Monday, June 3, 2019

Gospel Questions

Questions initiate learning.  Brother Neely, our favorite institute teacher,
 says that if a teacher has a good question, the rest of the lesson will take
 care of itself.   I believe that.   Here are some questions I really like:

1.  Who is the most important person in the church?
2.  Someone I know took offence.  That person prayed to know whether  or not to forgive the offender, and the Lord revealed to that the person  that they should not forgive right now.  Is this possible?
3.  If the Word of Wisdom is an inspired document, then why do so many men and women in the church have poor health?
4.  I know of someone who has a wife who is totally unhappy.   He once told
me that he didn’t think she would ever be happy in this life.  What should he do?
5.  What will you leave behind to inspire your posterity?
6.  Can you be defensive and have closeness at the same time?
7.  What is the greatest power on this earth?  Is that power negative or positive?
8.  What living person has had the greatest influence on your life?
9.  What is your favorite hymn and why?
10. What is spirituality?  Who do you know that is deeply spiritual?
11.  When you pass away, what will you be known for?
12.  What is the biggest event in the history of your family?
13.  What are the ten defining moments in your life? 
14.  How would you prepare yourself to give a blessing to a wife with cancer?
15.  Do you love your children enough to let them suffer or struggle?
16.  What is the kindest thing any living person has done for you?
17.  What amazing things have regular members of the Church done?
18. What does a person need to do to qualify to see the Savior?
19.  Did the Savior love Pilate?  Why?
20.  What do you most like about Jesus Christ?
21.  Who sets the tone in your home?  Why?
22.  If you could ask Deity one question, what would it be?
23.  How do you know if you have a celestial marriage?
24.  What was the Savior’s greatest miracle? (Not including raising Lazarus from the dead.)
25.  What makes a woman or man happy or unhappy? Does it come from inside or outside her/him?
26.  If a person is baptized and goes inactive is their baptism canceled?
27.  What irritates you?  How can you more fully embrace Matthew 5:44?
28.Why do we need a second coming?
29. What can you do to make your marriage "celestial?"