Friday, January 31, 2020

Katharina Sidler 1631 -

All we have on Katharina is her birth record and marriage date. While her birth is verified as seen below, her marriage is not and we have nothing on her husband or children or death.

A search had been made for a document verifying her marriage. Billeter must have seen such a document. We have not.

Censuses have been searched and come up empty. It seems if they stayed in Ottenbach they would show up in a Kirche Census.

During their lives:
1640 In Ottenbach there are 52 adults, 42 single, 319 inhabitants, 6.1 per household or 52 homes in the community. (Ottenbach Told by Bernard Schnider and Salomon Schneider and Erika Schmid)
1689 - 1694 Hunger crisis leads to large population losses
1661  Construction of the first Ottenbach schoolhouse
1645 - 1647 Construction of a mill wheel on the Reuss river
1638   Construction of the Ottenbach rectory. (Ottenbach Municipality Website)

Documents related to Katharina Sidler:

Katharina Sidler birth 31 July 1631 film 8014328 
page 121 bottom right

Silder and Hegetschweiler Temple Record Book by Julius Billeter pages 11 and 12