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Hans Jakob Sidler 1706 - 1771

Hans Jakob Sidler was born 3 January 1706 to Kaspar Sidler b 1663 and and Anna Wilder 1683 - 1749. Jakob was the oldest of 5 children. He married Anna Hug after the death of her 32 year old husband Hans Ulrich Sidler. The two married 6 March 1747. That was 2 and a half years after the death of Anna's previous husband. Jakob married late in life. He was 41 when they married and Anna was 38. Sill they had 3 children together. Their oldest daughter turned out to be one of the most amazing women in the Sidler line. Jakob died 2 October 1771 in Ottenbach.  Jakob lived 65 years 8 months 30 days. He died of Hydrope.

Hydrops fetalis (fetal hydrops) is a pathologic condition of excessive accumulation of fluid in at least two extravascular compartments, including fetal soft tissues and body cavities.

What happened to their three children:
Elisabetha 10 Dec 1747, marries and has 15 children, 2 husbands and lots of descendants
Jakob born 1749 dies about a year later.
Katharina born 11 March 1753 dies 14 years later

During their lives:
1742 In Ottenbach there are 543 people, 122 are adults and are 4.5 people per home meaning there were 120 homes in the community.  (Ottenbach Told by Bernard Schnider and Salomon Schneider and Erika Schmid)
1710 - 1772  On the occasion of the famine, Zurich enforces potato cultivation in all rural communities  
1600 - 1800 Switzerland is a loose confederacy of 13 cities and small valley communities dominating the rest of the country. A few families control state affairs. The country is proud of its tradition of democracy. (Ottenbach Municipality website)

In the 1700s most people made their own clothing using natural items such as wool, flax, or animal hides. They grew the flax plant to make the linen thread and raised sheep for the wool. A spinning wheel was used to make thread from the wool or flax which was then woven into fabric or knitted into socks, hats, scarves, or mittens. (Ferree Reunion Website)

Documents related to Hans Jakob Sidler:

Hegetschweiler Sidler Temple Record by Julius Billeter pages 30, 31
Jakob's family growing up. Two of the five children are married.

Jakob Sidler birth 3 January 1706 film 8014328 page 286

Jakob Sidler and Anna Hug marriage 6 March 1747
film 8014328 page 579

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record book by Julius Billeter pages 41, 42
Jakob's family with Anna Hug

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record book by Julius Billeter pages 38 - 39
Anna Hug's first marriage

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