Sunday, January 13, 2019

Stories to Write

Children  falling
Living on Bennet
Backing into my MG
BYU football, doing art
Early art
Swimming in Saugus
Getting Suz to camp
Daily dose mission
Stripping an MG on the lawn in Panorama City.
Grandfather's bench

I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. There was a cute little lady with reddish hair at the check out stand. She said she retired from UPS in California. 10 years ago she came here and decided to work at Walmart for the Christmas season. She stayed on for ten years, but has decided it is almost time to really retire. But she doesn't know what she will do with herself. Her husband died a while back and she likes the Socialization at Walmart. I told her about Deborah and her need to socialize. Suddenly from the back of the line came a booming voice: Could we hurry up the line PLEEZE!.  I mumbled we are working on it and paid with my debit card. Just as I did so someone said, I think he is retired. I left smiling.

January: We visited Carol last Sunday. She has now spent five months on her back in bed. Two church people came in to give her the sacrament. As they left they said how enjoyable it has been to visit Carol over the last few years. They said she was an agreeable sister. We asked Carol if she thought so too. She said, "I'm or agreeable than disagreeable. We agreed  and before we left she said, "I'll try to live up to my reputation."  She then said, "Thank you for coming." We think thi is code for I'm tired but I really enjoyed the visit.

On Sunday January 27,  I went to visit Carol. She was being bathed by Mary so I waited outside. A few minutes later Mary left but stopped to chat. She saw Carol 6 months ago and wanted to know what happened to her. She asked Carol who told  her she just fallen twice. I told her she fell 5 months ago. Mary said how much she liked Carol and enjoyed visiting her. Then the Relief Society presidency came and said the same thing. They love visiting Carol.

I went in and talked to Carol for a while until a pretty young girl with braids came in with her lunch. She asked if I wanted to feed her, I said no. The girl was in High School three years ago in Oregon when a missionary came to their ward. She is getting married to him in May to the missionary and going to school to become a nurse.  She sees a lot of patients who have complaints about the food, not enough visitors, not feeling well, or not being treated right. She told me Carol is one her favorite people and her goal in life was to be as positive as Carol.

Me Do It
Almost 2 year old Dax often says, "Me do it." as he walks downstairs not holding on to the bannister. It is frightening to watch. When eating apple sauce he says, "Me do it," and soon there is applesauce everywhere. There is nothing you can do but smile. 

Today a friend of Deborah's named Barbie posted on Facebook that: "For some time I have had shortness of breath, fatigue, cold sweats, dizziness, waking up at night not being able to catch my breath...I did my internet search, and made an appointment with a cardiologist....."

Today Barbie is going in for heart surgery surgery to repair or replace the valve and do two bypasses to repair an 80% and a 90% blocked artery.

Like Dax we like to do stuff on our own. It's rare we learn from others. You would think people reading about Barbie would cut out all cholesterol today and immediately begin exercising. No. That is not the way life works. We like doing stuff on our own.  In effect we, like Dax are saying,"Me do it."