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Anna Hug 1709 - 1773

Anna was born 31 December 1709 in Ottenbach to Hans Hug 1670 - 1742 and Elisabeth Berli 1667 - 1713. She was the fourth of five children. Anna means "favor" or "grace" or "beautiful." Saint Anne is traditionally the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary, which accounts for its wide use and popularity among Christians. Hug is pronounced Hooog. Long O.

The surname Hug comes from the Old German word "hug," which means "intelligence." With a name like Hug you would think she would have lots of comfort in her life. Far from it. 

To begin with when Anna Hug was 4 years old her mother died. Her father remarried three more times. When Anna was 23 she married Hans Ulrich Sidler. Ulrich was 20. 

Anna then had five children:
1. Othmar born 20 Dec 1733 lived to be 13 years old and passed away from dysentery
2. Heinrich born 17 August 1738 died in November of the same year
3. Barbara born 23 August 1739 died three days later
4. Barbara born 13 November 1740 married  in 1769 and divorced Ludwig Grob 5 years later, lived to be about 60
5. Melchior born 17 September 1744 died about 4 months later, or a month after his father Ulrich

After those 5 deaths Anna's husband Hans Ulrich Sidler died. He is only 32 years The cause of his death is from hitziges Fieber = fever. Three years later she marries Hans Jakob Sidler and they have three children:

1. Elisabetha 10 Dec 1747, marries and has 15 children, 2 husbands and many descendants and lives to be almost 84 or twice the average age for the time
2. Katharina born 11 March 1753 dies at 14 years from hydrop or Ménière’s disease, or too much fluid in the ears
3. Jakob born 1749  dies about a year later.

So far she has lost 6 of her eight children and her first husband. Her second husband dies on 2 October 1771 from hydrope. He is 59. She is 61.

About a year and a half later Anna Hug dies 18 March 1773 from hydrope. Anna lived 63 years 2 months 18 days.

In all Anna lost two siblings from infant deaths, her mother when she was 4, four of her first five children, her first husband, and two of her three children with her second husband.

Talk about dealing with death! 

Anna's death
Anna Hug’s cause of death was Hyrope or Hydrops which is a condition where too much fluid is collected in the inner ear. From other entries in the Ottenbach Parish record it appears to be a common cause of death. The Ottenbach Pastor who made this entry, and conducted the services was Rudolf Hamberger. Rudolf died 3 years later. 

Endolymphatic hydrops may be either primary or secondary. Primary idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops (known as Ménière’s disease) occurs for no known reason. Secondary endolymphatic hydrops appears to occur in response to an event or underlying condition. For example, it can follow head trauma or ear surgery, and it can occur with other inner ear disorders, allergies, or systemic disorders (such as diabetes or autoimmune disorders). Symptoms typical of hydrops include pressure or fullness in the ears (aural fullness), tinnitus (ringing or other noise in the ears), hearing loss, dizziness, and imbalance. (VEDA website)

Anna Hug Timeline

Documents related to Anna Hug:

Anna Hug birth 31 March 1709 film 8014328 item 19

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record book by Julius Billeter pages 38 - 39
First marriage for Anna

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record book by Julius Billeter pages 41, 42
Second marriage for Anna

Hans Ulrich Sidler death 8 Dec 1744 film 8014328 page 620
Cause of death: fever

Melchior Sidler death 21 January 1745 film 8014328 page 621
Melchior died of convulsionibus: translated convulsions.

Jakob Sidler and Anna Hug marriage 6 March 1747 film 8014328
page 579 Jakob died of Pustulis  translated: sores and spotted blisters.

Jakob Sidler death 29 June 1750 film 8014328 page 633

Katharina birth 11 March 1753 film 8014328 page 452 left side

Katharina Sidler death 9 March 1767 film 8014328 page 668
Cause of death: Hydrope

Anna Hug death 18 March 1773 film 8014328 page 687

 Anns's daughter Barbara Sidler death 7 Jan 1800
film 8126955 page 824 entry 4, She died of "steckfluss" or asthmatic bronchitis. 

Anna Hug Timeline:

31 MAR 1709 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Birth of Sister Regula Hug (1713–)
11 JUN 1713 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Death of Mother Elsbetha Beerli (1667–1713)
26 SEP 1713

25 NOV 1732 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)
Hans Ulrich Sidler

Birth of Son Othmar Sidler (1733–1746)
20 DEC 1733 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Birth of Son Heinrich Sidler(1738–1738)
17 AUG 1738 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Death of Son Heinrich Sidler (1738–1738)
19 NOV 1738 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Death of Sister Veronica Hug(1708–1739)
6 FEB 1739

Birth of Daughter Barbara Sidler (1739–1739)
23 AUG 1739 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Death of Daughter Barbara Sidler( 1739–1739)
26 AUG 1739 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Birth of Daughter Barbara Sidler(1740–1800)
13 NOV 1740 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Death of Father Hans Hug (1670–1742)
12 NOV 1742

Birth of Son Melchior Sidler(1744–1745)
17 SEP 1744 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Death of Husband Hans Ulrich Sidler (1712–1744)
8 DEC 1744

Death of Son Melchior Sidler( 1744–1745)
21 JAN 1745 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Death of Son Othmar Sidler (1733–1746)
24 AUG 1746

6 MAR 1747
Hans Jakob Sidler

Birth of Daughter Elisabeth Sidler(1747–)
10 DEC 1747 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Birth of Son Jakob Sidler (1749–1750)
ABT 1749 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Death of Son Jakob Sidler(1749–1750)
29 JUN 1750 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Birth of Daughter Katharina Sidler(1753–1767)
11 MAR 1753 • Ottenbach, Zürich (Ch)

Death of Daughter Katharina Sidler (1753–1767)
9 MAR 1767

Death of Brother Heinrich Hug(1700–1768)
16 MAY 1768

Death of Anna Hug
18 MAR 1773