Sunday, January 13, 2019

Marklin Passenger Car

Limited MHI Special Edition 1999

Duitse beschrijving:
Express train passenger car, 1st class (exhibition car). Black plastic undercarriage, Minden Deutz bogies (type 5-i), adjustable buffers, white frame with inscriptions, wagon no .: 61 80 85-94 817-1. Plastic body: white car body, stone gray roof, red DB emblems, black inscriptions: "Exhibition 50 years of German history" and "House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany", "40 + 10" in black / red / gold, other logos: "Deutsche Bahn AG" / "märklin" / "OTTO" / "THE MIRROR", inserted windows with white frames - some white overpainted, interior decoration, rubber bulge transitions. (Limited MHI special edition)

Märklin 43841 passenger car 
"50 years of German history" 

NEW in original packaging 

Gauge: H0 

Era : V IR-Bistro cart, 1st half, roof gray, interior fittings, inserted windows with white border, side inscription 40 + 10 Exhibition Fifty years of German history 

LÜP: 27 cm, with Märklin short couplings. 

From order quantity 1 the delivery takes place in original packaging! 

ATTENTION: Not suitable for children under 3 years! Function-related sharp edges and tips. Risk of clogging due to break-off and swallowing small parts!