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Hans Kaspar Schwarzenbach 1758 - 1828

Kaspar was born 8 January 1758 in Adliswil, Zürich, Switzerland to Solomon Schwarzenbach and Regula Hoz. It is a small community just west of Lake Zürich. Adliswil is 8.5 miles east of Ottenbach. The little community was established as an independent Protestant church parish in 1898 from the church parish of Kilchberg. Civil registration began in 1876. There are good records for Kilchberg parish found on FamilySearch. The records are clear, easy to read and downloadable. Unlike Ottenbach the death, marriage and birth records are mixed together. However the format is easy to use and the script is very readable.

Hans Kaspar Schwarzenbach of Adliswil Elisabetha Sidler b 1747 married 6 March 1808 when she was 61 and Kaspar was 50. Ottenbach Pastor Locher performed the marriage in the Ottenbach Kirche. How they got together is unknown but we do know most people at the time traveled by foot. It is interesting to consider that a woman who bore 15 children and loses her husband when she was 54 decides to marry seven years later.  The happy couple were married about 20 years.

Kaspar died 19 May 1828. He lived 70 years 4 months 11 days. Upon his death Kaspar was transported the 8.5 miles from Ottenbach to Adliswil where the Pastor recorded his death. Elisabetha was to live her last 3 years 5 months 24 days alone in Ottenbach. Kilchverg is the home of Lindt Chocolates today. The scenic little community is built on a hill and from the top you get wonderful views of the Lake Zürich and the pre-alps in the distance. (Sources: Elisabetha's death certificate and marriage certificate, Wikipedia)

On 19 May 1828 Kaspar died. His burial record is found in the Kilchberg Parish records and includes lots of great information on the Schwarzenbach family as seen below. We still need to hook up Heinrich who was born in 1672 and Kaspar who was born in 1758. The 1728 Church Census has two entries for the family. 

In 1728 Heinrich and Regula Hoz Schwarzenbacher family are listed:

Heinrich 22 April 1672
Esther Rellstab (see 1728 census below) 1787 6 Oct?

Hans Kasper 31 June 1708
Anna Barbara 29 August 1713
Esther 19 August 1716
Hans Jakob 29 January 1719
Hans 22 October 1721

The other document is regarding:
Regula Hoz, widow, 14 August 1671

Documents related to Hans Kaspar Schwarzenbach:

Kaspar Schwarzenbach birth 8 January 1758 Adliswil
film 8194791 page 153 included death date

Elisabetha Sidler marriage to Hans Kaspar Schwarzenbach of
Adliswil in Ottenbach 6 March 1808 film 8126955 page 887

Hans Kaspar Schwarzenbach death 19 May 1828
Adliswil film 8194791 page 854, He probably died in
Ottenbach and was buried in Adliswil where this
record is from.

Reformed Church in Kilchberg, most likely the last resting place of Kaspar (Wikipedia)

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record by Julius Billeter page 49

Elisabetha Sidler 12 Nov 1831 TotReg_Ottenbach_E_III_88_5_S_593_ganz

Research: These are the only two Schwarzenbach and Goz documents I found in the 1728 Kirchberg Church Census.

Heinrich Schwarzenbach 1728 Kilchberg Church Census
film 8014127 page 708, his mother's last name was
Regula Hoz, 1728 Kilchberg Church Census film 8014127 page 710, item 6