Sunday, May 26, 2019

European Trip Plan

Medical: Looking at your plan you would be covered for ER services in Europe. It would apply to the family deductible of 2,700 and then you would be covered at 80%, with the 20% you pay out of pocket it would apply to your out of pocket maximum of 6,400

The only thing that wouldn't be covered is for you to get Medically Evacuated back to the United States Anthem Blue Cross

Hertz does not need an international license. Just one from your country.

Saturday confirm flights.
09  Monday leave 4:30 am Eagle Mountain 6:30 leave SLC check in at 7:55 Denver

09  Monday: Leave Denver 10:46 am on Monday, arrive 8:00 am in Munich the next day: 4 hours to Edesheim

Tuesday Arrive 8:00 am 2 hours 25 minutes travel to Rothenburg ob der Tauber 

Augsburg, Harburg, Dinkelsbuhl

Stay Edesheim 32 minutes to Graben
Luitpoldstraße 31, Edesheim, Rheinland-Pfalz 67483, Germany

49 7255 8395 called on September 3, Tuesday

11  Wednesday Graben tour with Gerd Hartmann
       9:00 76676 Graben-Neudorf, Goethestr. 7.

I hope all things will went very well and my wife and me and two children who are a girl of 53 years, named Ute, and a boy of 49 years ,named Joerg,  can welcome you here. Both children learned English at school as me and our son studied ECO and English and he works at a big German company which is called SAP and every week he has to call to a sister-firm in Philadelphia in English. He is much better in English than me.

12 Thurs:  Karlsruhe 
       1. Karlsruhe Museum at the Karlsruhe Palace
       2. State Art Gallery

           or Burg Eltz Castle 

13  Friday: Markliin Days Goppinge, Germany. The event will start on Friday the 13th of September at 9:00 am and ends on Sunday the 15th of September at 5:00 pm. We look forward to your visit to the Märklin city Göppingen Note: Goppingen is 1.5 hours from Graben

I quite like the Leonard Weiss venue. They have a maintenance shed there with pits where you can get under a real train vehicle. They normally have a 2 wheel coach parked there set up for viewing, along with a loco. Also worth doing if you haven't been before.

If you only have Friday, I would do the factory in the morning, and get the factory tour wagon if that interests you. You will only be able to get this wagon at the factory. The factory canteen is normally feeding everyone on Saturday, so I assume it will also do so on Friday, so have lunch here, it is a lot easier than most other venues. Then go to Staufer Park and look through the main hall there. If you are an insider member take your membership card for your 'small gift' and they also have a cold drink available on card presentation. Remember the presentation of the autumn New Items is at the stage outside at the Staufer Park at 3pm. I'm guessing this will take about 1/2 hour if the Summer NI presentation is anything to go by. Then the Herbst NI brochures will be available - I don't think these will be available until after the presentation.

From the Märklin Museum to Staufer Park, from the EWS Arena to the Leonhard-Weiss premises? No problem, thanks to the Märklin Shuttle Service: All venues are connected by a free bus service.

When I did the tour, it was not necessary. But waiting times happened at different steps of the production. I remember the longest waiting time was almost at the end of the tour at the selling desk for the cars, self mounting locos, etc. If you should have a waiting time before the tour, meanwhile it is not so bad. The real BR 44 steamer is now in the same yard where the tour starts. The Märklineum as well too. On its website Märklin writes they have for the IMA days in this yard a tent for selling Märklin articles too. All this I have not seen yet too. Finally the Märklin canteen is at this yard too. You get good drinks and food as well. I guess it won't be boring waiting for the production plant tour, if necessary. BigGrin

The only thing I would add is that the shuttle buses on circuit only travel in one direction so do your chosen venues sequentially in bus route order or you'll spend all day on shuttle buses retracing your steps and wasting valuable time. The only snakes and ladders type quick return is to use the rail bus shuttle from Leonhart Weiss back to the station against the flow of the shuttle bus circular route.

That works if you don't want to do the LGB at the EWS. The new Museum is next door to the factory on Stuttgarter Strasse.


14 Saturday depart to Ottenbach, Switzerland 3 hours  22 minutes travel toll road and cross border. Get franks money.

Stay Ottenbach
Rebenstrasse 29 f, Ottenbach, Zürich 8913, Switzerland

Dear Mr. Gardiner

Thanks for your request. Kindly excuse the long time of waiting. We clarified your questions.

We’ve our own cemetery in Ottenbach. A tomb exist for 20 years, a family tomb for 75 years. We don’t have a register about the tombs wich are repealed. We only have a register of death from the persons who lived in Ottenbach. If we know the names we can find out, the date of death.

