but this is not the case.

However this Marx died as an infant and should not be confused with the other Marx Sidler b 1685.

Documents related to Marx Sidler:

Marx Sidler born 21 April 1690 film 8014328 page 254 upper right

Sidler Hegetschweiler Temple Record by  Billeter page 018