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Vronegg Urmi abt 1610-1657

Vronegg Urmi was born in abt1610 in  Switzerland. Her parents may be Uly Urmi and his wife Margreth Zverycher (FamilySearch, genealogies) from the parish of Knonau and quite possibly she was born in Baaragg, Knonau Parish (from her marriage certificate and Zürich Archives). The Swiss Surname index says this name comes from Maschwanden just south of Ottenbach. No birth record has been located. Urmi Research

Vronegg married Jakob Sidler of Ottenbach 3 February 1629. They had 7 children. The family is found in five censuses below, 1634, 1640, 1643,1647 and 1649. These censuses verify birth dates and reflect the progress the children are making in their religious education. 

What happened to their children?
Katharina Sidler 1631 married Jakob Kleiner, no known children, no death date
Melchior Sidler 1633-1706 had five children with Margaretha Bicklin, was a Wagner, five children, one married and three lived to be adults, lived 72 years 11 months 22 days. Note that the surname "Bicklin" is the feminine form of Bickel.
Hans Rudolf Sidler 1635-1710 married Margaretha Grob, 11 children, Margaretha died at 46, he remarried 4 years later to Margaretha Jlli, they had one child Marx who died, she died in 1692 and 18 years later he died,  lived to be 75, Margaretha Jlli had a scripture read at her funeral and was buried in traditional Swiss dress
Hans Sidler 1637 infant death
Verena Sidler 1639 infant death
Jakob Sidler 1642-1683 lived with his father his whole life, never married, died at 40
Anna Sidler 1644-1699 married Jakob Häberling, no known children, lived 55 years 0 months 1 day

Marriage information from the Zürich Archives:
Sidler; Jakob; Ottenbach;
Urmi; Veronika;
"Frau: ""Vronegk"";
""u§ der Baregk""";
Ottenbach;E III 88.2

1747 Census
1747  Ottenbach Census Jacob Sydler and Veronica Urmi page 732 film 8126305 All their children as of 1747 are listed with information on their progress toward confirmation when they are 15 years old. The "T"means Testimonial (Zeugnusse, Zeugnisse) and the “C”  Communicantes or Confirmation (those after the communicaton with 15 years can go to the Lords's supper (Abendmahl) and partake of the sacrament. The Decal. refers to the 10 commandments Kirche curriculum. (Dr Ziegler Latin terms)

If she is from Baaragg then the parish is Knonau Parish and that is where her birth record may be located. 

Notes on the 1747 census:
Pastor Hans Ulrich Wiesendanger. (Made Pastor in Ottenbach in 1656 and Dean since 1668. Died 1677.) did us a great service in providing a legend for what the Latin abbreviations in the 1670 Kirche Census mean.

These Bevölkerungsverzeichnisse (religious census reports, short BVs) are very good. Dr. Pfister said we are in a unique position in the Canton Zurich to have these ...

Jagli is the short form for Jakob, mostly for a young Jakob (diminiutive), -li means little here (in southern Germany they use -le, in Germany usually Jakoblein). Other forms for the little Jakob are Joggeli, Jacobli etc.

You are very good in recognizing the wife's name Veronica Urmin.
She there shows up as Vronegk (Vronegg, Froneck etc. = standardized by Dr. Pfister to Veronika). She is "uss der Baregk", which is at the border between the Canton of Zurich and Aargau (direction Baden). Today there is a famous car tunnel. The Urmi family has been citizens of Maschwanden, Knonauer Amt. - in as usual ist the old form standing for a female Urmi (woman).

The family name Urmi is exclusively from Maschwanden, first mentioned in the Knonauer Amt as Urme in the year 1381. It could stem from a German name like Irmbold, Irmfrid etc. meaning the great, tall man. Urmin is the female version of this family name. They just added the ending -in to the family name. It is still used today but in a negative sense. If somebody talks of my wife Heidi as Bertschingerin or in Swiss German Bertschinger this is meant rather negatively, like mean wife.

Nicely on the right hand side our famous abbreviations what the kids learnt (by heart ?) The protestant pastors always slightly change these abbreviations of the texts they learned such as - Decal. k. f., C. T: lernet (is about to learn)  Zeugnussen cat. minorum, Symb. Etc.  If you move down to household number 18, little Hans, 6 years old has the terma orat. = he can pray (he learnt a little prayer).

Melcher = Melchior seems very young with 13 to get the wine already ...(Source: Peter Bertschinger)

Documents related to Vronegg Urmi:

Vronegg Urmi marriage in Ottenbach 3 February 1629
film 8014328 page 103. From Baaregg (spelling FamilySearch),
 famiengeben means they were married

Sidler and Hegetschweiler Temple Record Book by Julius Billeter pages 11 and 12

1634 Census Ottenbach Rudolf Sidler Vronegg Urmi page 293 film 8126308

1640 Church Census, Jakob Sidler Vronegg Urmi  film 8014135 page 368

Jakob Sidler Vronegg Urmi 1643 Church Census
film 8126307 page 348

1746  Ottenbach Census Jacob Sydler and Veronica 
aka Vronegg, Urmi 
page 732 film 8126305

From this census we learn their family was very religious. Each child's progress towards confirmation was noted: 
Katharina Sidler 1631-      Decal. k.h. (10 commandments class)
Melchior Sidler 1633         C.T earnel ___(preparing for confirmation at 13)
Hans Rudolf Sidler 1635   C.T.
Hans Sidler 1637               Cal minorum
Verena Sidler 1639            Decal.  (10 commandments class)
Jakob Sidler 1642-1683     Hymb
Anna Sidler 1644-1699

For more on how these church records work go to: Pastor

1649 Church Census, Jakob Sidler and Vronegg Urmi
film 8126304 page 140 first entry

Vronegg Urmi death 17 December 1657 film 8014328  page
172 right side, Note:The words after her name translated are
"the legitimate wife of the local Wagner."

It is unclear if she was from Rifferswil as stated by Billeter or Baregg as stated on her marriage cert.
Elsbetha Urmi 1757 film 8014328 page 645
This is a Urmi living in Ottenbach in 1757.
Could she be related to Vronegg?

Map including Knonau and Baregg (the town listed on her
marriage certificate) film 008191932 page 433

Jakob Urmi 7 JUNW 1801 Film 8126955 page 820 
could this be a relative?