But there is a big archive in Zurich. The name ist „Staatsarchiv“. Please send an E-Mail to and discribe your request with all your informations you know. There exist many documents since 1540. The archive is not completly but maybe you’ll be fortunate.

Best regards,

Lara Merki
Verwaltungsangestellte Präsidiales

15  Sunday: One hour to Wiliberg

1:30 pm With Steve, we met at our local Restaurant Moosersagi.
It is within walking distance to the Bachmann house.
Ideal for me to meet would be Sunday 15th. The exact time can we arrange later. Is this okay for you?

Hi Kent

With Steve, we met at our local Restaurant Moosersagi.
It is within walking distance to the Bachmann house.
Ideal for me to meet would be Sunday 15th. The exact time can we arrange later. Is this okay for you?


16  Monday: Ottenbach exploration graves, historical etc (get castle reservations)

Andreas Sidler
Baumgartenstrasse 13
CH- 8623 Wetzikon
Tel: 043 534 63 51
Natel: 079 278 00 61

Zurich archives:

Affolternstrasse 3
8913 Ottenbach
Tel. direkt: 044 763 40 52
Fax: 044 763 40 59

17  Tuesday:  Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland ? cog railroad, railroad that goes through a glacier with carvings.

18 Wednesday: leave for Schlitters, Austria  3 hours 43 minutes away (tax sticker at a gas station before Austria) and explore Jenbach which is 13 minutes away and get reservations for castles.

Stay Schlitters, Austria
Schlitters 44b, Schlitters, Tirol 6262, Austria

19 Thursdaybooking online. get to castle by 9 Neuschwanstein Castle is on the way 90 minutes before they let you in. Can hike to Mary's Bridge. Parking: Konigsschlosser, #4 lot is by the lake. A ticket is 25 Euros for both castles. Hohenschwangau Castle (first and the other 2 hours later) is the other one. The ticket place opens at  7:30. Two days in advance 

Oberanderbau as well, museum, church, town.

20  Friday:  Innsbruck/ Schwaz/ Kufstein/ 
21  Saturday: Meet Rainer in Innsbruch
22  Sunday: Church (book Sound of Music tour)

Philippine-Welser-Strasse 16
INNSBRUCK, Tirol 6020

All Wards Meeting Here
Innsbruck Ward

22  Sunday 9:30 am Sacrament meets first, travel to  Salzburg and check into Saaldorf Surheim Sunday night

Stay Saaldorf Surheim, Germany, near Salzburg
Ganterstraße, Saaldorf-Surheim, Bayern 83416, Germany

After church do walking tour of  (download Rick Steves free town walk audio tour) or:

Salzburg has more to offer than the famous baroque side. Unexpected architecture, contemporary museums, surprising art and versatile galeries allow the visitor a new angle on the City of Mozart. This Creative Walk is a combination of the 14 pieces of art of the “Walk of Modern Art” and some selected highlights in architecture and street art.

  • Distance: 6 km
  • Walking duration: 2,5 hours

23  Monday: Salzburg walking tour Mozart walking tour of Mozart 1 hour at T1 at the Mozartplatz. Mozart birthplace. Geburtshaus is the most popular site in town. 3 floor of rooms.  open 9:00 to 5:30.  yellow line bus tours have commentary.

18 Euros for adults Birthplace and residence 

Makartplatz 8
5020 Salzburg

Mozarts Geburtshaus
Getreidegasse 9
5020 Salzburg

One certain house in the Getreidegasse always draws particular attention: No. 9, the house in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. Salzburg’s most famous son came into this world on 27 January 1756. His family actually lived here for 26 years, from 1747 on, occupying an apartment on the third floor. With parents Leopold and Anna Maria as well as sister “Nannerl”, Mozart spend his childhood and much of his youth there. In 1773, the family moved to the house we know today as the “Mozart Residence”, standing on Makartplatz Square.

Places to see in Salzburg:

24  Tuesday: Kent and Ron: Traumwerk Porsche Marklin layout and antique toy museum) Deborah: Bob's Sound of Music Tour (book 3 days in advance) bike tour Sound of Music 35 Euros 8 miles with a guide.

Stay in Munich, Germany
Franz-Brombach-Straße 18, Erding, Bayern 85435, Germany

24 Tuesday Check out 11 am from Salzburg, drive to Munich late that night. 

25  Wednesday: Day in Munich - Parade, Pub
Marienplatz is the center of town, National Palace of the Bavarian King, BMW museum, Nymphenburg palace reservations a must

26  Thursday: Leave Munich 10:55 flight home
2 hour layover in Dallas
 Zimmer Frei, Privatzimmer, or Gästezimmer.


Day off in Germany: